RNC was complete with satanic chants and multiple prayers to FALSE GODS ... Only an ‘October Surprise’ can swing the presidential election ... Snipers Were INSIDE Building Used By Trump Failed Assassin ... Trump acknowledges that ‘vaccines’ cause injury to RFK ... remote detonator next to Thomas Crooks' cellphone? ... All the celebrities now rushing to support 'hero' Trump ... Musk says he's moving SpaceX and X out of California ... Was there a second Trump shooter? New acoustic evidence ...


Lineman Crews working to Restore Power in Houston Are Being Attacked



Trump's VP pick



Day 1 of the RNC was complete with satanic chants and multiple prayers to FALSE GODS


GOP closed out Day 1 of its national convention with a prayer to pagan god ‘Waheguru’

Christian observers were troubled by the Republican Party allowing a non-Christian prayer on the opening night of the convention while knowing that Catholics and Evangelicals comprise a large portion of its base.



 Conservatives Slam RNC For ‘Giving a Primetime Speaking Slot to a Pro-Abortion Feminist’ Who ‘Praised Satanism’

The Republican National Convention (RNC) received backlash from conservatives for “giving a primetime speaking slot” to “pro-abortion feminist” Amber Rose on Monday.

In her speech at the RNC, the OnlyFans model and ex-girlfriend of Kanye West endorsed former President Donald Trump and accused the media of lying about him.

“The RNC gives a primetime speaking slot to a pro-abortion feminist and self-proclaimed slut with a face tattoo whose only claim to fame is having sex with rappers,” protested Daily Wire host Matt Walsh. “Truly an embarrassment. Not a single voter will be mobilized by this person.”


Forced Inoculation! Mother Finally
Won Battle to Protect Disabled Son from Lethal Covid Injection



Germany: Moroccan Migrant Pushes 55-year-old Passenger to His Death at Famed Train Station, Had Just Been Released by Police for Assault and Pickpocketing

An 18-year-old migrant has been arrested and charged with killing a 55-year-old man



Nearly 1 out of 3 Austrians is of Foreign Origin

The Austrian government’s integration report, published last week, shows that 27.2 percent of residents are of foreign origin: first-generation immigrants or born in Austria to foreign parents, up from 19.4 percent in 2013. Despite the rapid demographic changes, ministers from the center-right and Green coalition government are pushing for continued immigration.



Antifa militants attack Christian families at Jesus March in Portland

On the same day that a would-be assassin attempted to kill former President Donald Trump, Antifa militants attacked a group of people attending an evangelical Christian worship event in downtown Portland, Oregon. Children were among the crowd.
Far-left extremists, including members of Rose City Antifa, were captured on video deploying mace, throwing punches, and violently beating Christians. Some of the attackers wore militant black bloc uniforms, while others hid their identity behind Islamic keffiyeh scarves. The event attacked was the United Revival Jesus March, the same event that Antifa extremists attacked last year.


DEEP STATE Mayorkas Says It's 'Unequivocally False' That Trump's Assassination Attempt Was An 'Inside Job


Trump acknowledges that ‘vaccines’ cause injury to RFK after his assassination attempt



Jill Biden and Her Top Advisor Orchestrated the Hiring of DEI-Loving Secret Service Director, Who Refuses to Resign After Failing to Protect Trump



OVERPOPULATION? After a 19-Year-Old Woman Was Attacked and Killed in Romania, Lawmakers Approve Killing Almost 500 Bears

The fatal brown bear attack against a 19-year-old female tourist hiker sent shocks across the Romanian societies, prompting the head of government to recall lawmakers from their recess in order to vote legislation tackling the ‘overpopulation’ of bears in the country.



Only an ‘October Surprise’ can swing the presidential election

Biden appears to recognize that an October Surprise, handled well, would be decisive. During Thursday’s press conference concluding the NATO summit, he spent much of the time on foreign policy, setting up for a breakthrough in either Asia, Europe, or the Middle East. 

In particular, the war between Israel and Hamas could end, potentially even as part of a larger regional peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia. That would be considerably more monumental than when Trump orchestrated the Abraham Accords in the final days before the 2020 election.

While it is no guarantee that there will be an October Surprise, history has shown that within the closing months of a presidential campaign, the power of incumbents to shape perceptions of themselves, their ability to manage significant events and, ultimately, American public opinion, cannot be minimized nor ignored. 



Mystery Over Trump’s Diagnosis and Treatment After Assassination Attempt

Neither the Trump campaign nor the hospital where he was treated on Saturday in Butler, Pa., have released any information on the former president’s treatment, diagnosis or condition.

Now, though, the questions are surrounding the first assassination attempt in four decades—and so far, there have been few answers.



Tucker Carlson Raises SERIOUS Questions About the Trump Assassination Attempt


Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Combats ‘the Clots’ — Study

A compound found in the Ginkgo Biloba tree leaf has been found to prevent blood clots, according to a research study.

“They comprise gink-golides and flavonoid glycosides, both of which can prevent blood clotting and inflammation,



US Army sniper Cory Mills the July 13 attempt on Trump might've been a setup


Questions Swirl About How Law Enforcement Had Trump Shooter’s DNA for ID Match

According to the New York Times Thomas Matthew Crooks has no criminal record but according to the FBI he had no ID so they identified him using DNA and biometric data. Why and how does the government have access to the DNA and biometric data of someone that isn’t a criminal? Is this an admission that the government has DNA and biometric data on all our most Americans?



Tenacious D Cancels Tour After Urging Second Gunman to Target Trump

Acoustic comedy rock duo Tenacious D announced they would cancel the rest of their tour after one of its members appeared to urge a second shooter to take a shot at former President Donald Trump.

The abrupt stop in their “Spicy Meatball Tour” came as band member Kyle Gass during a show in Sydney, Australia, Sunday made an obscene birthday wish on stage, telling a future assassin, “Don’t miss Trump next time.”

Tenacious D frontman and actor Jack Black – who appeared at a star-studded fundraiser for Democrat President Joe Biden last month



Stephanie Matto Secretly Dating a US Senator Exposes All his Dirty Secrets


  • 90 Day Fiancé alum Stephanie Matto, 33, dished on the romance via TikTok
  • She alleged that she's been embroiled in an online relationship with a Senator



Water Tower Theory Emerges Due To Eyewitness Interviews

Eyewitness accounts of the attempted assassination of Donald Trump are raising questions online as people wonder if there could have been another shooter at the Pennsylvania rally that killed one attendee and critically injured two others.

One woman being interviewed in the aftermath of the rally said she saw a “sharpshooter” shoot his gun and “kill a gentlemen in the water tower here.”



Trump Shooting 2nd  and 3rd Gunman?


Snipers Were INSIDE Building
Used By Trump Failed Assassin; Reported Him Using Range Finder, Took Pictures, And Command Did Nothing

Three Beaver County police snipers were reportedly stationed inside the building used by the shooter in Saturday's assassination attempt on Donald Trump, a local law enforcement officer with 'direct knowledge' of the incident tells CBS News' Anna Schecter, and as first reported by the Beaver Countian.

It gets worse...

A sniper, stationed on the second floor providing overwatch, saw the shooter, Thomas Matthew Crooks, outside the building and looking up at the roof. He then walked away, returned, whipped out his phone, when one of the snipers took the first of two pictures of him.

Crooks then took out a rangefinder - at which point the sniper radioed to a command post. Crooks then disappeared again and came back a third time with a backpack. The snipers called in once again with information that he had a backpack and that he (Crooks) was walking toward the back of the building.

So - law enforcement had eyes-on the shooter the entire time, took pictures of him, notified their command post - and nothing was done until Crooks shot Trump, at which point Secret Service snipers returned fire and killed him.



Former Snipers Agree: It’s A Miracle Trump Is Still Alive

However, many former snipers agree that it's a miracle Donald Trump is still alive.  In fact, they agree almost entirely with our own analysis published on July 15th.



Where is Epstein Client List


Elon Musk says he's moving SpaceX and X out of California

In two posts on X Tuesday, the billionaire said he will move SpaceX's HQ from Hawthorne, California, to Starbase, Texas, a company town being built in the southern part of the state. Social media platform X will move from San Francisco to Austin, Texas, he then said.

Musk said that the SAFETY Act, a law California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed that would prohibit school districts from requiring teachers to inform parents if a child wants to be identified by a different gender, was "the final straw."

"Because of this law and the many others that preceded it, attacking both families and companies, SpaceX will now move its HQ from Hawthorne, California, to Starbase, Texas," Musk posted on X.



What JD Vance has said about his faith

Vance told Dreher that Catholicism appealed to him on both an intellectual and emotional level. He enjoyed studying Catholic teachings, and also connecting with Catholic loved ones.

“When I looked at the people who meant the most to me, they were Catholic,” Vance said.

If Trump and Vance win in November, Vance would become only the second Catholic vice president in U.S. history, according to the National Catholic Register. The first was President Joe Biden, who served as vice president under former President Barack Obama.




Trump shooter's bomb plot: Cops found a remote detonator next to Thomas Crooks' cellphone? minutes after they shot him dead - after FBI also found bombs in the car he parked next to the rally



Trump shooting victim's wife reveals details of her heartwarming phone call with the former president after refusing to speak to Biden



FAKE Trump gives former rival Globalist Nikki Haley a standing ovation as she gives him her full endorsement and attacks Kamala after crowd BOOED start of her speech



Biden uses Trump shooting to call for a ban on assault weapons and teases Kamala 'could be president' in speech tearing into 'liar' Donald at the RNC



All the celebrities now rushing to support 'hero' Trump - and those dumping ailing Biden... leaving the White House in utter panic

George Clooney is leading a growing tide of stars turning their backs on a weakened President Joe Biden with many signing straight up to Team Donald Trump .



Shocking video shows moment huge explosion engulfs Liberia-flagged crude oil tanker in the Red Sea after it was targeted by Huthi rebels

  • Chios Lion, a Liberia-flagged oil tanker was struck on its port side on Tuesday 
  • Assault was part of a swarm of attacks by Houthis on ships in the Red Sea 
  • Rebels said attack was retaliation for Israeli airstrike on Khan Younis in Gaza



Was there a second Trump shooter? New acoustic evidence

An audio forensic analysis by Catalin Grigoras, director of the National Center for Media Forensics at the University of Colorado in Denver, and Cole Whitecotton, a senior professional research associate at Media Forensics, based on audio recorded in Butler, Pennsylvania, According to these experts, “The first three shots were consistent with alleged weapon A, the next five were consistent with alleged weapon B and the final ‘acoustic impulse’ was emitted by a possible weapon C.” We know that one of those was the identified shooter and another was a Secret Service sniper



Biden set to announce support for major Supreme Court changes

Plans include proposals for legislation to establish term limits for the justices and an enforceable ethics code.



Four in five Americans fear country is sliding into chaos, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds



CNN FAKE NEWS - Secret Service ramped up security after intel of Iran plot to assassinate Trump; no known connection to shooting

US authorities obtained intelligence from a human source in recent weeks on a plot by Iran to try to assassinate Donald Trump, a development that led to the Secret Service increasing security around the former president, multiple people briefed on the matter told CNN.



Utah Dem: Assassination attempt against Trump 'wiped out' talk of Biden stepping aside

WOKE Gov. (Spencer) Cox says, 'Disagree Better,' and it's not a time for political rhetoric at all."



Utah is seeing an increase in political threats, Department of Public Safety head says

Utah has seen a significant increase in threats against elected officials in the midst of a heated election year, according to the head of the state's Department of Public Safety.

Between 2021 and 2023, the department investigated an average of 99 threats against elected officials, according to Commissioner Jess Anderson, head of the agency that oversees the Utah Highway Patrol and the State Bureau of Investigation. A little more than halfway through 2024, the department has already handled 82 such cases this year

"The increase that we have seen is across the board, both from the governor's office — which also includes the ... lieutenant governor — and members of the Legislature,"



The Company Building Where Trump Shooter Sniped From Was Sold Four Months Ago

The building in Butler, Pennsylvania, where Thomas Matthew Crooks climbed on the roof and fired shots that hit President Trump and several supporters, was sold just four months ago.






BlackRock Says Gunman From Trump Rally Appeared in Firm’s Ad ... Snipers Instructed NOT to Fire Until AFTER Assassin Takes the First Shot ... Trump shooter was 'spotted on roof 26 minutes' before assassination attempt ... Archbishop: Assassination Attempt on Trump Due to His Anti-Globalist Stance ... 15,000 Canadians Volunteered to be Euthanized in 2023 ... Bohemian Grove Kidnapped Citizen Journalists Exposing Globalists ... Another Angle of the Trump Shooting ... BRICS Announces Plan to Form Parliament ... Foreign countries are buying up Utah ...


Bohemian Grove Kidnapped Citizen Journalists Exposing Globalists

Alex Jones interviewed a team of citizen journalists who exposed the globalist occult ritual Bohemian Grove before being arrested.



Another Angle of the Trump Shooting


Over 15,000 Canadians Volunteered to be Euthanized in 2023

An investigation by Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the London, Ontario-based Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC), found that over 15,000 Canadians chose to be euthanized in 2023.



Trump Nearly Killed, Fico Shot Multiple Times, Now the Left is Gleefully Speculating About Whether Hungary’s PM Orbán Will be Next

Following the assassination attempt on Donald Trump, a liberal group in Hungary has launched a poll on when the Hungarian prime minister will be shot. Fidesz caucus leader Máté Kocsis drew attention to the poll on the social media page.



New Study Links Glyphosate Exposure to Diabetes

A clear association exists between levels of glyphosate exposure and diabetes in US adults, according to a new study.

Over 1.8 million tons of glyphosate, the active ingredient in the Roundup herbicide, are used annually in the United States, at a rate of about 0.75 pounds per acre of crops, across 298 million acres of agricultural land. The Midwest, California and Texas together account for 75% of all glyphosate use in the nation.



Elon Musk Prepares for Legal Battle Against EU After ‘Secret’ Censorship Deal



Russia tensions explode as Kremlin 'blames NATO for Vladimir Putin assassination plot'

Moscow has claimed that attempts by Ukraine to kill Vladimir Putin were prepared "with US money", without providing any evidence, sending NATO-Russia tensions soaring.



BlackRock Says Gunman From Trump Rally Appeared in Firm’s Ad

Thomas Matthew Crooks, the 20-year-old gunman who shot and injured former President Donald Trump at a Pennsylvania rally, briefly appeared in an advertisement for BlackRock Inc., the company said on Sunday.




Report: Secret Service Snipers Instructed NOT to Fire Until AFTER Assassin Takes the First Shot

RealClearPolitics White House and National Political Correspondent Susan Crabtree dropped an important report on the failure of the Secret Service to protect President Donald J. Trump and those around him during last week’s Pennsylvania rally.

According to Crabtree, the potential lack of drones and the “DEI” protocols at the Secret Service contributed to the failure, but the biggest reason Trump’s life was put in danger is because rules of engagement prohibit snipers from engaging until the assassin shoots first.



Foreign countries are buying up Utah land. Are you worried?

It turns out if you live in Utah and near a military installation, China or North Korea might be your neighbors. They have significant land holdings, according to records, steadily acquiring the acreage over the years.

It's not just foreign-controlled companies, it is the nation states themselves that have purchased land — and Utah is in the top five in the country for the amount of land acreage at risk.

Rep. Candice Pierucci, R-Herriman, is attempting to change the course in Utah with legislation passed earlier this year.

Her bill, HB516 prevents countries — North Korea, China, Iran and Russia — from buying land in Utah. And it goes further. If those countries, or foreign-controlled companies with a 51% ownership, have land holdings, it has to be relinquished in a year.

"I have tried to help people see why this is so important to Utah for a couple of reasons — the first being this is a major national security concern," she told the Deseret News.



Nearly half of American parents would go into debt to make their children happy, study finds

Parents love their children, and that should be a given. But are most parents willing to go into debt for the sake of their child's social life? Apparently, nearly half of American parents would.

A recent NerdWallet survey found that 42% of parents "say they'd go into debt to pay for back-to-school items that would help their children fit in at school." Even more (53%) said they'd deal with debt to let their children participate in extracurriculars, with some adding that they plan on using the "buy now, pay later method."



BRICS Announces Plan to Form Parliament

The BRICS group of nations is continuing its development into a geopolitical world power. On Thursday, the bloc announced its plans to create its own parliament to oversee the alliance and its initiatives. 



Mandating Covid Shots ‘One of the Greatest Mistakes,’ Former CDC Chief says

Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield confirmed the dangers of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in a U.S. Senate hearing Thursday, calling them “toxic” and saying they should never have been mandated.

Redfield’s admissions came during a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing on government oversight of taxpayer-funded high-risk virus research.



Mandating Covid KILL Shots – Show the Former CDC Chief the ROPE!


EU Border Guard Killed by Spear Throwing Illegal Immigrant – Polish Officials Claim Russia’s Weaponized Migration Tactics to Blame Instead of EU Mass Migration Policies



Doctor Sounds Alarm After Diagnosing Turbo Cancer Every Week

Dr. Ben Marble sounded the alarm Tuesday about the fact he has been diagnosing new-onset cancers in patients basically every week since the Covid shot rollout in 2021.

Dr. Marble has been in the practice for 26 years. He said that previous to the Covid shot rollout, he’d diagnose a couple cases of cancer a year. That number has since ballooned to around one case each week.



Sixfold Increased Risk of Colon Cancer in Covid-Vaccinated — Study

A study published in June documented how one form of colon cancer saw a sixfold increase in individuals vaccinated with the Covid injection. The researchers explained the link between the shot and the cancer.

“Microsatellite instable (deficient mismatch repair, dMMR) colon cancer is associated with hypermutability and immune infiltration-activation. COVID-19 vaccines stimulate immune-inflammation response,” the study said in the ‘Introduction’ section.



Don’t Miss Trump Next Time,’ Tenacious D Member Wishes During On-Stage Birthday Celebration

A member of acoustic rock duo Tenacious D wished death on presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump during a concert Sunday following a failed assassination attempt.

Performing in Sydney, Australia, on Sunday, the band held a special birthday celebration on-stage for Kyle Gass where a giant robot presented him a cake, while counterpart Jack Black told him to “Make a wish.”



MSNBC Pulls ‘Morning Joe’ Off Air In Response To Trump Assassination Attempt

NBCUniversal News Group Chairman Cesar Conde and MSNBC President Rashida Jones made a joint call to yank “Morning Joe” for the day.

It’s pathetic that the show’s hosts Mika and Joe Scarborough couldn’t be trusted to restrain themselves from making rude or divisive remarks about the attempt on Trump’s life.



Trump Calls for Robert Kennedy Jr. to Receive Secret Service Protection IMMEDIATELY After Botched Assassination Attempt

“In light of what is going on in the world today, I believe it is imperative that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. receive Secret Service protection — immediately,” Trump wrote on Truth Social Monday.



Ron Paul: Why We’ll Never Know What Really Happened in Butler, PA

the problem with the Secret Service is that it was moved into the bloated, incompetent, and menacing Department  of Homeland Security, the creation of which I strongly opposed when I was in Congress?


video shows the shooter crawling into position on the rooftop as President Trump is speaking


It seems like everything has aligned…Shooting and Satanic Faggot Bohemian Grove 2024



Liberal Hopes 100 More Trump Assassins Will ‘Try To Not Miss,’ Says ‘A Billion Other People Feel The Same Way As I Do’

When he was asked if the shooting was justified, the interviewee explained, “I’m sure in his eyes it was. But, you know what? Since he missed, I can guarantee you there’s gonna be a hundred people that are gonna try to not miss.”



An FBI staffer has been accused of posting a vile message where she expressed regret that Donald Trump was not killed in an assassination attempt on Saturday.

Jenna Howell, who reportedly works at the FBI'S research identity department, posted an image of the grim reaper trying to pick a Trump doll from a claw machine, according to The Federalist.



Trump shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks was 'spotted on roof 26 minutes' before assassination attempt

Donald Trump's would-be assassin Thomas Matthew Crooks was spotted on the roof 26 minutes before he opened fire, a bombshell new report claims.

Cops at the scene noticed Crooks, 20, on top of the building just 130 yards away from the rally stage and took two photos of him because he was acting suspiciously, sources told WPXI.



Biden defends saying 'time to put Trump in a bullseye' days before assassination attempt and gives bizarre explanation: 'I didn't say crosshairs'

  • President Biden claims he meant 'focus on him' when he said 'bullseye' 

President Biden defended saying it is 'time to put Trump in the bullseye' just days after the assassination attempt on the former President and attempted to explain what he meant amid calls for politicians to tone down the rhetoric.

Biden sat down with NBC Nightly News' anchor Lester Holt for an exclusive interview where he was asked about his words before the shooting in a July 8 call to donors.

'You said it's time to put Trump in the bullseye. There's some dispute of the context, but you appreciate that words matter,' Holt said.

'I didn't say crosshairs,' Biden responded. 'I was talking about focus on.'


Biden: 'Time to put Trump in a Bullseye' Days Before Assassination Attempt



Who is JD Vance's wife Usha? Meet the Ivy-League educated lawyer behind Donald Trump's vice presidential pick

  • Usha Vance is a Yale educated lawyer married to Ohio GOP Senator JD Vance

Vance is an extremely accomplished woman in her own right: an Ivy League educated litigator who once clerked for Chief Justice John Roberts.

Wife Usha The daughter of Indian immigrants, born Usha Chilukuri, Vance was raised in the suburbs of San Diego by a mechanical engineer and biologist. She has said she was raised in a religious Hindu family.

she clerked for Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. 

She also clerked Justice Brett Kavanaugh back when he was a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia as well as Judge Amul Thapar in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky



Insider reveals how Secret Service 'really screwed up' BEFORE Trump assassination bid and role women DEI hires played to put lives at risk

USSS 'really screwed up' on Saturday and that efforts to hire more women in field roles may well have played a role.

He spoke of a roughly 5ft 5in female agent correctly 'using her body to protect' Trump from any further gunfire — but was just too short to be able to stop bullets hitting someone as tall as the former president.

'It looked more like that he was protecting her than she was protecting him,' said Gray.

The Secret Service team, which included male and female agents, also took far too long to get Trump off the stage and away from any potential second shooter, he said.



CNN on Trump’s VP J.D. Vance — a hard-edged attack dog for a maximum MAGA agenda

He's Catholic (a converso since 2016) she's Hindu.



Trump shooting and why former president kept asking Secret Service agents for his shoes


Trump shooter evaded Secret Service and cops THREE times - with one agent even taking a photo of him - before opening fire from top of building with counter-sniper team inside

A team of police snipers team saw Thomas Crooks scouting their command post three times in the minutes before he climbed on top of it and shot Donald Trump from just inches above their heads, it has emerged.

Three police marksmen from Beaver County were using the single-story AGR International building as their watch-post when the would-be assassin chose it as his place to shoot from, CBS reported.

And he may have been in place on the roof for up to 30 minutes before he unleashed his volley of shots that killed one man and nearly took the life of the 45th president on Saturday evening.



Elon Musk reveals the ridiculous amount of money he's donating to a Trump Super PAC

The total contribution from the Tesla CEO and head of social media platform X will be a stunning $45 million a month. 



Biden Finally Gives RFK Jr. Secret Service Protection

48 hours after a 'deluded gunman' with no internet footprint tried to assassinate Donald Trump at a Pennsylvania rally from a nearby rooftop that should have been a layup for the Secret Service, the Biden administration is finally giving Secret Service protection to Robert Kennedy, Jr.



BOMBSHELL: Secret Service Told To Stand Down In Butler, Pennsylvania, Says Trump Event Head

Andrew Riddaugh joins Alex Jones LIVE to describe how Secret Service was denied to President Trump in Butler, Pennsylvania, for his massive rally.



Archbishop Viganò Suggests Assassination Attempt on Trump Due to His Anti-Globalist Stance

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò noted that around the globe, attacks have been made on ‘avowedly anti-globalist political leaders.’



Dana White GOES OFF after Trump shooting


BLACK 17-year-old Judge Memorial High student shot, killed in West Valley parking lot

A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed over the weekend while he was sitting in the back of a car in a parking lot.

As of Monday, police were still looking for the shooter or shooters and had no known motive for the shooting.

Although police have not released the teen's name, friends and family members say Nuer Deng, a student at Judge Memorial Catholic High School and a member of the basketball team, was the victim of the shooting.

About 11:30 p.m. Saturday, a car with three people was parked at the north end of WinCo Foods, 2572 S. 5600 West. Another vehicle pulled up behind them and started firing into the first car, said West Valley police spokeswoman Roxeanne Vainuku.

Nuer, of Kearns, who was sitting in the back seat, was hit.



4-year-old discovered gun, accidentally shot sibling, police say

Police are investigating an accidental shooting in a Tooele County home involving a 4-year-old who found a loaded gun.



In blow to Biden, Teamsters consider no endorsement in 2024 race

President Joe Biden is on the brink of failing to win a key labor endorsement as leaders of the 1.3 million-member Teamsters union consider backing no candidate at all in the U.S. presidential race, according to two people familiar with the matter.



NANNY VEHICLES: New Cars in Europe to Automatically Reduce Engine Power if Driver is Speeding

The surveillance state is expanding in Europe after new rules came into effect on July 7, 2024, that force automobile manufacturers to control how fast people are allowed to drive their own new cars.

From now on, all new cars sold in Europe must be outfitted with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) systems that automatically limit vehicle speeds to match legal limits. A massive network of GPS and cameras will ensure compliance.



Trump Announces Plans for Technology Sector if Elected – NO CENSORSHIP & YES to FREE SPEECH in AI