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US House Speaker Johnson Proposes Funding Government Without Aid to Ukraine and Israel

The speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson (R-LA), has introduced a bill to temporarily fund the federal government. His proposal does not to include aid to Ukraine or Israel but does funds for the defense of the US southern border.

According to the bill, part of the government programmes also related to transport, energy and military construction will be financed by 19 January, which would be the funding deadline for those programs and agencies which are covered under regular appropriations bills pertaining to agriculture, rural development, and Food and Drug Administration.

Funds for energy and water development, military construction and Veterans Affairs together with Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development will also be ceased.

The allocation of money for the rest of the government sectors will be calculated until 2 February.



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Injecting The Food Supply with Something?

300,000 March for Palestine in London

At least 300,000 people marched in the British capital on Saturday demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. London Metropolitan Police reported at least 126 arrests amid clashes with counter-protesters in which nine officers were injured.

The largely peaceful crowds chanted “free Palestine,” “ceasefire now,” and “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” as they marched through the streets of London. The largest demonstration to date took place on Armistice Day.



Biden: ‘No Possibility’ Of Gaza Ceasefire as Death Toll Mounts

Joe Biden bluntly rejected overwhelming calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, saying there was “no possibility” of that happening.

A reporter asked Biden Sunday what the chances were of a Gaza ceasefire amid pleas by the United Nations, Middle Eastern countries, and hundreds of thousands of protesters from London to New York.



Raids, Detention Camps, Mass Deportations: Trump's Immigration Plan (RX84?) For Second Term



Spain: Millions of People Take To The Streets In Protest Against Socialist Coup

Millions of people across 42 cities in Spain have taken to the streets in response to the socialist government’s plan to stay in power by offering amnesty to Catalan separatists.

The uprising was sparked by socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s promise of amnesty to violent Catalan separatists who participated in the illegal and failed push for Catalan independence in 2017.

Sanchez, head of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ party (PSOE), offered amnesty in exchange for their support of his rule, a move many Spanish citizens view as an illegal attempt to stay in power.



Israel Wants War Monger Tony Blair To Be Its ‘Humanitarian Coordinator’ For Gaza

Israel is seeking to appoint former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair as a “humanitarian coordinator” for the Gaza Strip to reduce international pressure for a ceasefire amid its ongoing war with Hamas that’s resulted in massive civilian casualties.


Maryland UPS driver carjacked at gunpoint, truck stolen in broad daylight



$120,000 Exits Citibank Account in Mysterious Scam – And Bank Tells Customer to Get a Lawyer

A resident of Skokie, Illinois is suing banking giant Citibank on behalf of his disabled sister over the sudden disappearance of $120,000.

Scott Jacobson says his mother left $150,000 in a Citibank trust account to pay for the expenses of his 65 year-old sister, who’s been fighting Alzheimer’s disease for years, reports NBC Chicago.



Son of WEF Co-founder Pascal Najadi Cutting off the Head of the Snake in Geneva, Switzerland.

Pascal Najadi, who's father co-founded the World Economic Forum with Klaus Schwab, then resigned in disgust of globalist plans. Geneva is the Head Of The Snake Headquarters



Chinese Bitcoin Mines: A Threat To US National Security

Chinese cryptocurrency mining operations have been discovered in 12 U.S. states, raising national security concerns, including Arkansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and most notably, as The Epoch Times' Antonio Graceffo details below, The Pentagon is overseeing surveillance of a Chinese bitcoin mining facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming.



Why finding people willing, qualified to fight for our country is not easy

KSL COMMENT - It's not for everyone that's for sure. Your comments remind me of the popular shirt worn by many during the Vietnam war,"Join the army,Travel to far and distant lands,Meet new and interesting people,And kill them"That slogan I will never forget



Five US Army special forces troops are killed as MH-60 Black Hawk crashes into the Mediterranean Sea during 'refueling training mission'

  • The MH-60 Black Hawk helicopter was on a refueling training mission when it crashed off the coast of Cyprus late Friday, officials said 
  • The Pentagon has dispatched commando teams - including Delta Force and SEAL Team 6 - to the region to stand-by for hostage rescues in the Gaza Strip
  • The helicopter was from the Army's 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment - the Night Stalkers - which ferries commandos on top secret raids 



Greta Thunberg's speech to thousands in Amsterdam is hijacked by man who told her 'I've come for a climate demonstration, not a political view' after she invited a Palestinian and an Afghan woman on stage

  • The man came onto the stage and grabbed the mic after Ms Thunberg said: 'The people in power have not been listening'





White Teen Is Beaten To Death By A Mob Of Blacks after standing up for a friend who was robbed


Horrific moment boy is punched to the ground after trying to save friend Jonathan Lewis, 17, who was 'beaten to death' by a pack of bullies in Las Vegas:

No arrests made since attack 11 days ago

  • Jonathan Lewis, 17, died on Tuesday following the savage beatdown over the road from the Rancho High School 
  • An extended section of the video emerged last night showing one of his friends trying to come to his aid - but he then receives blows to the back of the head
  • A separate melee breaks out away from where Jonathan is being mobbed and the boy who tried to intervene is punched to the ground


Vatican Says Transsexuals and ‘Homoaffective’ Persons Can Be Baptized, Serve as Godparents

ROME — The Vatican’s doctrinal office (DDF) declared this week that transsexuals and “homoaffective” persons can be baptized and serve as godparents provided certain conditions are met.



Brazilian Reality TV Star Luana Andrade Dies ‘Suddenly’ at 29

The model, who starred in reality TV show Power Couple with boyfriend Joao Hadad in their native Brazil, reportedly went into cardiac arrest while undergoing the medical procedure earlier this week. She was having body fat removed from her knee.



Senator Tim Scott drops out of the 2024 presidential race - four days after disappointing showing in third GOP primary debate

  • Scott, 58, told Fox News in an interview Sunday he has suspended his campaign
  • The lone Black Republican in the US Senate launched his campaign in May 
  • It comes days after he attended the third GOP primary debate with his girlfriend 



Australian Ports Hit By "Nationally Significant Cyber Incident" As Containers Pile Up

Australian Federal Police are investigating a cybersecurity incident that has paralyzed Australia's second-largest port operator, which manages container terminals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Fremantle. 

DP World Australia is responsible for 40% of Australia's maritime freight and shuttered operations on Friday after a cybersecurity incident.



DESPERATE: Ukraine Hoping for Trump-Zelensky Call

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is eager to negotiate with former US President Donald Trump directly just in case the Republican frontrunner retakes the White House in 2024, an insider source in Kiev told Ukrainian outlet Strana on Sunday.


Media Now Blaming COVID Jab-related Heart Attacks & Strokes on CLIMATE CHANGE

The latest excuse from the establishment for rising rates of heart attack and stroke is "extreme heat waves spawned by climate change."



The Globalist Vision: “15 Minute” Prison Cities & The End of Private Property

As long as you are productive and submissive you will be give the things you need to survive, but never to thrive. In the case of a technocratic feudal system you would not have any guarantees that the state would need your services. At least in feudal Europe a peasant was seen as valuable resource because of limited population.  In a world where many people are considered “population excess”, you could easily be replaced and booted out of the city to starve and die.



World’s Biggest Bank Has to Trade Via USB Stick After Hack

  • Incident caused ICBC’s clients to reroute some Treasury trades
  • ‘A true shock to banks around the world,’ Truesec founder says



Back to the hotel! Furious migrants REFUSE to stay in tent shelter after being bused to Brooklyn and head back to plush Manhattan accommodation

  • Video showed the migrants taken to the makeshift tent city at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn Sunday 
  • However, they immediately demanded to be taken back, with several having said that they were not warned where they were even being taken by officials 
  • Some of them were set to go back to the swanky Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, where the city has been processing the influx of migrants 



FBI Whistleblower Calls House Republicans 'Soulless Demons' Voting for New FBI HQ


Bulk Ammo Ban Just Announced (S. 3223: AMMO Act) - Top Off While You Can


Senate Bill S3223 introduced: Seeks to ban "bulk ammo" sales and make ammunition subject to background checks at national level.

Senate Bill S3223 recently introduced to the Senate Judiciary Committee seeking to ban sales of "bulk ammunition" and subject ALL ammunition sales to federal background checks and recordkeeping by FFLs. This is a new bill and had just been brought to light by 2A legal sphere watchers.
At the current time, New York State is the only state which requires state LE background checks to be performed. This bill aims to do the same but on the nationwide level.

Leftist Communistic US Senators Elizabeth Warren and Richard Blumenthal have introduced Senate Bill S.3223.


Restriction on bulk ammunition sales:
In general, it shall be unlawful for any person licensed under this chapter to transfer to a person not so licensed, during any 5-day period:
- More than 100 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition OR
- More than 1,000 rounds of any other caliber of ammunition
It also comes with all kinds of stipulations, including:

Background Checks on ammunition buyers, and;

Federal Firearm License (FFL) record retention of all ammo sales for a minimum of two years.

The full test of the Bill is on this US Government Website