WEF 15 MIN POD PRISON enforce laws against unsanctioned camping ... Unreported DNA Found in Pfizer Vaccine ... Israeli Politicians Demand West Accept Gaza Refugees ... Republican Senator and ex-MMA fighter challenges Teamster boss to a FIGHT ... UK Police Arrest ‘Man’ For Manslaughter in Hockey Throat Slashing Death ... Big CHURCH Lie, Infallible ... CDC Runs Two VAERS Systems — The Public Can Access Only One of Them ... Trump said migrants are 'poisoning the blood of our country ...


UFC CEO Dana White is Done with Doctors! (UFC Sponsor is Woke Bud Light)



Big CHURCH Lie, Infallible: “Don't Speak Evil of the Lord Anointed…

Outraged Michiganders Oust Town Officials Who Supported CHICOM-Linked EV Project



Fire that indefinitely closed vital Los Angeles freeway was likely arson

Arson was the cause of a massive weekend fire that charred and indefinitely closed a vital section of a Los Angeles freeway, causing major traffic headaches for hundreds of thousands of commuters, California authorities said.



Revealed: Unreported DNA Found in Pfizer Vaccine Raises Global Concern

Health Canada’s admission came after two scientists, Kevin McKernan and Phillip J. Buckhaults, Ph.D., discovered the presence of bacterial plasmid DNA in the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines at levels potentially 18-70 times higher than the limits set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency.

They tested four expired Pfizer and Moderna vaccine vials “thought to only contain mRNA” and found to contain “double-stranded DNA plasmids.”



UK Police Arrest ‘Man’ For Manslaughter in Hockey Throat Slashing Death of Adam Johnson

UK police on Tuesday announced they have arrested a man on suspicion of manslaughter in connection with the horrifying hockey skate throat slashing death of Nottingham Panthers player Adam Johnson.

Despite police not naming the suspect, it’s widely assumed to be hockey player Matt Petgrave, the Sheffield Steelers player who during a game kicked Johnson with an ice skate blade, slicing open Johnson’s neck.



GOP senator challenges Teamsters president to fight at Senate hearing


Wild moment Republican Senator and ex-MMA fighter Markwayne Mullin challenges Teamster boss to a FIGHT in the middle of a Congressional hearing

  • Mullin told Sean O'Brien to stand up as he adjusted his wedding ring and looked ready to lunge during Tuesday's wild hearing
  • Senator Bernie Sanders interrupted and demanded Mullin sit down



Israeli Politicians Demand West Accept Gaza Refugees

The West must accept thousands if not millions of Palestinian refugees from Gaza, two Israeli politicians argued in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

The op-ed titled, “The West Should Welcome Gaza Refugees“, written by former Mossad deputy director Ram Ben-Barak and Israel’s former UN representative Danny Danon, insists the West should take in all the Gaza refugees because it’s already let in millions of Third World migrants.



New Jersey SUED for Secretly HARVESTING Blood from Newborns Without Consent from Parents

The Institute for Justice (IJ) has filed a lawsuit against the State of New Jersey alleging that a secret government program is allowing for the harvesting and saving of newborn blood without the knowledge or consent of the babies’ parents.

Whenever a child is born in New Jersey, the state government can collect and use DNA from the blood samples “for any reason, without informed consent from parents,” IJ says.



Biden’s America: Illegals Fleeing Inhospitable Chicago BACK to Venezuela

Illegal immigrants who journeyed hundreds of miles from Central America through Mexico to come to the US are finding out winters in Chicago suck, prompting many to consider returning to their home countries.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, some Venezuelan nationals commented they were bamboozled by promises of a better life in the US, only to realize the harsh realities of Biden’s America.



Trump's Truth Social has lost $73 MILLION since it launched and has only taken in $3.7 million, damning filing says

  • The first-ever public Truth Social filings were revealed on Monday 
  • Comes as Trump's tech start-up plans to merge with Digital World Acquisitions
  • Truth Social is bleeding money - despite Trump making it his primary outlet



Great Time Lapse Footage of Chemtrials



WEF 15 MIN POD PRISON is NOW Called Temporary Shelter Community


Utah cities to enforce laws against unsanctioned camping — but there's a catch

Cities across Utah will begin enforcing laws against unsanctioned camping in an effort to push people living on the streets into temporary shelters.


Some Utah (PRISON) cities could run out of housing space by 2050, audit warns

Utah will need to build 27,900 apartments or houses a year for the next 20 years just to keep up with forecasted growth, a new legislative audit warns.


WEF 'It's exciting': Utah set to double fast-charging EV sites by end of 2024

Utah transportation officials announced Tuesday that they're allocating grants that help build 15 new fast-charging sites for electric vehicles across the state, as they look to match growing demand for the new infrastructure.

The new stations are part of about $17.5 million that is being invested toward the state's goal of having a fast-charging site every 50 miles along its interstate highways, according to the Utah Department of Transportation. Agency officials say that the additional stations will double the state's fast charge site capacity by the end of 2024.



Massachusetts town bows down to anti-Israel mob as it hoists Palestinian flag over public park after 'heated' debate - where activists were booted out after chanting anti-Semitic slogans

  • North Andover, home to 31,000 people in Massachusetts, on Tuesday raised the Palestinian flag above the town common: it will remain until December 7
  • An Israeli flag has been flying since October, and any resident could petition to fly any flag - although the rules have now been changed
  • The request was approved on Monday night at a 'heated' town meeting, with passionate arguments on both sides 



Biden slams 'loser' Trump for using the language of 'Nazi Germany' after ex-president said migrants are 'poisoning the blood of our country' - during San Fran fundraiser as pro-Palestinian protesters march outside

  • 'There's a lot of reasons to be against Donald Trump but d*** he shouldn't be president,' Biden said
  • Biden was at a fundraiser that brought in $3 million for his campaign
  • It was hosted by California Gov. Gavin Newsom



Inside the 654-acre California estate with '5 distinct ecosystems' and a 56-room mansion built by a mining and gas baron where Biden and Xi will try to get U.S.-China relations back on track

  • Biden sits down with China's Xi Jinping on Wednesday
  • They will gather outside the packed downtown APEC site 
  • VOA reported they will meet at the Filoli estate



Nikki Haley is branded a 'fascist' for proposing ALL social media users be forced to verify their real identifies online because 'anonymous' posts are a 'national security threat'

  • Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley appeared on Fox News on Tuesday and was asked about racism and antisemitism online
  • Haley said that she would force social media companies to reveal their algorithms, showing which posts were promoted, and verify real identity online
  • Her pledge to force the use of real identities was met by howls of protest and shouts of fascism: Ron DeSantis said it was 'dangerous and unconstitutional'


Nikki Haley Calls Anonymous Social Media Posts ‘National Security Threat,’ Will Force ‘Every Person’ To Be ‘Verified By Their Name’



Congressman Tim Burchett doubles-down on claim Kevin McCarthy elbowed him in the kidneys as he brands the attack a 'sad asterisk at the end of his career as he spirals out of control'

  • Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett is standing by his story that deposed Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy elbowed him in the hallways of the Capitol
  • McCarthy denied elbowing colleague Burchett in a press scrum later Tuesday, claiming the Tennessee congressman would 'know it' if he did 
  • 'I'm afraid it's just a sad asterisk on the end of his career as he spirals out of control,' Burchett said 



Eight BLACKS students are charged with MURDER over fatal bully beating of WHITE Jonathan Lewis, 17, two weeks ago in Las Vegas: Cops say teens organized back-alley brawl over stolen headphones and vape

  • Jonathan Lewis was severely beaten on November 1 near Rancho High School, and died in hospital on November 7
  • The teenager was set upon by 10 fellow students after he arranged to fight them: on Tuesday, Vegas police said eight teens aged 13-17 have been charged
  • LVMPD Lt. Jason Johansson said all video of the attach was 'void of humanity': the confrontation was sparked by an argument over headphones



Seven Pedophile ‘Witches & Wizards’ Found Guilty Of Raping, Torturing Kids As Part Of Satanic UK ‘Beastie House’

Seven UK citizens were found guilty of child abuse on Tuesday, ending a nine-week trial at the High Court in Glasgow, Scotland, focusing on a disturbing ring of Satanic pedophiles.

Between 2012 and 2019, five men and two women “violently and sexually” abused two boys and two girls of primary school age.



CDC Runs Two VAERS Systems — The Public Can Access Only One of Them

The CDC, which operates under HHS, scuttled the study, refused to take calls from the researchers and declined to upgrade the VAERS system when a new, much more effective system was developed.

The BMJ investigation discovered that the FDA and CDC maintain two separate VAERS databases, one available to the public that contains only initial reports, and a private back-end system containing all of the updates and corrections.



UK Government Proposals Would Allow It to Mass Surveil ALL Users of an Internet Service Within Specific Timeframe



Taiwan rules out invasion from Chinese mainland in near future

Taipei has surmised that Beijing will not have the capability to take over the self-governing island by 2027

Chinese President Xi Jinping won’t have the military wherewithal to launch a successful invasion of Taiwan within the next few years, meaning the self-governing island has more time to build up its defense capabilities, a top Taiwanese security official has claimed.



Officials Grilled Over San Fran’s ‘Miraculously’ Spotless Streets For Xi Visit

With Chinese President Xi Jinping’s airplane having touched down in California Tuesday night, the Biden administration is facing questions over the now viral images coming out of San Francisco. As we and others have detailed, the feces-encrusted Golden City was miraculously able to clean itself up, seemingly overnight.



86% of Americans Admit They’re Worse Off Under Biden



House Passes Funding Plan with Overwhelming Democrat Support

The final tally was 336-95. A whopping 209 Democrats supported the measure, far more than the 127 Republicans in favor.



RFK Jr scores endorsements from 3 high-profile athletes

NBA legend John Stockton says he believes Kennedy 'has been put on this planet for just this moment in time'

NBA legend and 1992 "Dream Team" Olympian John Stockton, Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame member Ken Ruettegers and three-time North American Enduro mountain biking champion Kyle Warner are all endorsing Kennedy for president.