Halloween is a Cover-Up of the PRO-TEST-ANT Reformation that began in 31 October 1517 ... Bank with 'X'? Elon Musk reveals plans wants site to REPLACE traditional banks ... Mike Lee threatens to pull funding to United Nations ... Biden administration must STOP cutting border razor wire, judge rules ... The Real Eyes Wide Shut ... comparing same-sex marriage to sodomy ... Pro-Gaza activist Hurls LIVE MICE into a McDonald's ...



Halloween is a Cover-Up of the PRO-TEST-ANT Reformation that began in 31 October 1517


Halloween is a Cover-Up of Martin Luther's 95 Theses Protestant Reformation (31 October 1517)



Rand Paul: Dems AND GOP Want To Send $100 Billion To Everyone” In Foreign Countries

In a Fox News interview, Paul warned that “they’ll bankrupt our country in sending money everywhere all over the planet,” adding “It is probably the greatest threat to our national security.”

“People forget we have to borrow the money or print the money because we don’t have the money,” Paul added.


See the Difference when Women have the Guns?

Over 10 Million Illegals Have Crossed US Border Under Biden

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data, released on Friday, indicated that US immigration enforcement released over 900,000 migrants into the country in fiscal 2023, marking the third consecutive year of record high illegal border crossings under Joe Biden.



Protesters Block Drag Queen From Hosting Story Hour With Children, Event Cancelled

Protesters in San Fernando, California blocked a drag queen from entering a story time event at a public library, resulting in the cancellation of the LGBTQ indoctrination event.

Dozens of protesters successfully blocked a drag queen named “Pickle” from entering a public library for a Drag Queen Story Hour event on Sunday.



Fetterman Voter Tossed Out of Restaurant For Asking About Israel-Hamas Ceasefire

A Pennsylvania Democrat voter was forcibly kicked out of a restaurant after asking Sen. John Fetterman (D) why he isn’t supporting a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Lawyer Dan Kovalik confronted Fetterman at a restaurant Sunday to ask why he won’t support a ceasefire in Gaza as the death toll reportedly hits 8,000.



Deported Syrian Illegal Returns to Switzerland to Commit More Violent Crimes

An illegal migrant from Syria who was ejected from Switzerland after serving multiple prison sentences managed to sneak back into the country and commit more crimes, according to reports.

“Idriss” (name changed by Swiss media), a 30-year-old Syrian national with a “lengthy criminal record” who was well-known to cantonal authorities, was previously deported from the Alpine nation and banned from reentering for five years.



Iran President Says Israel Has Crossed Red Line, Warns What's Coming Will Involve 'Everyone'

As Israeli forces ground deeper into Gaza Sunday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi posted a foreboding social media message.

“Zionist regime’s crimes have crossed the red lines, which may force everyone to take action. Washington asks us to not do anything, but they keep giving widespread support to Israel,” Raisi said in a post on X.



Why Utah hunters may have to report all deer, elk harvests beginning in 2024

Utah wildlife officials are exploring a new rule that would require hunters to report all deer and elk harvested during the general season hunts beginning next year, joining rules already in place for other hunts in the state.

Comments - Another way to generate fees! When will the gouging stop?



FDA advises not to purchase certain eye drops due to infection risk

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday warned consumers to not purchase or use certain eye drops from several brands, including CVS Health and Cardinal Health, as they may cause eye infection and, in some cases, possible vision loss.



Poll: 68% of Utahns support legally sanctioned campsites for people experiencing homelessness

Comments - I'd support it in a heartbeat if that camp is in governor Coxs yard.



Biden administration must STOP cutting border razor wire, judge rules

  • Judge Alia Moses ruled in Texas' favor after state sued the Biden administration 



Biden campaign tears into Mike Johnson for comparing same-sex marriage to sodomy - even though the president said in 1973 gay service members were a security risk

  • President Joe Biden's campaign called attention to controversial comments House Speaker Mike Johnson made about homosexuality
  • Biden made his own problematic comments about same-sex relationships while serving as a U.S. senator  


Would YOU bank with 'X'? Elon Musk reveals plans to roll out money transfers on social media platform next year amid reports he wants site to REPLACE traditional banks

  • The billionaire businessman outlined his financial ambitions for the platform during a company-wide call
  • He said he wants 'someone's entire financial life' to be on the site, so they would no longer need a bank account
  • Musk said it would 'blow his mind' if the changes were not rolled out by the end of next year


Here are the most shocking things about the Amish

I fled my ultra-strict Amish community - here are the most shocking things about the culture

  • Lizzie Ens, 36, from Ohio, is an ex-Amish member who left the community at 19

My parents have 19 kids and within those 19 kids are three set of twins and I'm a twin.

'But not only that, my mom birthed all of these kids naturally,' Lizzie said.

Next, the ex-Amish member revealed that she didn't have a Social Security number while she was growing up.

  • No indoor plumbing, milking machines, and community phone booth
  • No daylight savings time
  • Buggy transport only 
  • Women must wear dresses that reach the brim of their shoes 
  • Wood ovens are only to be used for cooking and heating
  • Windmills and old fashioned hand pumps are used for securing water
  • No flowers



Media Defends BLACK Hockey Throat Slasher Who Killed WHITE Opponent in ‘Freak Accident’

Former NHL player Adam Johnson dies on live TV during a game in England where Matt Petgrave slashed his throat with his skate.



Alaska is built different


Rough seas on a Norwegian cruise ship


Sen. Mike Lee threatens to pull funding to United Nations over Hamas vote

Utah Sen. Mike Lee said he plans to introduce legislation to cut U.S. funding to the United Nations after an amended resolution condemning Hamas for the Oct. 7 attacks against Israel failed to earn support from two-thirds of the U.N. General Assembly.

"It's officially time to withdraw all U.S. funding for the U.N. The U.N. does a lot of bad things. And if it can't even do a good thing as simple as condemning war crimes, it's over between us."

"I want to be clear about his: NOT. ONE. MORE. DOLLAR. NOT. ONE. MORE. CENT.," he continued, adding that he's "begun the process of drafting legislation" to that end.



Israel's ambassador to the UN wears Nazi-era yellow star as he slams Security Council 'for staying silent' as Jewish babies are burned by Hamas

  • The state has previously called for Secretary General Antonio Guterres to resign after he said last week that the Hamas attack 'didn't happen in a vacuum' 
  • 'Some of you have learned nothing in the past 80 years. Some of you have forgotten why this body was established,' envoy Gilad Erdan said 
  • Erdan denounced the Security Council for 'staying silent' over the unprecedented deadly attacks by Hamas Palestinian militants against Israel 



Hamas Did Not ‘Bake a Baby in an Oven,’ Israeli Journalists Report

Two Israeli journalists have confirmed that the story about Hamas “baking a baby in an oven” is a total hoax and pure atrocity propaganda.

The fake story was spread by hysterical pro-Israel propagandists all over social media to justify Israel committing war crimes in Gaza. 


Pro-Gaza activist
Hurls LIVE MICE painted in Palestinian flag colours into a McDonald's


Pro-Gaza activist hurls dozens of LIVE MICE painted in Palestinian flag colours into a Birmingham McDonald's leaving customers screaming - 'because the chain supports Israel'



Has 'The Simpsons' predicted Elon Musk's fate? Latest episode suggests billionaire will be forced to sell Twitter after major incident

  • Episode four of season 35 could predict the future of Twitter and SpaceX
  • While Elon Musk is not named in the show, fans are sure it is about him 
  • READ MORE: Did The Simpsons show predict Twitter's new X logo

The latest episode of 'The Simpsons' aired Sunday, showing what could be the fate of Elon Musk's X and SpaceX.

The show, famed for making predictions that come true, focuses on Mr Burns, who falls in love with a young college dropout CEO named Persephone and buys Twitter for her.

He tells his love interest that he purchased the platform for 'a bargain' because 'the previous owner had to sell it after his self-driving Mars rocket crashed into the international space station.'



Trump admits Melania HATES him mocking transgender weightlifters in speeches because it's 'not presidential': Says he ignores first lady and vows to continue dancing on stage

  • Former President Donald Trump said Sunday that Melania hates it when he mocks transgender weightlifters at his campaign rallies 
  • The former first lady also hates that her husband does an awkward robot dance at the end of his political events 
  • 'Darling, I love you so much but this is not presidential,' he quoted her as saying



Mark Groeneveld, 20, Becomes Fifth Dutch Cyclist to Die or Suffer Serious Heart Problems This Year

In the early hours of Monday, October 23rd, the 20-year-old Dutch cyclist Mark Groeneveld passed away, apparently of a heart attack, after having dropped out of a race in Hong Kong earlier in the day. Several reports (here, for instance, in Dutch) claim that he dropped out of the race for mechanical reasons and that his subsequent collapse was “unrelated”.



Donald Trump Responds to New Gag Order: ‘It Will Not Stand’

Former President Donald Trump responded to the new gag order recently placed on him by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, calling it an “unthinkable” assault on his First Amendment rights



Vladimir Putin turns on Netanyahu as he sees Israel 'as Russia's enemy'

The Russian president "no longer cares for Netanyahu" as Russia's stance shifts in the Middle East, a former speechwriter has claimed



McDonald’s revenue soars as it hikes menu prices: ‘$18 Big Macs’

One branch in Darien, Conn., charged as much as $18 for a Big Mac combo meal, which includes medium fries and a medium soft drink.

Meanwhile, that same Big Mac combo will run hungry patrons $13.69 at a McDonald’s in Times Square.


Biden Coughs All Over Candy And Gives It To Kids, Then Sniffs A Baby




The Real Eyes Wide Shut