Utah WEF Propaganda to push all High Density Prison Housing ... Biden invokes emergency wartime powers to replace gas appliances ... Biden Offers China Unprecedented Access to US Nuclear Test Site ... Christian survivalists prep for war in Idaho ...


Why I Left Judaism



Italian Illlegal Swimming


The Guy with the Water Bottle Doesn't Even Flinch


The "Human-induced Climate Change" HOAX is a UN Trojan Horse

Prior to His "Suicide," John McAfee Collected Damning Info on Politicians Through Hacked Computers



Elon Musk’s X Corp Will File “Thermo-Nuclear” Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Media Matters on Monday After Catching Them in Major Fraudulent Activity

Elon Musk announced early Saturday morning that his company X-Corp will be filing a “thermo-nuclear” lawsuit against Media Matters “the second court opens on Monday.”

Elon added that he will sue “Their board, their donors, their network of dark money, all of them…”

In his statement he released early this morning, Elon accuses Media Matters of creating a fake account that then curated the posts and advertising appearing on the account’s timeline to misinform advertisers about the placement of their posts.



Dear Speaker Johnson – Two Months Ago The Gateway Pundit Examined J6 Footage in DC and Requested Explosive Video of Ray Epps Committing a Felony – The Committee Won’t Turn It Over – Please Help Us Expose This Video To the Public



Most Jewish voters support Biden – poll

Survey respondents agreed the US president is doing a good job on Israel and can tackle anti-Semitism

Most American Jews have historically been liberal-leaning supporters of the Democratic Party. The poll showed that 68% intend to vote for Biden, compared to 22% for Trump, who, however, has the backing of Orthodox Jews.



Biden Offers China Unprecedented Access to US Nuclear Test Site

In a letter signed by 18 Republicans sent to Granholm, Stefanik wrote:

“The Biden Administration’s willingness to allow our strategic rivals this unprecedented access to our sensitive nuclear testing will only embolden their efforts to increase their offensive capabilities.”

“Once again, the Biden Administration is rewarding our adversaries with access to our sensitive nuclear technology while not demanding anything in return.”



SpaceX launches its giant new rocket but a pair of explosions ends the second test flight

SpaceX launched its mega rocket Starship but lost both the booster and the spacecraft in a pair of explosions minutes into Saturday's test flight.

The rocket ship reached space following liftoff from South Texas, but communication suddenly was lost. SpaceX officials said it appears the ship's self-destruct system blew it up over the Gulf of Mexico.



Stacey Abrams’ Brother-In-Law Arrested, Accused Of Human Trafficking, Choking Underage Girl

Stacey Abrams' brother-in-law was arrested in Tampa on human trafficking charges involving a minor.



World Awakens To WEF Plan To Poison Food Supply

In this snippet from this week’s episode of The Alex Jones Show 2.0, Alex Jones breaks down the World Economic Forum’s plan to poison the food supply.



A record number of $50 bills were printed last year.

($50 is the new $20)



Matt Gaetz praises Speaker Mike Johnson for releasing 44,000 hours of Capitol riot footage - as Mike Lee demands probe of Dem-led Jan. 6 committee for 'hiding' the video

  • Johnson on Friday began releasing 44,000 hours of Capitol riot footage
  • Matt Gaetz, MTG, and other right-wing GOP members praised the move
  • Rep. Mike Lee accused Jan. 6 committee of 'deliberately' hiding the footage



Arizona religious leader and veteran Hans Schmidt fights for his life after he was brutally shot in the head while preaching gospel on a street corner

  • An Arizona religious leader and veteran is fighting for his life after a gunman shot him in the face as he preached gospel on a street corner 





Biden invokes emergency wartime powers to boost heat pump production with $169M in federal funds in administration's latest push to replace gas appliances

  • Biden will fund nine manufacturers with $169 million from last year's climate bill
  • Funding is the first under emergency authority on the basis of climate change
  • Biden is using the powers under Defense Production Act to boost green energy



(From LDS Owned Deseret News -

Utah WEF Propaganda to push all High Density Prison Housing…)
Utah audit: A future of only single-family homes 'recipe for trouble'

Auditors also concluded Utah lawmakers should consider ways to "increase zoning density on a wide scale" and implement more "incentives and penalties for noncompliance" with the state's housing goals to "ensure local government compliance."



Tooele County discontinuing German, Russian, Chinese in Dual Language Immersion program

The Tooele County School Board announced the change during a board of education meeting Tuesday. Beginning Jan. 12, 2024, new first grade students will not be able to enroll in Russian, German or Chinese languages.



Christian survivalists prep for war in Idaho...