Biden says Pope Francis blessed US “game plan” for Israel-Gaza war ... Tucker Carlson PREPARE for the Coming Hell in 2024 ... The Cover of The Economist (12-22-2012) Hamas and Netanyahu hang gliding against each other ... Water Crisis Will Succeed in Establishing World Government ... US Travel To Europe Will Require Prior Approval, Biometric Scanning ... Alaska Airlines pilot, 44, 'tried to shut down jet's ENGINES in mid-air ... Muslim Obama criticizes Israel ...


Tucker Carlson PREPARE for the Coming Hell in 2024

The Cover of The Economist (12-22-2012) Hamas and Netanyahu hang gliding against each other

A rough guide to Hell

Cover artwork from our 2012 Christmas double issue

The Setiles - A Painting by Jeffrey Epstein’s Victim


US Travel To Europe Will Require Prior Approval, Biometric Scanning

Traveling to most European countries is about to get more complicated and invasive for American citizens: In spring 2025, you'll have to first request permission.  And you'll be saying adieu to passport stamps and ciao to facial and fingerprint scans -- and having your biometric data stored in an enormous government database.


US renews warning it will defend Philippines after incidents with Chinese vessels in South China Sea

Wild images show JetBlue plane tipping backward at JFK Airport gate after ‘shift in weight and balance ‘

Passengers on a JetBlue flight were shocked when the plane popped a wheelie Sunday night after arriving at JFK Airport.

Shocking images shared online show the Airbus A321ceo tipped back — its nose reaching skyward and the tail planted on the ground.

Passengers were getting off Flight 662 from Bridgetown, Barbados, when the bizarre incident took place.


New homeowners won’t see a profit for over a decade

Get comfy, homeowners: It can take up to 13.5 years to break even on your purchase, per Zillow data exclusively shared with Axios.


Career socialist activists 'are pulling the strings' on UAW strike that's cost the economy $7.7bn and claimed 6,000 jobs: 'Eat the rich' union leader - on $350k salary - is being advised by hardcore left-wingers who 'want class warfare'

  • The president of the United Auto Workers union, Shawn Fain, has ordered a walkout of more than 30,000 workers across America's 'Big 3' automakers
  • He is being advised by career socialist activists whose stated goal is to launch unprecedented strike action and 'keep [car companies] wounded for months'
  • One source questioned whether Fain is 'just a mouthpiece' for aides who have a 'greater socialist agenda for the country'


WEF Confession: Water Crisis Will Succeed in Establishing World Government Where COVID & Climate Change Failed

"Can we actually deliver this time in ways we have failed miserably other times?" World Economic Forum spokesperson asks.


Mortality Rates per 100k shockingly reveal Four-Dose COVID-19 Vaccinated Teens & Young Adults are up to 318% more likely to Die than the Unvaccinated according to quietly published Government Report


Off-duty Alaska Airlines pilot, 44, 'tried to shut down jet's ENGINES in mid-air while riding in cockpit jump seat,' forcing plane to divert: Charged with EIGHTY-THREE counts of attempted murder

  • Joseph David Emerson, 44, faces the homicide charges along with an additional 83 counts of reckless endangerment and one count of endangering an aircraft
  • Emerson is believed to have been sat in the jump seat beside the operating pilot on board a Embraer 175 plane flying from Everett to San Francisco on Sunday
  • He is accused of attempting to deploy the fire suppression system before crew members managed to 'subdue' him and divert the plane to Portland Airport


Trump Unloads On New Mitt Romney Book: ‘Is, & Always Has Been, A Lightweight Joke!’

Trump said Romney’s book gives an unfair, negative portrayal of everyone — except former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.).

“His crummy book says nothing good about anybody, other than RINO Paul RINO, who may be worse, and even dumber, than Mitt himself,” Trump said.


Rape Suspects Caught Fleeing to El Salvador at DC Airport

Two men wanted for rapes in Maryland were caught attempting to flee back to El Salvador during separate incidents hours apart at Dulles International Airport (DIA) last week, authorities say.


America's pharmacy deserts: Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens will shut more than 1,500 stores due to crime and competition - leaving MILLIONS without access to healthcare

  • Rite Aid said it will close 150 of its 2,100 US locations after filing for bankruptcy
  • CVS is set to close the doors on 900 of its stores by the end of 2024
  • Walgreens will shutter 150 stores by summer 2024 - leaving millions in 'pharmacy deserts'


US Navy Fleet 40 ships, 3 Sub, 35 Unmanned Systems, 200 Jets & 40,000 Personnel Storm Mediterranean

Pro-Palestinian Mob Shuts Down Minneapolis Street, Terrorizes Motorists


Nebraska RINO Don Bacon Compares America First Movement to Nazi Germany

Tucker Carlson Interviews Col. Douglas Macgregor


Musk Sounds Alarm: ‘We Are Sleepwalking Into WWIII’

During a recent X “spaces” discussion with GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and others, Elon Musk suggested the world is “sleepwalking into World War Three.”

Musk said, “I think we are sleepwalking our way into World War Three with one foolish decision after another, and people should be deeply self-reflective if their predictions have not come true, they should consider whether perhaps their other predictions may not come true either. I mean, what is the track record here? It’s not good.”


House Members Issue Bipartisan Call for Biden to Drop Julian Assange Case

On Monday, Reps. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and James McGovern (D-Mass.) addressed a joint letter to fellow House members asking for their support and signatures to “strongly encourage the Biden administration to withdraw the U.S. extradition request currently pending against Australian publisher Julian Assange and halt all prosecutorial proceedings against him as soon as possible.”


Trump says only JESUS could get the votes needed to become Republican House speaker - and reveals favorite Tom Emmer called him this weekend and is now the ex-president's 'biggest fan'


Muslim Obama criticizes Israel for cutting off water and food supplies from Gaza and sparking a 'humanitarian crisis' - and hints a ground invasion could 'ultimately backfire'

  • The former president expressed support for Biden's backing of Israel
  • But he called out Israel's decision to cut off food, fuel, and water 
  • He said it could 'harden Palestinian attitudes for generations'


UTAH - Kearns Junior High students to take part in West Valley Arts (Satanic) Day of the Dead Celebration

Kearns Junior High School are leaning about Day of the Dead, which is typically observed on Nov. 1 and 2, on the Catholic holidays of All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

Biden says Pope Francis blessed US “game plan” for Israel-Gaza war


Manhunt for 'armed and dangerous' Air Force vet Aaron Pennington whose wife Breanne was shot in the face and killed before their four young children ran to neighbor's house for help

  • Aaron Pennington is accused of shooting and killing 30-year-old wife Breanne
  • Their four kids ran to a neighbor's house for help, saying their mom was 'crying'
  • The Massachusetts man fled in a car that was found abandoned in the woods

Massachusetts cops have launched a huge manhunt after a husband allegedly shot his wife in the face and killed her.


Trump mocks Biden for using the 'children's' stairs to board Air Force One and tears into him for 'sleeping on the beach all day' while 'World War III is going on' - as Jill launches passionate defense at fundraiser at Anna Wintour's $12M townhouse

  • Former President Donald Trump mocked President Joe Biden for more frequently using Air Force One's shorter staircase
  • At a New Hampshire rally Monday, Trump said Biden used the 'children's stairs'
  • The ex-president and 2024 contender also picked on Biden for pictures of him sleeping on the beach


White House REJECTS calls to revoke student visas of pro-Palestinian protesters because it would be a 'violation of free speech' - and insists the U.N. can be trusted to make sure U.S. aid doesn't reach terrorists

  • Spokesman John Kirby was asked about Republican proposals on Monday
  • He said it wasn't necessary to agree with protesters' sentiments in a free country to 'stand by the idea of the First Amendment and the idea of peaceful protest'
  • He also said the US had trusted partners in Gaza to ensure aid didn't go to Hamas


The Tesla killer? Toyota's EV breakthrough will allow cars to travel 745 miles on a single 10 minute charge - more than DOUBLE the range of most existing electric vehicles

  • Toyota says its new batteries would offer 745 mile-range and 10-minute charging
  • An engineer for the company said it is almost able to mass manufacture them
  • Production would initially be limited but its CEO said they could arrive in 2027


Americans’ Trust In News Media Falls To New Lows

The results of a recent survey indicate that Americans’ trust in the media is dwindling, with as little as 34% saying they hold a “great deal” or “fair amount” of confidence in it.

This leaves an overwhelming proportion, 38%, expressing they have absolutely no trust at all.


Biden’s 2023 Flood: One Migrant for Every American Newborn

3.67 million Americans were born during the matching 12-month period in 2022, according to the Census Bureau. That 2022 number includes at least 400,000 births to illegal migrants.


Bankers Gloated and Celebrated Farage Debanking, Internal Messages Show

Bankers at NatWest have been exposed for gloating and mocking Brexit boss Nigel Farage after his bank accounts were shut down, bragging that they had “single-handedly driven him out of the country”.


NewsGuard & US Govt. Sued By Consortium News; Musk Slams 'Scam'

NewsGuard, a company which claims to rate media outlets' level of 'trustworthiness'…NewsGuard is "acting jointly or in concert with the United States to coerce news organizations to alter viewpoints" regarding Ukraine, Russia and Syria, and has impsed a form of "censorship and repression of views" that diverge from US policies and those of its allies, the complaint says.


Israel is trying to make America fight their war for them (The two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict envisions an independent State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel)