Dem Mayors Beg Biden For $5 Billion FOR Illegal Immigration ... White House has vowed to fight hatred targeting Muslims in America ... 10 ''Foods'' Legal in the US But Banned in Other Countries ... DC Mayor Implements 'Big Brother' Digital Vehicle Tracking Program ... UK Man Arrested For Publicly Criticizing Hamas ... Black Lives Matter Activist Jailed for Fraud ... In U.S. Chinese woman Kills, Flees to China and is Safe from Homicide Charges ...



Morpheus Explains The Illuminati Martrix

THEY LIVE (Movie - 1988)


Black Lives Matter Activist Jailed for Fraud After Spending Charity Donations on Herself

A Black Lives Matter activist, who was instrumental in organising the infamous protest that saw the statue of Sir Edward Colston torn down and thrown in the Bristol Harbour, has been jailed for fraud after using donations intended for a children’s charity on herself.


AOC Goes Off On AIPAC: ‘They Are An Extremist Organization’

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) went off on AIPAC on Tuesday, labeling the pro-Israel lobbying group an “extremist organization” that “destabilizes US democracy.” 

She made the comments in response to AIPAC smearing Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) as an anti-Semite for not wanting America to fund Israel’s wars.

“AIPAC endorsed scores of Jan 6th insurrectionists. They are no friend to American democracy,” AOC said. “They are one of the more racist and bigoted PACs in Congress as well, who disproportionately target members of color. They are an extremist organization that destabilizes US democracy.”


Israel Deletes Post Accusing Palestinians of Faking Their Deaths Using Crisis Actors

The Israeli government on Wednesday deleted a comically stupid post accusing Palestinians of faking their deaths using crisis actors.

From Mediaite, “Israel Deletes Post Accusing Palestinians of Faking Their Deaths in Gaza”


Israeli Army Suffers More Casualties As Hamas Publishes Video Showing Tanks Blown Up

The Israeli death toll is rising, and Hamas has claimed to have ambushed and destroyed several tanks as they plunge deeper into Gaza City, also amid building to building searches for the hostages.

15 Israeli soldiers have now been killed in the Gaza operation, the IDF has announced Wednesday, which in total marks 320 total troops killed since the Oct. 7th massacre (and with over 1,100 more Israeli and foreign civilians).


DC Mayor Implements 'Big Brother' Digital Vehicle Tracking Program Amid Rising Car Thefts 

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) unveiled a new taxpayer-funded program that uses digital tracking tags to find stolen cars more easily. This comes as Bowser's failed progressive 'defund the police' policies have sparked a crime tsunami across the nation's capital.

Drone Warfare Drops a Grenade (War is HELL!)


Rand Paul: Biden “Bluffing” In Threat To Veto House Bill On Israel Aid

GOP Senator Rand Paul declared Wednesday that Joe Biden’s vow to veto a House bill to strip funding from the IRS and redirect it to Israel is a complete bluff.

While the GOP wants a standalone $14.3 billion package for Israel, the Democrats want to combine that funding into a mammoth spending bill tied to Ukraine aid and spending on the Southern border.


Taylorsville woman loses leg in attack by pit bulls in her yard

The woman called 911 while injured and still in her backyard to report "she had been attacked and bitten by several dogs who are owned by her son," according to a prepared statement from police.

"The woman also reported that the family of pit bulls, including the mother and father dogs and five puppies, were still in the backyard with her. She was able to call 911 on a mobile phone she had with her," police said.


UK Man Arrested For Publicly Criticizing Hamas

Disturbing footage out of Britain shows the moment police arrested a man for making public comments against Hamas and criticizing the number of Palestinian flags displayed in his neighborhood.


RFK Jr. Discusses Trips On Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ Private Jet

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has revealed what he saw when he flew with deceased billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on his private jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express.”

Kennedy being listed as one of the passengers, a spokesperson for the former Democrat exclusively told Newsweek that he had “flown one time on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane. It was in 1993 from [New York City] to Palm Beach [Florida] to visit RFK Jr.’s mom for Easter.”

The spokesperson added that the private jet trip was made possible by Kennedy’s then-wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, who was friendly with Epstein’s partner at the time, Ghislaine Maxwell. Richardson Kennedy passed away in 2012. Kennedy has been married to Curb Your Enthusiasm star Cheryl Hines since 2014.

Mary, Kennedy’s wife, and two of their kids were on the flight,” the representative said. “Mary knew Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, who learned that they were going to Palm Beach for Easter and offered their family a ride.”


Green Beret Tim Kennedy Says Terror Attack Could Soon Hit America


Another Pair of Illegal Aliens Charged With Stealing Thousands in Merch From Chicago-Area Macy’s

Illegal aliens from Venezuela were arrested for stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise from a Macy’s in the Chicago area for the second time in days, according to reports.


Sanctuary Nation: Dem Mayors Beg Biden For $5 Billion As Illegal Immigration Crisis Intensifies

Democrat mayors of “sanctuary cities” Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Denver want the Biden administration to fork over $5 billion to assist with illegal immigrants flooding the U.S.

The left-wing politicians who once publicly advertised their cities were safe spaces for illegal immigrants have quickly changed their tune after dealing with just a small portion of the migrants entering America every day.


DeSantis to MSNBC: Trump Should Not Be GOP Nominee If He’s Convicted

The electorate should reconsider former President Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee if he’s found guilty in his sham kangaroo court trials, according to GOP opponent Ron DeSantis.

The Florida governor argued for sidelining Trump during an MSNBC interview, where he noted he signed a GOP loyalty pledge to support the Republican nominee, but expressed doubts about backing a theoretical Trump campaign from prison, which he believes would be unsuccessful.


Soldiers Sit on Texas Container Wall as Child Crawls Through Razor Wire Feet Away

Stunning footage was shot this week in Texas showing a child illegally entering the United States as soldiers sit on top of a newly-erected shipping container wall along the Rio Grande.


China is working on a weapon the US decided was too dangerous to exist

The US Defense Department believes the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is developing a new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. That is, a heavy, multi-stage missile that leaves the Earth’s atmosphere and travels around the world at huge velocities before re-entering and descending toward its target at 20 times the speed of sound. Such missiles normally have a nuclear warhead: but this one, uniquely, would be armed with conventional explosives.


Eric Adams' fundraising chief's NYC home was raided by FBI as part of probe into 'kickback scheme involving Turkish government and a Brooklyn construction firm' - and was timed 'purposely' while mayor was in DC

  • Brianna Suggs, a campaign consultant, has helped Eric Adams raise $2.5million for his 2025 election
  • Suggs' home in the Crown Heights district of Brooklyn was raided by the FBI on Thursday, while Adams was in Washington DC about to meet Joe Biden
  • The raid was reportedly related to an investigation into a kickback scheme involving the Turkish government and a Brooklyn construction firm


How to open a Hotel Room Safe WITHOUT Knowing the Code


House PASSES bill to give $14 billion in aid to Israel by cutting IRS funding: 12 Democrats join Republicans to push through plan Biden has ALREADY said he will veto

  • The $14.3 billion bill passed 224 to 196, garnering 12 Democratic votes and losing two Republicans
  • The bill's fate is likely doomed in the Senate as Democrats have insisted aid must be tied to Ukraine and not tied to rescinding IRS money


Florida leads the nation in having the MOST homeschooled children of any US state as Gov. Ron DeSantis enacts 'Don't Say Gay' law, bans books, and outlaws African American history courses

  • Florida has the most homeschooled children in the US, with Tampa alone having more than 10,000 students being taught at home
  • In the 32 states with comparable enrollment figures, the number of home-schooled students increased 51 percent over the past six school years
  • Researchers argue the surge in Florida may be down to large school districts as well as politicized restrictions at public schools


Credit card interest rates break the 30% ceiling: Store cards now offering 33% interest as experts warn it is the HIGHEST on record

  • Some 'retail' credit cards now have non-variable interest rates of 33.24 percent
  • Store credit cards usually have much higher interest rates than traditional cards


Banks Closing Across San Francisco Area, Often Without Warning

Local bank branches are closing across San Francisco, as the city’s economic decline continues amid crime, homelessness, and a drug epidemic.

All over California, 277 bank branches have closed so far this year, second only this century to 2020, when 325 branches closed. Branch openings are a much rarer occurrence: Only eight have occurred statewide this year.

10 ''Foods'' Legal in the US But Banned in Other Countries

Jesse Ventura DESTROYS DEEP STATE George Stephanopoulos in 2011


Divine Victory? God Credited for Texas Rangers World Series Victory After Refusal to Host Pride Night

The Texas Rangers MLB team clinched a historic World Series victory Wednesday night, a win many have suggested may have been divinely inspired given the franchise’s recent refusal to celebrate “Pride Night.”

The Rangers took heat from the mainstream media earlier this year after they were the only club in the league not to host a pro-LGBT Pride Night event in June.


Texas Instruments breaks ground on 'greatest single economic investment' in Utah history

Texas Instruments on Thursday broke ground on its new $11 billion, 300-mm semiconductor wafer fabrication plant in northern Utah County.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox called the plant "the greatest (TAXES) single economic investment in the history of our state" — creating around 800 new, high-paying (TAXES) jobs and thousands of indirect jobs in Lehi.

"This is more than just new jobs and more than just creating some chips for computers," Cox said. "This is about national security. It's about supply chains and bringing supply chains back to the United States, away from our adversaries that want to do us harm."

Cox added that although Texas Instruments has only been in Utah for a couple of years, the company already understands the "ethos" of Utah, exemplified by the tech giant's $9 million investment into Alpine School District.


In U.S. Chinese woman Kills, Flees to China and is Safe from Homicide Charges

Horrifying moment 'drunk driving' Porsche 911 driver Ting Ye loses control and flies off Washington state freeway at 100mph killing 27-year-old passenger - before Chinese driver, 26, flees for Beijing to escape vehicular homicide charges

  • Ting Ye, 26, was charged with vehicular homicide and bail was set at $2million - but she fled to her home country of China before she could be apprehended 
  • Her passenger, 27-year-old Yabao Liu, died in the crash. He and Ye had to be removed from the heavily-damaged vehicle. It's unclear what their connection is


Loudon County high school students walk out of class over transgender bathrooms as furious kids demand male and female-only spaces due to 'massive safety risk'


Sam Bankman-Fried's parents break down as disgraced FTX founder is found guilty on all seven counts and faces up to 115 years in jail: Defense lawyers vow to 'vigorously fight' his conviction

  • Sam Bankman-Fried on Thursday was convicted of all seven counts of fraud, with the jury taking less than five hours to reach their verdict
  • The 31-year-old rode a wave of hype about crypto, with FTX worth $32 billion at its peak: his company collapsed in spectacular fashion in November last year
  • His empire came crashing down after the balance sheet for his sister firm Alameda Research was leaked, exposing a gaping $10 billion hole in finances


Nikki Haley accuses Ron DeSantis of 'hiding evidence' of Florida's push to 'recruit Chinese companies' after state agency SCRUBBED mentions of a Hong Kong satellite office

  • Haley campaign slammed DeSantis over changes to the Select Florida website
  • Mentions of a Hong Kong satellite office and extensive 2020 report disappeared
  • DeSantis says the changes part of a larger site overhaul to remove outdated info


Palestinian Fighter Exits Tunnel, Runs Up to IDF Tank And Blows it Up With Manually Placed Explosive Charge

Astonishing bodycam footage from Gaza shows a Palestinian fighter exit an underground tunnel or trench, run right up to at least two IDF tanks and destroy one with a manually placed explosive charge before firing off an RPG.


US announces ‘Islamophobia strategy’

The White House has vowed to fight hatred targeting Muslims in America

President Joe Biden’s administration will develop a strategy to combat Islamophobia in the US, the White House said on Thursday, after reports of widespread discontent among American Muslims over Washington’s support for Israel.


Complaint Calls for Trump New York Trial Judge’s Clerk to Be Disbarred for Excessive Political Donations

The top clerk for New York Justice Arthur Engoron, Allison Greenfield, appears to have violated judicial rules preventing officers of the court from making excessive political donations


Joe Biden to (NOTHING NEW) Pay Foreign Countries to Control Inflow of Illegal Immigration to U.S.

President Joe Biden is reportedly set to unveil a plan that would pay foreign countries with American tax dollars to control the inflow of illegal immigration to the United States.