Turkey’s Erdogan: “Do you want a War Between the Cross and the Crescent Again” ... Netanyahu: ‘You Must Remember What Amalek Has Done to You ... And the WHOLE Multitude of them arose, and led him (Jesus) unto Pilate ... Netanyahu tells Israelis to prepare for ‘long and difficult’ war ... NYC: Pro-Palestine protestors climb on George Washington statue chanting 'long live Hamas' ... Trump tells U.S. to stop trying to turn 'Baghdad into Palm Beach' ... A crucified Ronald McDonald clown ... Canada to Expand ‘Assisted Suicide’ Laws to Euthanize Infants for Profit ... Australian Senator Drops Serious WEF Truth Bombs ...


“And the WHOLE Multitude of them arose, and led him (Jesus) unto Pilate.

And they began to accuse him, saying, We found this fellow (1) PERVERTING the NATION, and (2) FORBIDDING to PAY TAXES to Caesar, saying that (3) HE himself IS Christ a KING.” Luke 23:1-2



Army Is Spending Half a Billion to Train Soldiers to Fight Underground

U.S. Army leaders say the next war will be fought in mega-cities, but the service has embarked on an ambitious effort to prepare most of its combat brigades to fight, not inside, but beneath them.

Late last year, the Army launched an accelerated effort that funnels some $572 million into training and equipping 26 of its 31 active combat brigades to fight in large-scale subterranean facilities that exist beneath dense urban areas around the world.



Israel's terrifying arsenal of ROBOT weaponry: How AI-powered turrets, remote-control boats and unmanned attack bots will be used as the IDF prepares for a full-scale ground invasion of Gaza




Maher Admits ‘There Is a Deep State’ of Bureaucratic ‘Tyrants’ Who Ignore The People

Bill Maher acknowledged there is a deep state he characterized as “the bureaucratic class that justifies its existence by making up new rules” made up of “petty tyrants” who ignore the will of the American people.

Near the end of his Friday show, Maher used a straw man fallacy to diminish conservative’s concerns of the weaponized intelligence agencies, instead saying the real deep state is comprised of legions of bureaucrats within the federal government.



Total of 5,000 US Soldiers Partook in Israel’s Overnight Raid in Northern Gaza — Reports

A total of 5,000 US servicepeople took part in Israel’s overnight ground operation in northern Gaza, Iranian news agency reported on Saturday, citing sources.

The Israeli operation reportedly involved three divisions and several brigades of the US Armed Forces, according to the news agency.



Gaza Suffers Near-Total Information Blackout

Internet and cell phone services stopped working in Gaza on Friday night, after Israel “expanded” its military operation against Hamas militants in the Palestinian enclave.

The largest telecommunications provider in Gaza, Paltel, has announced “a complete severance of all communications and Internet services” due to intensified Israeli strikes


Zennials Are Terrified Of Military Draft As War Looms

The irony and hypocrisy is dripping across social media as zennials slowly begin to realize that the consequences of their support for establishment elitism might come back to bite them in the ass. 



Title company warns about an increase in property fraud

Do you own a small business? You might want to double-check with the state that your name is still listed as the principal owner.

A Utah real estate title company says it is seeing an increase in fraudsters erasing the names of real business owners and putting fake names on business records. Once the scammers appear to have control of your business or property, they attempt to sell it to someone else.


A crucified Ronald McDonald clown 'Extraordinary' museum of censored art opens in Spain

A crucified Ronald McDonald clown, prayer mats adorned with stilettos and sketches by former Guantanamo prisoners take pride of place at a new museum in Spain devoted to previously censored art.



Maine Shooter Committed Suicide by Shooting Himself in the Head Twice According to Daily Mail US – The Article Is Now Removed

The news was reported in similar fashion by other mainstream media outlets!

One of them accidentally or not posted that he was found dead with 2 gunshot wounds in the head!

Below we have a screenshot:



Maine mass shooter Robert Card's body was found inside industrial trailer after police had cleared the area TWICE - as official reveals how disturbed killer passed background check and defends giving guns to the mentally ill

  • Card's body was found at the back of an industrial tractor trailer  
  • The gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound
  • Officials admitted on Saturday they 'cleared' the area twice previously 

Card's body was discovered in the back of an industrial tractor trailer near a recycling plant that he was recently fired from



Turkey’s Erdogan Threatens to Declare War on Israel, Send Military to Gaza

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday accused Israel of committing war crimes, threatening to declare war on the Jewish nation and deploy its military into Gaza.

Erdogan addressed hundreds of thousands of pro-Palestine supporters at a rally in Istanbul, delcaring Israel as a “war criminal” that may be met with military force if it continues its assault on Gaza.



WHO-Funded Scientists Call on WHO to Declare ‘Global Health Emergency’ Over ‘Climate Crisis’

Scientists called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a “global health emergency” in response to the so-called “climate crisis.”

Over 200 health journals funded by the WHO called on the United Nations’ global health body to declare a “global health emergency.”



RINO Pence quits the presidential race

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday dropped his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, ending his campaign for the White House after struggling to raise money and gain traction in the polls.



Grand Central Terminal Shut Down By Left-Wing Pro-Palestinian Protesters

An anti-Zionist left-wing Jewish activist group partially shut down Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan on Friday evening - during rush hour - in one of the largest protests calling for a cease-fire in the three-week Israel-Hamas war the metro area has seen thus far. More than 300 protesters were arrested, according to the New York Police Department.



Donald Trump tells U.S. to stop trying to turn 'Baghdad into Palm Beach' as he warns at Jewish conference: 'If you spill a drop of American blood, we will spill a gallon of your's'

Donald Trump issued harsh warnings for America's adversaries by claiming if a foreign entity 'try to kill our citizens, we will kill you.'

  • Trump said the U.S. needs to end years of attempts to create more stable governments in the Middle East
  • Came as he warned Iran and Hamas against spilling even a 'drop' of American blood or else face losing a 'gallon' in return 
  • Ex-President spoke at the Republican Jewish Coalition Summit in Las Vegas just weeks after Hamas launched a brutal conflict with Israel



Prices Rise More Than Expected as Inflation’s Grip on Economy Persists

The cost of goods and services rose 0.4 percent for a second consecutive month in September, challenging the view that the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes are still bringing down inflation.


Pet Spider


Matthew Perry, 54, dies after 'drowning in jacuzzi at his LA home following two-hour pickleball session with no drugs found at the scene' - as Friends co-star pays tribute and loved ones say they are in a 'state of shock'

  • Perry rose to fame in his role as Chandler Bing on the hit 90s sitcom Friends
  • The Emmy-nominated actor secretly battled substance abuse for decades
  • He was found dead in a hot tub at home at around 4pm local time on Saturday



Fury on streets of NYC: Pro-Palestine protestors storm Union Square and climb on George Washington statue chanting 'long live Hamas' - after shutting down Brooklyn Bridge and plastering stickers over Starbucks saying 'Zionists are terrorists'

  • A pro-Palestinian protest gathered outside the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday afternoon, before making its way into Manhattan later that evening
  • The 'Flood Brooklyn for Palestine' protest attracted thousands of protesters holding up signs reading 'Free Palestine' and 'Zionism is Terrorism'
  • Footage captured of the protest shows one man chanting 'long live Hamas', as others climbed a statue of George Washington in Union Square 



Sen. Daines to Rest of GOP Field: Drop Out, Coalesce Behind Trump for President

National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) chairman Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) is calling on everyone but former President Donald Trump to drop out of the 2024 GOP presidential primary and coalesce behind Trump.



Netanyahu tells Israelis to prepare for ‘long and difficult’ war

The Israeli military has launched the “second stage” of its war against Hamas militants in Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a televised address on Saturday night, warning citizens to prepare for a long struggle ahead.



Israel threatens to destroy Musk's Starlink

Elon Musk has promised to help humanitarian organizations to stay connected amid an information blackout in Gaza

In response, the tech billionaire said he is “not so naive,” explaining how the proposed scheme would work, while promising to “do a security check with both the US and Israeli governments before turning on even a single terminal.”



Netanyahu Declaring Invasion: ‘You Must Remember What Amalek Has Done to You, Says Our Holy Bible’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the invasion of Gaza on Saturday by citing a commandment from the Old Testament calling on Israelites to “Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.” - 1 Samuel 15:3


For the indignation of the Lord is upon all nations, and his fury upon all their armies: he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter. - Isaiah 34:2


Australian Senator Drops Serious WEF Truth Bombs

“The plan of the Great Reset is that you will die with nothing.”

Australian senator, Malcolm Roberts, dropping serious truth bombs about Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum—and its dystopian Great Reset agenda—in the Australian parliament.

“Klaus Schwab’s ‘life by subscription’ is really serfdom. It’s slavery. Billionaire, globalist corporations will own everything—homes, factories, farms, cars, furniture—and everyday citizens will rent what they need, if their social credit score allows.







Canada to Expand ‘Assisted Suicide’ Laws to Euthanize Infants for Profit

The far-left Canadian is expanding the country’s “assisted suicide” laws to include infants, allowing doctors to euthanize young children for profit.

The move is being championed by Canadian doctor Louis Roy.

Roy called on Canada’s liberal government to relax the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) laws so that doctors can use euthanasia to end the lives of infants.



Utah ranchers concerned about BLM plan to manage Grand Staircase monument

"We are not welfare ranchers. We buy these grazing rights to turn out on these public lands," Spencer said. "You wonder why these ranchers are so passionate and willing to fight over these? Because everything they have, every bit of money, every inheritance, everything they have, every savings is tied up in these. You take that away and it kills us, wipes us out."


Turkey’s Erdogan – “Do you want a War Between the Cross and the Crescent Again


The Kingdom of Heaven (2005) The War Between the Cross and the Crescent over Jerusalem