Cyberattack American hospital system has caused dangerous medication mix ups ... AI to Read People’s Mood ... ban on requiring schools to notify parents ... West Has Plan to Replace Zelensky ... World Refugee INVASION Day ... Elon Musk Reveals Two Assassination Attempts ... Put the Communist Manifesto next to the Ten Commandments “Thou Shall NOT STEAL” so you can see that Taxes is Communism ... No-Knock ‘Wellness Check’ Leads To Shootout ... King Charles Accepted Award From Nazi ... AI Candidate Running for UK ...


King Charles Accepted Award From Nazi Veteran Who Had Been Given a Royal Award As Well

John Lennon On the 23rd Aug. 1974 at 9 o'clock I saw a UFO


Avian Bird Flu Suddenly Becomes Cow Flu as Dairy Farms Begin Culling Animals to Destroy the Domestic Food Supply


Idaho parents block woke DEI curriculum from being introduced to K-5 students

After pressure from local citizens, Mountain View School District scrapped plans to introduce a woke math curriculum from Amplify, a left-wing company that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.


Trudeau gov’t commits $110 million to fund DEI projects, consultants looking for ‘racism’

Woke diversity, equity, and inclusion mandates are driving the spending of taxpayer dollars by the federal government.


Washington governor issues directive requiring hospitals to commit ‘emergency’ abortions

Washington Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee has issued a directive meant to force hospitals to provide “medically necessary” abortions in anticipation of a pending Supreme Court ruling about medical conscience rights that many in the abortion lobby fear will not go their way.


CISA Chief Calls for AI Image-Labeling Legislation

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a part of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), all of a sudden wants to have deepfakes (which have existed for decades in entertainment. etc. industries) tightly regulated.


The Music Just Stopped: Japan Banking Giant Norinchukin To Liquidate $63 Billion In Treasuries & European Bonds To Plug Massive Unrealized Losses


AI Candidate Running for UK Parliament to Appear on The Ballot for General Elections in July

An artificial intelligence character is about to participate in the United Kingdom general elections. AI Steve, alongside non-AI candidates running to represent constituents in the Brighton Pavilion area of Brighton and Hove, will appear on the ballot next month.

AI Steve is the AI co-pilot. “I’m the real politician going into Parliament, but I’m controlled by my co-pilot,” he said.



World Refugee INVASION Day events set to recognize those 'forced to flee'

Some 70,000 refugees from around the globe now call Utah home, and in a bid to recognize the struggles they've faced, two events are slated this week in Utah in connection with World Refugee Day.

The Catholic Community Services and Department of Workforce Services events will feature performances from refugees from around the world, activities for kids, food booths and vendors, information about the refugees' home countries and more. Aden Batar, director of migration and refugee services for Catholic Community Services, sees the World Refugee Day activities as a way of underscoring "the difficult journey" refugees are forced to take to survive.


US Stealth Bombers Touch Down In Guam, Drills With F-22, F-35 Fighter Jets Amid ‘Hot Tensions’ With China

US B-2 Spirit stealth bombers flew to the Pacific last week to participate in the large-scale joint exercise Valiant Shield 2024. The exercise took place around Guam, Palau, and the Northern Mariana Islands, with the B-2s landing on Guam for the first time in five years.


Chase Bank Customers Are Reporting a Wave of Wire Fraud in their Accounts; the Bank Won’t Make Good on the Looted Funds


Deut-28:28-29; The Lord will strike you with madness & with blindness and with bewilderment of heart and mind;29 & you will be groping at noon [in broad daylight], just as the blind grope in the darkness,& nothing you do will prosper; YET MEN REPENTED NOT! 

$80 Billion of Covid Relief Funds went to Abortion Clinics!


Elon Musk Reveals Two Assassination Attempts in Past Seven Months

At least two efforts have been made to take the life of Elon Musk over the past year, the tech entrepreneur says.

Musk revealed the assassination attempts at a Tesla annual shareholder board meeting in response to an investor’s concerns over his wellbeing.


Maine Democrats Dismiss 18% Increase in Excess Deaths, Shut Down GOP Lawmaker’s Effort to Investigate

A Republican lawmaker in Maine sounded the alarm over the state’s alarming “silent epidemic” of an 18% increase in excess deaths since 2020, but Democrat colleagues ignored her warnings and stymied her effort to investigate.

Rep. Heidi Sampson (R-Alfred) said the state’s Democratic lawmakers “shrugged their shoulders” when she proposed investigating the increase in sudden deaths in 2020 among young and middle-aged adults in Maine with no known previous illness.


US Government Coordinating Depopulation Program Against World — Must-Watch Full Alex Jones, Dr. David Martin Interview


No-Knock ‘Wellness Check’ Leads To Shootout, Three Injured Police Officers

Police in Ogle County, Illinois, were sent on a wellness check that almost turned deadly after they got into a crazy shootout with the person they were supposed to protect.

Officers were told by the mother of Jonathon Gounaris that he was “threatening to commit suicide and homicide.”

Next, police attempted to contact Gounaris and decided to break into his home when their communication attempts failed.


Unhinged Climate Change Activists Attack Stonehenge

Infuriating footage captured the moments unhinged climate change activists attacked the iconic Stonehenge monument in England… being defaced by two Just Stop Oil activists using a device emitting orange powder.


Utah Rep. Maloy seeks to accelerate federal mine permitting process

Saying they are fed up and frustrated, Republican lawmakers are increasingly targeting what they say is a laborious, cumbersome and costly federal permitting process that drains industry and taxpayers of millions and leaves the U.S. at a global disadvantage when it comes to vital minerals and other natural resources.

To that end, Utah Rep. Celeste Maloy introduced on Tuesday the Full Responsibility and Expedited Enforcement Act.

This is a federal permitting reform bill she says will streamline and simplify the permitting process. The bill has backing from former Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, industry leaders in Utah, and a growing number of bipartisan co-sponsors

"Utahns have to go through federal permitting for nearly everything we do. Permits to mine on public land can take decades to approve. Even permits to clean up trash take weeks. The FREE Act will streamline the process, saving Utahns time and money," Maloy said.


BLACK Joy Reid Claims ‘White Boy Summer’ is ‘Explicit White Supremacist Message’

The “White Boy Summer” mantra being celebrated by conservatives is dangerous rhetoric linked to white supremacy, claimed far left MSNBC host Joy Reid.


Transgender Double Murder Suspect Captured After Lengthy Manhunt

Colling Bailey, a biological man who now identifies as transgender “female” Mia Bailey, was arrested by Utah police on Wednesday in connection with a disturbing double homicide.

Police in Utah just spent nearly 24 hours searching for a mentally ill trans person who allegedly kiIIed his parents. This story barely made it to the MSM. We urgently need to have a national conversation about the epidemic of trans violence before more innocent people get kiIIed.


New law requires all Louisiana public school classrooms to display the Ten Commandments

(Put the Communist Manifesto next to the Ten Commandments “Thou Shall NOT STEAL” so you can see that Taxes is Communism)

Jeff Landry vows to sign bill putting Ten Commandments in schools: 'I can't wait to be sued'

The legislation that Republican Gov. Jeff Landry signed into law on Wednesday requires a poster-sized display of the Ten Commandments in “large, easily readable font” in all public classrooms, from kindergarten to state-funded universities.


ACLU Suing Louisiana for Ten Commandments in Public Schools: ‘Not Sunday Schools’

 “Louisiana is the first state to successfully pass legislation requiring the display of the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms, including state-funded universities, since the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to banish the tenets from America’s classrooms in 1980,” said the report.

“Efforts to restore the commandments to public schools are active in other states, including Texas, Oklahoma, and Utah, although none so far have been successful,” it added.



NYC Haiti Illegal Throwing Tables, Chairs and Cement Buckets off a Tall Building

Jean Olivier, 33 – whose last known address is in the city of West Park – is seen in a brief clip tossing the chairs from a landing one level down from the roof of 555 Fifth Ave., an office building near East 46th Street that houses a Barnes & Noble on the Ground Floor.

Olivier had apparently visited the Consulate General of Haiti inside the building, complaing about housing, then flipped out and threw a chair, law enforcement sources said.

Vendor Modibo Cissoko said he witnessed the chair-flinging freakout, that lasted about a half hour.

“I saw a lot of looking, panicking and police come,” Cissoko told The Post Tuesday. “I wasn’t here when it started but that’s what I saw.”

Responding cops were able to find and cuff Olivier, police said.




Utah lawmakers vote to block federal protections for LGBTQ+ students (KEEP FAGGOT MARRAGE)

Utah lawmakers convened in a special session on Juneteenth to declare the state's intent not to follow a soon-to-be-enacted federal rule providing antidiscrimination protections to LGBTQ+ students under Title IX.

The resolution declares that a pair of state laws restricting restroom access for transgender individuals and barring transgender girls from women's high school sports supersedes the federal Title IX rule. It's the first test of a new state law that aims to push back on what state lawmakers call "overreach" by the federal government. Under SB57, also known as the Utah Constitutional Sovereignty Act, lawmakers can prohibit state officials from enforcing federal directives if the "Legislature determines the federal directive violates the principles of state sovereignty."

This flips the existing framework where states can sue to stop federal laws and allows the state to proactively reject policies it disagrees with. Utah would only enforce the federal rule if compelled to by a court ruling.


Patients at Ascension hospital network given dangerous doses of narcotics after disastrous cyberattack

A cyberattack on a major American hospital system has caused dangerous medication mix ups including patients administered narcotics by mistake, leading to an admission to intensive care for life-threatening breathing difficulties.


Trump national security adviser calls for first nuclear weapons tests since 1992 and wants to send the 'entire' US Marine Corps to Pacific to counter the threat from China

  • Robert O'Brien could return as a senior official in a future Trump administration
  • He sets out a series of national security priorities in a lengthy essay

If Donald Trump wins reelection he should restart nuclear testing after a 30-year-pause, decouple the economy entirely from China and deploy the entire U.S. Marine Corps to the Pacific to counter the threat from Beijing.

That is the advice of his last national security adviser, Robert O'Brien, who lays out a possible blueprint for a second Trump term in a 5000-word essay.


One Big Family Putin and Kim enjoyed a spin in Russian limousine


West Has Plan to Replace Zelensky – Russian Intelligence

Vladimir Zelensky’s position is totally dependent on Western support, but the US and its allies will sacrifice him without any qualms, the Russian foreign intelligence service (SVR) has said.


Big Brother on Board: UK Train Stations use Amazon-Powered AI to Read People’s Mood

In the UK, a series of AI trials involving thousands of train passengers who were unwittingly subjected to emotion-detecting software raises profound privacy concerns. The technology, developed by Amazon and employed at various major train stations including London’s Euston and Waterloo, as well as Manchester Piccadilly, used artificial intelligence to scan faces and assess emotional states along with age and gender.


Jane Fonda: If ‘Orange Man’ Wins, We Will Not Have a Livable Future

Actress and activist Jane Fonda said on Tuesday in CNN’s “The Situation Room” that if former President Donald Trump is elected in November, we will not have a livable future.


California Senate approves ban on requiring schools to notify parents of child’s pronoun change

The California Senate has approved a bill that would ban school districts from requiring teachers to notify parents if their child asks to go by a new pronoun at school


Roger Stone: Democrats Will Replace Joe Biden with Michelle Obama on 2024 Ballot


‘We Are Excited’: Buffalo Bills Throw Their Support Behind LGBTQ+ Flag Football Team

The Buffalo Bills became the latest NFL team to support its city’s upcoming National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) chapter.


Commie Pope Francis Asserts Duty to Welcome All Migrants Who ‘Knock on Our Doors’

ROME — In preparation for World Refugee Day, Pope Francis declared Wednesday that all of us are “required” to welcome anyone who knocks on our door.


Courtroom Gasps After Ecuadorian Illegal Alien Who Raped 13-Year-Old NYC Girl Claims He Recorded the Attack

The Ecuadorian illegal alien who raped a 13-year-old NYC girl told the Court he recorded the attack.

Last week, a 13-year-old girl was attacked in broad daylight by an illegal from Ecuador wielding a “machete-style” knife.

Pope Francis Faces UN Investigation Over Alleged Illegal Wiretappings ... Feds Building Massive Detention Facilities IN ALL 50 STATES to Imprison Political Dissidents ... German Police Dump Migrants on Polish Side ... Deadly Aspartame Nutrasweet ... Canada Sends Warship to Cuba ... Biden should REPLACE Kamala Harris on the ballot with Hillary Clinton ...


Deadly Aspartame Nutrasweet


Aaron Rodgers:  Get off my computer, get off my cameras, get off my ring camera, take down all this...


When people have Nothing Left to Lose, and they've Lost Everything, They Lose It - Gerald Celente


Poland’s Left-Liberal Government Hits Hospital with Hefty Fine for Refusing to Perform Abortions

Polish Health Minister Izabela Leszczyna announced during a Monday press conference that a medical facility in Pabianice near Łódź has been fined due to non-compliance with new abortion regulations implemented by the left-liberal government.


Pope Francis Faces UN Investigation Over Alleged Illegal Wiretappings in Embezzlement Scandal

Pope Francis faces a United Nations human rights investigation for allegedly authorizing illegal wiretaps on British financier Raffaele Mincione during a Vatican embezzlement trial involving the sale of luxury London real estate.


400,000 More Canadians Live in Poverty Now Compared to 2020: Gov’t Report

A report by the federal government has found that '9.9 percent of Canadians, some four million people, live in poverty compared to 6.4 percent in 2020, the equivalent of approximately 400,000 more Canadians.'


Atlanta Speed Cameras Illegally Collected up to $500K in Fines From Unfairly Ticketed Drivers

Speeding cameras in Atlanta have improperly fined drivers in the city, with the total amount of improper citations ranging from $350,000 to $500,000.


Polish Lawmaker Calls for Border Controls With Germany After German Police Dump Migrants on Polish Side

In a recent border incident, the Polish Border Guard confirmed that a German police car crossed into Poland, leaving behind a family of Middle Eastern migrants, a move described as a breach of cooperative norms between the two nations. This event has sparked considerable controversy and political debate within Poland.


Germany: Fifty-Seven Percent of Migrants Arrive Without Passports

More than half of all migrants who claimed asylum in Germany in the first five months of this year had no form of identification


6,000 Idaho Farmers cut off from water! What is happening and what is the solution?


The Bottom 20% Do Almost No Work, and You Pay for Them: How the Low-Income Bracket Drains Taxpayer Dollars

When you pay taxes, remember that the bottom 20% of income earners do almost no work, do not pay taxes, and receive government aid. The next lowest 20% pay minimal taxes but also receive government support.



EVIL Fauci Joins Colbert To Sarcastically Say He’s To Blame For COVID-19 & Made $1 Billion Off Vaccines

Disgraced Dr. Anthony Fauci joined late-night propagandist Stephen Colbert Monday to promote his new book, On Call.

The entire appearance was basically an ass-kissing session by Colbert, asking the government doctor right off the bat, “Have you thought about running for president?”


Doctors Shocked, Covid Vaccines Make People Retarded — Study

In a video interview filmed Saturday, Japanese Neuroscientist Dr. Hiroto Komano discussed a South Korean study that indicates the Covid vaccines effectively slow down or ‘retard’ the brain’s neurologic functions, leading to diseases clinically referred to as dementia, cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.


Feds Building Massive Detention Facilities IN ALL 50 STATES to Imprison Political Dissidents, Documentary Claims

The US federal government is in the process of building a massive network of internment camps spanning all 50 states intended not to house illegal aliens, but political dissidents, a shocking documentary claims.

Speaking to Redacted’s Clayton Morris, former Customs and Border Protection agent J.J. Carrell revealed a whistleblower in his upcoming documentary, “Treason,” exposes the scheme to build massive facilities that can house tens of thousands of people in every state.


CFR Claims ‘Limited’ Public Compliance with Masking, Social Distancing ‘Alarming’ Amid Bird Flu Outbreak

The Council on Foreign Relations globalist think tank says it’s “alarming” the public is no longer as receptive to mask mandates and social distancing.

In a YouTube update fear-mongering about the bird flu, Thomas J. Bollyky, the CFR’s director of the Global Health Program, claims the unelected bureaucracy is concerned over the virus’s possible zoonotic spread to humans.


NOT A DEEPFAKE! Biden Glitches Bad Again

Joe Biden on Tuesday bizarrely stammered during a press conference with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

In a video clip going viral online, the 81-year-old Biden says, “Thanks to all the members of Congress and Homeland Security… secretary (unintelligible).”


‘I Don’t Think Anyone is Safe’: Joy Behar & Rachel Maddow Fret Trump Will Target Them, Take Them Off the Air in Second Term

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow and “The View” host Joy Behar expressed their concerns Tuesday that former President Donald Trump will take them off the air if he’s elected for a second term.

“I’m worried about all of us. I think it’s bad to have somebody saying, ‘Give me power so I can go after subhuman internal enemies and I’ll destroy them.’ I don’t think anyone is safe,” Maddow told “The View” coven.


New York's top court declines to hear Trump's appeal of the gag order in his hush money case


Biden Regime Sends FBI to Intimidate Nurse Who Blew the Whistle on Texas Children’s Hospital’s Child Sex-Change Program

Christopher Rufo recently shared on X, “The Biden Administration sent two FBI agents to intimidate a nurse who told the truth about the child sex-change program at Texas Children’s Hospital. The regime is mobilizing to threaten and imprison anyone who opposes ‘transgender medicine.’”


Walmart quietly shutters another three stores as the total closures for 2024 hits 11

Walmart has decided to close three more stores across the US, bringing this year's total number of failed locations to 11. 

The retail giant said these three stores - located in Georgia and Colorado - underperformed financially.


Will The Real John Curtis Please Stand Up?



Women Register for Military Draft


Biden should REPLACE Kamala Harris on the ballot with Hillary Clinton, Washington Post columnist claims


Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, in Pyongyang, North Korea, on Wednesday, June 19, 2024


Russia & North Korea Agree on Mutual Aid Against Aggression – Putin

Pyongyang has the right to defend its sovereignty from the US, the Russian leader has said


Nurses And EMTs Expose COVID Injection Holocaust

EMT Harry Fisher joins Alex Jones and takes calls from nurses, detailing how COVID shots resulted in mass death and injuries.


Surgeon General Murthy Advocates for Digital ID to Combat Online ‘Misinformation’ & Protect Youth


DOJ says Utah violates civil rights by 'segregating' adults with intellectual disabilities

Utah is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act by "segregating" adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in jobs that offer limited interaction and giving them "little choice in how to spend their time," according to a report from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The findings, announced Tuesday, follow an investigation into three state agencies that coordinate services for the population: the Department of Workforce Services' State Office of Rehabilitation, the Department of Health and Human Services' Division of Services for People with Disabilities and the Utah State Board of Education.


Trudeau’s Canada Sends Warship to Cuba

The government of radical leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent a Canadian warship to visit Havana, Cuba, this weekend, a move detractors told Breitbart News on Monday is “morally and strategically unjustifiable” given the Castro regime’s close ties to Canada’s enemies.