US halts exports of most civilian firearms for 90 days ... JPM CEO Dimon Dumps $140 Million In Shares ... NYC Flying Illegals To YOUR City With “Free” One-Way Tickets ... ROTHSCHILD OWNED MAGAZINES HAVE BEEN PREDICTING FUTURE EVENTS ... Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf Openly Despises White People ... Jews White vs. Jew Brown Race WAR ... Naturalization Act of 1790, Only "Free White Persons" Could Become U.S. Citizens ...


Ex-Israeli soldier says 'this government can't defeat Hamas'

WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:

Naturalization Act of 1790, Only "Free White Persons" Could Become U.S. Citizens

Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf Openly Despises White People


Jews White vs. Jew Brown Race WAR - Patrick Byrne Exposes the NWO Color Revolution Plan to Collapse the Western World

Biden State Dept
. Blasted For Celebrating ‘Intersex Day’


66.6K Venezuelans Crossed Southern US Border Last Month, Surpassing Mexicans

In a historic shift in migration trends, nearly 67,000 Venezuelans crossed the southern US border last month - 82% of them illegally - surpassing Mexicans as the largest single nationality attempting to enter the Untied States, Axios reports.


NYC Flying Illegals To YOUR City With “Free” One-Way Tickets

The New York Post is reporting The Big Apple is dealing with its out of control illegal immigration crisis by sending illegal aliens to destinations of their choice on your tax dollars.


New Yorkers Confront Man Ripping Down Posters of Israelis Held Hostage by Hamas

Footage out of New York captured the moment local residents confronted a man who was witnessed ripping down posters showing Israeli victims kidnapped by Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

In the video, a resident begins filming a man he just observed tear down a sign, asking, “Why’d you rip it off?”


Alex Rosen: DRAGGED OUT of a Hillary Clinton rally for asking about Bill’s trips to Epstein island!

An activist was kicked out of an event featuring Hillary Clinton after he confronted her about her husband Bill’s trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island.

“Hey Hillary, why’d your husband visit Epstein Island 26 times?!” prolific Predator Poacher Alex Rosen shouted at Clinton on Friday during a rally in Houston, Texas, for Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee’s mayoral campaign.


Philly Bus Driver Executed in Broad Daylight

A Black female suspect has been charged with murder after a public bus driver was shot to death in broad daylight in Philadelphia this week, authorities say.

The horrifying incident unfolded just before 10:30 a.m. on Thursday morning in the Germantown neighborhood of the City of Brotherly Love.

A passenger stepped off a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) bus before turning around and shooting the driver at least six times at point blank range.


Israeli Tanks Exchange Fire With Hamas Inside Gaza, Small Arms Clashes Heard, As Offensive Expands

It has become clear that the IDF has entered its next phase of battle operations, meaning a full ground assault, as heavy aerial bombardment continues. But Israeli officials in the last hours have dubbed this another "expanded" raid. The Biden White House is now making a show of wanting a more 'humanitarian' approach and has asked Israel to ensure only "surgical" strikes, and to allow the Strip access to aid.

There's emerging evidence of tank fire and small arms fire at the border, after the IDF confirmed that ground forces are entering the next phase of their operations. The Times Of Israel in a breaking update is reporting, "Palestinians claim Israeli tanks exchanging fire with gunmen inside Gaza." Separately, other regional analysts reporting, "Anti-tank missiles have been fired at Israeli forces that entered Gaza."


Fifth Third Bank shutters 19 branches while Citizens Bank closes down 7 and PNC axes 3 this week - is YOUR local on the chopping block?

  • Fifth Third Bank filed to close locations in seven states across the country 
  • Citizens Bank filed to close branches in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut 
  • The OCC reported a total of seven applications to open new branches that week


Fed Admits Banks Suffered Massive Deposit Outflows Last Week

Total bank deposits - on a seasonally-adjusted basis - crashed by a massive $83.7BN last week (the biggest outflows since SVB) to the lowest since June...

As the green line shows, without The Fed's help, the crisis is back (and large bank cash needs a home - like picking up a small bank from the FDIC)...


Woman, 33, is charged with the murder of four men after she 'met them for sex and drugged them so she could rob them

  • Rebecca Auborn, 33, is facing a total of 28 charges over the separate killings which happened between December 13 and June 17 
  • Four out of five of her alleged victims died of overdoses and one man survived but authorities have refused to publicly identify them 
  • Auborn is being held in Franklin County jail and an arraignment is scheduled for 9am on Monday

Has Noah's Ark been found? Archaeologists reveal 'ruins' found in Turkey's boat-shaped mound date back 5,000 years ago - the same period as the Biblical flood

  • Experts have dated rock and soil they believe hold ruins of Noah's Ark 
  • Samples contain marine materials and seafood that suggest human activity
  • The calculations also put the samples at the same time as the Biblical flood


Speaker Mike Johnson claimed legalizing gay marriage would lead to people marrying their PETS and to PEDOPHILES demanding equal wedding rights: Top Republican facing growing questions on past statements

  • The new Republican Speaker outlined his case against same-sex marriage in a series of newspaper articles in the mid-2000s
  • He also wrote a 45-page submission to the U.S. Supreme Court arguing homosexual activity was a public health concern
  • Johnson said he doesn't remember some comments from 15 years ago


Maine gun store overrun with customers after telling scared residents to 'come down for protection or ammo' after bowling alley massacre


Netanyahu Invokes Biblical Prophecy As Israel Launches Invasion Of Gaza



If you Shoot a Deer with an AR-15, you Can't Eat it Because you Demolish the Animal

During Friday’s episode of The View, co-host Joy Behar laughably claimed hunters don’t use an AR-15 to hunt deer because it would destroy the animal they’re trying to kill for food.

“If you shoot with an AR-15, let’s say you shoot a deer, you can’t eat it because you basically demolish the animal,” Behar told her co-hosts, who nodded in agreement.


Gold Tops $2000 Amid Global Conflict, Govt Chaos

This week, gold and silver went their separate ways, with gold rising and silver falling, with today's Gaza headlines pushing gold notably higher...


JPM CEO Dimon Dumps $140 Million In Shares After Slamming Fed Forecasts

For the first time in his long and tempest-ful tenure at the CEO of JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon has decided the time is right to dump 1 million shares in the mega-bank.

According to a regulatory filing Friday, Dimon and his family will dispose of 1 million of the bank's shares, which amounts to around a $140 million haul, and the CEO's "first such stock sale during his tenure at the company."


Mike Lee compares illegal immigration to 'slavery' during visit to US-Mexico border

Slavery and indentured servitude were banned in the United States with the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, though, Sen. Mike Lee on Friday applied the conditions to some immigrants trying to cross into the U.S. at the southern border.

"This is slavery. This is involuntary servitude. This is indentured servitude and we can't let it happen," he said. (WE ARE ALL TAX SLAVES!)


Major Jewish Group Calls on NFL, MLB, NBA to End Their Support for #BLM AntiSemites

The blatant anti-Semitism of Black Lives Matter prompted the Coalition for Jewish Voices, the largest rabbinic public policy organization in America, to call on the NBA, NFL, MLB to end their support for the anti-Semitic Marxist hate group.


Maine mass shooter Robert Card is FOUND DEAD in the woods with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head

  • Robert Card, 40, has been found dead, authorities announced on Friday night
  • Card was found in woods near Lisbon with a self-inflicted gunshot wound
  • He was discovered near a recycling plant from where he had been recently fired

Mitt Romney LAUGHS at Trump and calls him 'such a whack job' after ex-president slammed biography of senator as 'boring and horrible'

  • Former President Donald Trump furiously attacked Sen. Mitt Romney on Monday over comments he made about the ex-president in a new biography 
  • Romney reacted to it via text to the book's author Thursday, writing, 'Ha, ha, ha. He's such a whack job' 
  • In his assault on Truth Social, Trump labeled Romney 'a total loser that only a mother could love'


Incredible footage shows boats pushing a FLOATING ISLAND around a lake

  • The island in Wisconsin's Lake Chippewa is moved by locals almost every year 
  • It's called the 'Forty Acre Bog' and is crowned by tamarack larch trees

The lake's unique floating islands began as chunks of peat bog that rose up from the land beneath the lake. Over time vegetation started to grow on these 'islands' of bog and soon an entire ecosystem began to thrive.


US to ‘modernize’ its main nuclear bomb

The Pentagon has said it wants to develop a new variant of the air-dropped B61

According to the Pentagon, the B61-13 project would use the established production capabilities supporting the B61-12, with the “modern safety, security, and accuracy features” of the munition, but the much higher yield of the B61-7 model.

While the B61-12 is a tactical weapon, with a yield ranging from 0.3 to 50 kilotons, the B61-7 is a strategic bomb that goes up to 340 KT. According to the military newspaper Stars and Stripes, the newest variant may replace some of the B61-7s as well as the B83, which is due to be retired soon.


Saudi Arabia warns US of ‘catastrophic’ consequences – NYT

Arab leaders have urged for a ceasefire to halt fighting between Israel and Hamas

During a meeting with US lawmakers in Riyadh last week, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman warned that an Israeli invasion of Gaza would be “extremely harmful” for the broader region, Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal told the NYT.


NJ School District Bans Halloween Festivities, Citing ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’

Students in a New Jersey school district have been barred from Halloween festivities during school hours in the name of  “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Earlier this month, superintendent of New Jersey’s South Orange and Maplewood school district, Dr. Ronald G. Taylor, explained to parents in a letter that Halloween would not be celebrated during school hours in an effort to promote “diversity, equity, and inclusion meaningfully


US halts exports of most civilian firearms for 90 days

The U.S. has stopped issuing export licenses for most civilian firearms and ammunition for 90 days for all non-governmental users, the Commerce Department said on Friday, citing national security and foreign policy interests.

The Commerce Department did not provide further details for the pause, which also includes shotguns and optical sights, but said an urgent review will assess the "risk of firearms being diverted to entities or activities that promote regional instability, violate human rights, or fuel criminal activities."

The halt covers most of the guns and ammunition that could be purchased in a U.S. gun store, said Johanna Reeves, a lawyer who specializes in export controls and firearms with the law firm Reeves & Dola in Washington.

Reeves said she had not seen the Commerce Department take such a sweeping action like this before. "For sure they have individual country policies – but nothing like this," she said.,security%20and%20foreign%20policy%20interests


81 years later, remains of WWII airman from Utah identified

In December 1941, Doyle Wayne Sexton, 23, was serving in the Headquarters Squadron, 19th Bombardment Group when Japanese forces invaded the Philippines, according to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. Intense fighting led to the surrender of the Bataan peninsula April 19, 1942, and Corregidor Island May 6, 1942.

Sexton was one of thousands of U.S. and Filipino service members who were captured following the surrender of Bataan, subjected to the 65-mile Bataan Death March and then held prisoner at the Cabanatuan Prisoner of War Camp, where more than 2,500 prisoners of war died.

Historical and prison camp records say Sexton died July 19, 1942, and was buried with other prisoners in the Cabanatuan Camp Cemetery, Common Grave 312.

Newsom Joins Belt and Road? Shamelessly Gushes over Xi Regime

Newsom gets in a new hybrid, self-driving & floating vehicle.

Gavin Newsom Pledges California Will Be Xi Jinping’s ‘Long-Term, Stable, and Strong Partner’

Chinese state media continued to gush over visiting California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday, hailing the Democrat’s warm meeting with dictator Xi Jinping as a triumph of “mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation.”


RFK Jr's actress wife Cheryl Hines slams Biden for not offering them Secret Service protection after intruder broke into their LA home TWICE in one day

  • Cheryl Hines, 58, said 'it's a political strategy' to not offer Secret Service protection to her husband who is running for the 2024 presidential election
  • An intruder was twice arrested for attempting to break into the couple's LA home

David Copperfield Claims He Will ‘Make the Moon Disappear’ on 2-2024


Capricorn One - The 1978 Movie that showed the moon landing hoax to everyone.