Counties in Oregon approve ballot measures for SECESSION vote ... China ramps up de-dollarization by dumping a record amount of US bonds ... US home sales drop ... Pushing Civil War Narrative ... Facial Recognition Kamikaze Drones ... Won’t Vax Baby, will Homeschool him so he doesn’t end up becoming Satanic Gay Communist ... JP Morgan forecaster issues grim warning ...


Conscription is Coming Back to Europe, But Which EU Countries Have Re-Introduced Compulsory Military Service?


Former Navy Seal Erik Prince on Facial Recognition Kamikaze Drones


Police Department in Pennsylvania Using Drone Tech to Crack Down on Theft and Other Petty Crimes

Bensalem Police Department in Bensalem Township, Pennsylvania, has resorted to using advanced drone technology to address theft and other petty crimes in the area efficiently.

The department recently released footage of drones tracking down and helping catch suspected robbers to WPVI, a local ABC News affiliate. The township is located just 30 minutes northeast of Philadelphia. Detective Glenn Vandegrift said their “small fleet” of drones is part of a Bensalem Secure Task Force that was formed to deal with the growing number of retail theft issues in the area.


‘Brain Death’ is a Convenient Fiction for The Organ Harvesting Industry

(LifeSiteNews) — At least half, and probably closer to 90%, of organ donors declared brain dead are actually alive when their organs are removed.

This shocking fact is the impetus for a February 2024 statement endorsed by 151 Catholic health care professionals, theologians, philosophers, ethicists, lawyers, apologists, and pro-life advocates.


‘Free Speech is Dead!’ Dutch Conservative Confirms Prosecution For Online Criticism of Mass Immigration

Dutch conservative lawyer and presenter Raisa Blommestijn has revealed she is being prosecuted by authorities in the Netherlands for online criticism of mass immigration after commenting on viral footage of a defenseless Dutch boy being thrown onto a railway track by a gang of migrants.

In a video published on X, Blommestijn confirmed she had received a summons from the Dutch public prosecutor to attend a court hearing in front of multiple judges on Aug. 19 to face charges of “racism” and “inciting hatred.”


By Month’s End, WHO Seeks to Pass Orwellian Pandemic Treaty to Implement Algorithmic Surveillance and Control Systems Worldwide

The World Health Organization (WHO) body of experts are set to convene in Geneva, Switzerland, at their 77th World Health Assembly from May 27 to June 1, 2024. At the assembly, WHO’s member countries will cast their votes on the final version of the agency’s “pandemic agreement.”

This agreement will give the beleaguered agency more power over sovereign nations, including the power to order targeted lockdowns and mitigation measures. The agreement will allow a global body of experts to use surveillance tools and implement broader mandates for PCR testing, masks, so-called vaccines and other countermeasures. Right now WHO is developing a standardized algorithm to quantify airborne transmission risk to dictate public policies on human interactions.


Flights from Utah to Mexico at risk after feds nix Delta-Aeromexico partnership


Why should worker’s pay for others college Debt?

Biden administration canceling student loans for another 160,000 borrowers

The Supreme Court rejected Biden's earlier attempt at one-time cancellation, saying it overstepped the president's authority. The new plan is being made with a different legal justification.


Pushing Civil War Narrative - Trump posted an ad echoing the language of Nazi Germany


Cancer Researchers Call to Halt mRNA ‘Vaccines’ Amid Surge of Turbo Cancer

Dr. Maarten Fornerod, a molecular biology researcher in the field of cell biology and cancer genetics and researcher Dr. Christof Plothe, a naturopath and osteopath, appeared in an video discussion Monday on PharmaFiles by Aussie17 where they expanded upon a recent study, previously reported on by Infowars, detailing the massive cancer increase post-Covid vaccination.

“There’s enough strong evidence linking mRNA vaccines to cancer and then in addition to the safety signal of Japan to say, okay, it’s time to stop,” Fornerod said.


Piers Morgan Wasn't Ready for These FACTS!


South Carolina Bans Gender Transition Procedures for Minors

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster just signed into law a ban on gender transition procedures to minors.

McMaster signed the “Health Not Harm” bill Tuesday and announced he would hold a ceremony next week celebrating the state’s efforts to protect children from the irreversible procedure.


Moderna CEO Tells Fauci ‘We Should Mock Up An OUTBREAK’ Just One Month Before Covid Plandemic

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel admitted in an interview that he discussed ginning up an outbreak scenario with former NIAID Director Anthony Fauci leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Activist Matt Baker shared clips of Bancel’s 2021 interview with Atlas Venture claiming he spoke with Fauci just a month before the COVID pandemic emerged in December 2019.


House Committee Accuses Fauci’s Right-Hand Man Of “Serious Misconduct & Potentially Illegal Actions

The U.S. Congress issued a memo on Wednesday detailing wrongdoing and potential criminal activity by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s former senior advisor Dr. David Morens.

It's a felony to destroy records. It's a felony to destroy evidence. Without question, Morens has admitted in his emails that he was destroying evidence. David Morens is Anthony Fauci's Michael Cohen, he's the fixer.



4 charged, 1 more arrested in large Summit County party shootout involving submachine gun

Manuel A. Pimentel-Gonzalez, 23, of Ogden; Francisco Enrique Romero Fuenmayor, 23, of Ogden; Alejandro Carreno-Romero, 20; and Enrique Diaz, who did not have an age or residence listed in court documents

Pimentel-Gonzalez was also charged with being a restricted person in possession of a gun

A man in the friends group then brandished a gun, according to charging documents, prompting Pimentel-Gonzalez from the organizers group to retrieve "a submachine gun" from a vehicle and point it at the man brandishing the weapon, the charges state.

Late Sunday night, Pimentel-Gonzalez was located in Eagle Mountain and arrested. A Draco 9mm submachine gun was also recovered, the charges state. Pimentel-Gonzalez was taken to a local hospital to be treated for a gunshot that had entered his back and exited through his arm, police say. Francisco Romero was also arrested on Sunday.

A second man later told investigators he had been shot in the hand.

COMMENTS - No residence listed? Big surprise… Adding that the Draco NAK9 is NOT an automatic weapon and thus, not a "submachine gun".


US home sales post second straight monthly drop; house prices accelerate

U.S. existing home sales unexpectedly fell in April as higher mortgage rates and house prices weighed on demand, dealing another setback to the housing market.

Though the report from the National Association of Realtors on Wednesday showed inventory increasing last month to a 2½-year high entry-level homes remained scarce, accounting for the second straight monthly decline in sales.


Nikki Haley Bends The Knee: “I Will Be Voting For Trump

Former Republican presidential contender Nikki Haley finally kissed the ring of former President Donald Trump on Wednesday, announcing she would be voting for him in November.

UFC Fighter Won’t Vax Baby, will Homeschool him so he doesn’t end up becoming Satanic Gay Communist


American Trapped in Japan Because Non-Citizen Wife Can’t Enter U.S. Without COVID-19 Vaccine Proof

An American citizen is stuck in Japan because his non-citizen wife can’t enter the U.S. without showing proof of taking the COVID-19 jab.

Kion, a U.S. citizen who’s been in Japan for over 15 years, reached out to activist TexasLindsay to tell his story.


Portland DA Mike Schmidt loses election to Nathan Vasquez after his Soros-backed soft-on-crime policies were blamed for ruining city

  • Mike Schmidt was elected Portland DA with 77 percent of the vote in 2022
  • But he has lost to challenger Nathan Vasquez after crime surged in the city


Four colors mosquitos love that you should avoid wearing this summer - or risk being bitten to shreds

Researchers at the University of Washington found mosquitos are attracted to red, orange, black and cyan - a color between blue and green. 

But the insects were found to ignore green, purple, blue and white, suggesting these are the best to wear when outside this summer.


JP Morgan forecaster issues grim warning about the state of the stock market this year - and it could be cataclysmic

  • Analyst Marko Kolanovic warned the stock market may become volatile
  • He urged investors not to become bullish despite the markets good performance
  • The company's chief market strategist Marko Kolanovic issued a note on Monday forecasting that the S&P 500 could fall 20 percent to 4,200 by the end of the year. 
  • READ MORE: The Dow Jones reached 40,000-point threshold for the first time


Republicans say they were victims of a 'biological attack' after vials of blood were sent to RNC headquarters

  • Two vials of blood sent to headquarters of Republican National Committee


These anti-depressants have been prescribed to millions - but have a hidden side effect that is worse than death

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) drugs like Prozac and Zoloft began carrying a label warning telling users they may cause erectile dysfunction, low libido, vaginal dryness and trouble orgasming only after patients began complaining of sexual side effects to their doctors in the 80s and 90s. 

But thousands of former patients say they have been left completely asexual, numb below the waist, and unable to enjoy sex or sustain romantic relationships. Some patients have even experienced shrinkage of their genitals.  

The FDA is now being sued by a team of scientists who say the agency has ignored their petition asking for a warning about permanent sexual side effects since 2018 and is asking the agency to warn doctors and patients about the long-term risks.

The condition mentioned in the lawsuit is Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD), which can cause genital numbness, a complete loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual function issues for years after going off the medications


How America's outdated water systems could be turned into 'weapons of mass destruction', according to a top cyber expert

O'Dowd explained that hackers could infiltrate water treatment plants and flood drinking water supplies with raw sewage or overload systems with lethal doses of the chemicals usually used to kill bacteria.


THIRTEEN conservative counties in Oregon approve ballot measures for SECESSION vote that would see them join non-woke Idaho - as they issue list of demands

  • 13 liberal Oregon counties support moving to Conservative Idaho
  • Crook County became latest to approve Greater Idaho Measures on Tuesday
  • Supporters want to escape progressive politics and high taxes


Huge Microsoft outage takes down, DuckDuckGo and ChatGPT for thousands of users

A major outage struck, Microsoft's search engine, early Thursday with the problem apparently spreading to the brand's application programming interface which means that services such as DuckDuckGo also went down. 

According to reports the outage also impacts ChatGPT and Ecosia. Despite Google's dominance in the world of web searching, Bing's API has numerous high profile clients.


Catholic Knights of Columbus group sues Biden for banning them from holding traditional Memorial Day mass at Virginia cemetery because service is a 'demonstration'

  • The fraternity has held a service at the national cemetery every year since 1960
  • But a policy change means the mass is now classified as a 'demonstration'
  • The group was founded in New Haven, Connecticut as a welfare organization in 1882 and boasts more than two million members around the world.


Huge row erupts in Senate as Ted Cruz lambasts Biden-nominated judge who put trans child rapist in women's prison

A blazing row erupted in a Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday over a Biden-nominated judge who put a 6’2” transgender woman convicted of multiple child rapes in a women’s prison.


Shocking moment White female middle school teacher is hurled to the ground by Black boy while trying to break up fight between two students

The horrific incident took place at Hurshel Antwine Middle School in East El Paso, Texas on Monday, May 20.

In the unsettling footage, the female teacher can be seen frantically trying to get in the middle of the two students.


Minnesota girl, 9, is attacked by gang of four school bullies because she isn't Muslim, with school then refusing to suspend them, victim's mom says

  • Shawna Larson, 33, said her daughter was attacked last month at school  
  • Teachers admitted the ambush was because Larson's daughter 'wasn't Muslim'


New X Policy Forces Earners to Verify Their Government ID With Israeli Verification Company

X, formerly Twitter, is now mandating the use of a government ID-based account verification system for users that earn revenue on the platform – either for advertising or for paid subscriptions.

To implement this system, X has partnered with Au10tix, an Israeli company known for its identity verification solutions. Users who opt to receive payouts on the platform will have to undergo a verification process with the company.


China ramps up de-dollarization efforts by dumping a record amount of US bonds

  • China sold a record $53.3 billion worth of Treasurys and agency bonds in the first-quarter, Bloomberg reported.
  • It previously unloaded US debt to prop up its yuan, which has again grown weak against a rallying dollar.
  • The country is piling into gold, which now makes up the highest share of its reserves since 2015.


Russia’s New Counterspace Weapon Is in the Same Orbit as a US Satellite

Russia launched a counterspace weapon into the same orbit as a U.S. government satellite on May 16, U.S. officials said, further increasing tensions between the two countries in space.


Salt Lake City budget proposal includes raises for mayor, City Council

The proposed $475.2 million general fund budget for the upcoming fiscal year represents a 5.9% increase from last year's record budget and includes a proposal for a 26% pay increase for Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall and City Council members. If the proposal is approved, the mayor's annual pay would jump to nearly $212,000 and part-time councilmembers to approximately $53,000.

The budget proposal also calls for a 5% raise for city employees.

Comments - Government has done such a great job robbing money from us through inflation, why not reward them with robbing more money through increased taxation?


Pedophile Advocacy Group Praises Germany’s New Law Softening Punishment for Child Pornography

(LifeSiteNews) — In 2010, Jan Flesichhauer and Wiebke Hollersen penned a chilling essay for Der Spiegel titled “How the Left Took Things Too Far.” “One of the goals of the German 1968 movement was the sexual liberation of children,” they wrote. “For some, this meant overcoming all sexual inhibitions, creating a climate in which even pedophilia was considered progressive.”


Employee Sues Hospital That Fired Her for Reporting COVID Vaccine Injuries to VAERS

A physician’s assistant is suing a New York hospital system, alleging it violated the federal False Claims Act by failing to complete mandatory reporting of injuries associated with the COVID-19 vaccine to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Deborah Conrad worked at United Memorial Medical Center, part of Rochester Regional Health (RRH), until October 2021, when she said she was fired for reporting vaccine-related adverse events.


NYPD 200 leaving each month ... 50% of Small Businesses Say They’re Not Going to Survive ... Tucker is Hoarding Gold and Ammo, Something Bad is Coming! ... Fluoride Brain Damaged Babies ... FBI Authorized Use of Deadly Force in Illegal Mar-a-Lago Raid ... WEF Founder Klaus Schwab Steps Down ...


Heads-up - Firearms vs. Drones


NYPD ‘headcount’ faces record lows not seen in decades — 200 cops leaving each month

The number of NYPD cops on the job this year and last is the lowest it’s been in more than three decades – with about 200 cops leaving each month, according to data obtained by The Post.

The current NYPD headcount is 33,695, just 154 more than last year — and the lowest since 32,451 in 1990, stats from the department and city Independent Budget Office show.

The problem is getting worse as retirements this year have surged 11%.


VENOM NATION: Shocking Number of Americans Have Tried Gila Monster Venom-Based Weight Loss Drugs

A new poll reveals that a shocking percentage of Americans are taking risky Gila monster venom-based weight loss drugs.

According to the latest KFF Health Tracking Poll, one out of every eight adults in the U.S. has used one of the trendy GLP-1 agonist weight loss and diabetes drugs, such as Ozempic and Wegovy.

Although the packaging warns of common issues like nausea and vomiting, more serious complications are being reported as more and more people start taking these medications. These include pancreatitis, a type of inflammation of the pancreas that can be painful and chronic, and intestinal blockage, which is serious and sometimes fatal.

Another side effect many people have been experiencing is stomach paralysis, also known as gastroparesis. It occurs when the stomach takes too long to empty and can be lifelong. Some patients have already started filing lawsuits against the drug makers for failing to warn about these serious adverse effects.


Almost 50% of Small Businesses Say They’re Not Going to Survive a Second Biden Term

A new RedBalloonand PublicSquarereport reveals that nearly half of small businesses in the United States believe they “definitely” or “probably” don’t stand a chance to survive another four years of Joe Biden presidency


Teach Islam Lessons in German Schools!’ Says President of Teachers’ Association

The president of one of Germany’s largest teachers’ organizations has called for the comprehensive teaching of Islam in public schools across the country.

Stefan Düll, the president of the German Teachers’ Association, told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung on Monday that Germans must begin to see Muslims living in the country as a “normal part of society.”


Several States Take Steps To Block A Central Bank Digital Currency

It remains unclear how changing the definition of money in the UCC and other steps taken at the state level would play out in practice against a CBDC if the federal government attempts to implement one.


WEF Founder Klaus Schwab Steps Down As Chairman, Will Take ‘Non-Executive’ Role

You’ll own nothing in retirement and be happy’…

Wit the organization he founded 50 years ago bringing in nearly $500 million in revenue in the year ending March 2023 (and sitting on a neat pile of 200 million Swiss francs cash), Klaus Schwab will own some things as he reportedly steps back from his role running the World Economic Forum has has headed since 1971.


Klaus Schwab is NOT Leaving the WEF!

Let me explain something. Klaus Schwab is NOT retiring, nor is he leaving the WEF. Because of all the toxic hatred hurled at Schwab personally, he has only stepped down from the executive position. That is no different from the Chairman of a Board, who is also the CEO, steps down from only the CEO but retains the Chairmanship to which the new CEO is subordinate. You are NOT getting rid of Schwab so easily.


Mothers Exposed to Fluoride Birth Brain Damaged Babies — Study

A study published Wednesday has found that pregnant women with higher levels of the drug fluoride in their bodies give birth to children with higher rates of neurological-based behavioral problems.

“These findings suggest that prenatal fluoride exposure may increase risk of neurobehavioral problems among children living in an optimally fluoridated area in the US,” the study said in the ‘Meaning’ section.


Moose kills Alaska man attempting to take photos of her newborn calves

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A 70-year-old Alaska man who was attempting to take photos of two newborn moose calves was attacked and killed by their mother, authorities said Monday.

The man killed Sunday was identified as Dale Chorman of Homer


Israel First: GOP Reps Introduce Bill Extending Taxpayer Benefits to Americans Who Serve in IDF

A bill introduced by a pair of House Republicans would extend taxpayer benefits to Americans who serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as if they were serving in the U.S. military.

Chief Deputy Whip Guy Reschenthaler (R-Penn.) and Rep. Max Miller (R-Ohio) introduced H.R. 8445 last week that would extend the benefits of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) to Americans serving in the IDF.


Mexican Cartels Have Foothold in All 50 States, DEA Warns

Two of Mexico’s largest cartels have footholds in all 50 states, the Drug Enforcement Agency is warning.

According to a federal report released this week, the Sinaloa Cartel and the Nuevo Jalisco Generacion Cartel are behind a surge in narcotics, importing synthetic drugs made with supplies from China.


Joy Behar on MAGA Hats: “You Might as Well Just Put a Swastika on the Hat”

The View co-host Joy Behar revealed her true feelings regarding Trump supporters, claiming the former president’s trademark MAGA hat might as well bear a swastika.


MSNBC’s Reid: ‘Trump Is Acting Like a Nazi, Talking Like a Nazi and Now Posting Like a Nazi’


BOMBSHELL: FBI Authorized Use of Deadly Force in Illegal Mar-a-Lago Raid, Court Docs Show

Newly unsealed court documents reveal the Department of Justice authorized the use of deadly force for the FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Aug. 2022.


Trump Sounds Alarm Over DOJ’s ‘Deadly Force’ Order in Mar-a-Lago Raid: ‘Biden Serious Threat To Democracy!’

“WOW! I just came out of the Biden Witch Hunt Trial in Manhattan, the ‘Icebox,’ and was shown Reports that Crooked Joe Biden’s DOJ, in their Illegal and UnConstitutional Raid of Mar-a-Lago, AUTHORIZED THE FBI TO USE DEADLY (LETHAL) FORCE. NOW WE KNOW, FOR SURE, THAT JOE BIDEN IS A SERIOUS THREAT TO DEMOCRACY. HE IS MENTALLY UNFIT TO HOLD OFFICE — 25TH AMENDMENT!” Trump posted Tuesday on Truth Social.

EPA Issues Terror Alert: China, Russia & Iran Weigh
Cyberattacks On US Drinking Water & Wastewater Systems

According to the Biden administration’s Environmental Protection Agency, hostile nations are researching how they can potentially launch cyberattacks on America’s H20 infrastructure.

In a statement issued Monday, the agency explained there are “urgent cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to community drinking water systems.”


Western Civilization Is Being Destroyed by Self-hating Whites


Tucker is Hoarding Gold and Ammo, Something Bad is Coming!


Brit, 73, dies and 23 are injured, seven critically, when extreme turbulence hits Singapore Airlines flight from UK that fell into an air pocket, 'launching people straight through the ceiling' - as images show destruction on board


The Truth About Cage Free Eggs



Incredible footage shows destruction as deadly tornadoes rip through Iowa and kill multiple people: 15 counties declared disaster zones with hospital forced to evacuate, homes toppled and 25 million under severe warnings


Feminist campaigner says she stopped supporting trans rights after being beaten and raped by transgender woman

A speaker at a women's rights event stunned her listeners into silence after revealing that her conversion to the cause came after being raped and beaten at the hands of a transgender woman.

The woman, who gave her name as 'Kay', recounted her experience for the first time in public at a Let Women Speak event in Oklahoma, which has found itself on the front line of the battle over trans rights.

Commie Pope Francis: ‘Climate change’ is now ‘a Road to Death’ - More Fraud!

The Pontiff continued to emphasize his belief in 'global warming' during a CBS interview.

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) –– Pope Francis has stated that the world is at “a point of no return” regarding climate change and is now on “a road to death.”

“Unfortunately, we have gotten to a point of no return,” Pope Francis told CBS’ Norah O’Donnell when asked for his concerns about “climate change.”

“It’s sad, but that’s what it is,” Francis said during an interview aired in full May 20. “Global warming is a serious problem. Climate change at this moment is a road to death. A road to death, eh?”

The Most Important Thing We Need To Know About 'Net Zero': We Are The 'Carbon' The Globalists Want To 'Eliminate' - The 'Net Zero' Scam Will Lead To A Massive Extermination Of Life On Earth

The Most Important Thing We Need To Know About 'Net Zero': We Are The 'Carbon' The Globalists Want To 'Eliminate' - The 'Net Zero' Scam Will Lead To A Massive Extermination Of Life On Earth

By Rob Pue of Wisconsin Christian News and All News Pipeline

“Net Zero.” That’s the plan put forth by Globalist tyrants pushing the false narrative of a “Climate Change Crisis.” “Net Zero” is supposed to mean that by the year 2030, just six years from now, human beings will be putting “zero” so-called “greenhouse gases” into the atmosphere. Because according to the Globalist narrative, if we don’t drastically act now, human beings will destroy the world with CO2.


The process of digitally marking every human is well underway but how many humans are even aware of where this is leading?

Mega-bank JP Morgan gearing up to launch broad biometric payment system that will be made available to all retailers

It’s just a matter of time before this technology is installed in retail stores, banning anyone from buying or selling products unless they are among the digitally marked. At that point, we are into Revelation 13.


U.S. Government ‘Cartel’ Paid CVS, Walgreens Billions to Reject Ivermectin Prescriptions, Push COVID Shots

“cartel” led by the U.S. government allegedly bribed large pharmacy chains like Walgreens and CVS with billions of dollars in contracts to promote COVID-19 vaccines and not fill prescriptions for ivermectin.

Dr. James Thorp and attorney Maggie Thorp on Monday published an article in America Out Loud News exposing the government’s scheme to suppress the Nobel prize-winning drug using some of the nearly $200 billion in “provider relief funds” allocated to hospitals and pharmacies during the pandemic.


WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:

Palestinian state recognized by several European countries

Norway, Ireland and Spain have recognized a Palestinian state in a historic move. Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris said on Wednesday it was coordinated with Spain and Norway, “an historic and important day for ... Palestine.”

Several other European countries have in the past weeks indicated that they plan to recognize a Palestinian state, arguing a two-state solution is essential for lasting peace in the region.