New J6 Footage ... Denver Spending Millions to Ship Migrants All Over the Country ... MODERNA ADMITS VAX CAUSES CANCER! ... The Sheeple Can’t Charge Their EVs Because Thieves are Stealing This ... WW3 - Two-state solution for the Israelis and Palestinians would be the only way forward ...


When you slap someone...they may punch you back


How to Build an Upside Down or Reverse Fire


At Miss Universe HELL! - Miss Netherlands and Miss Portugal are Both Men


The Sheeple Can’t Charge Their EVs Because Thieves are Stealing This…

Can ocean pipeline save the Great Salt Lake? New report cites staggering costs

A pipeline channeling water from the Pacific Ocean into the Great Salt Lake may not be one of them. That's because it could cost more than $300 million every year just to operate, and it would emit more than 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually along the way, according to a new study led by BYU researchers.


WW3 Prophet Zechariah's Warning! WATCH:

Arab Nations Won’t Clean Up Israel’s ‘Mess’ – Jordan

Minister Safadi insisted on Saturday that a two-state solution for the Israelis and Palestinians would be the only way forward“Let me be very clear. I know speaking on behalf of Jordan but having discussed this issue with many, with almost all our brethren, there’ll be no Arab troops going to Gaza. None. We’re not going to be seen as the enemy,” the foreign minister said.

New J6 Footage

New J6 Footage Shows Capitol Police May Have Incited Riot By Firing Munitions Into Peaceful Crowd

J6 footage Tucker Carlson could show the world, but won't.


MODERNA ADMITS VAX CAUSES CANCER! Huge Development As Millions Die From Covid Injections

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of Moderna essentially admitting to the Covid “vaccine” causing cancer as Dr. Robert Malone reports the Moderna patent in front of Congress proving a massive coverup operation.

Moderna has recently halted trials of their latest mRNA injection due to myocarditis. Fauci has also recently acknowledged that the injections cause myocarditis in young men “especially.”

Ukraine Must Brace for Loss of US Support – Ex-Ambassador

Valeriy Chaly, Kiev’s former envoy to Washington, has said that Ukraine should brace for a potential political crisis in the US that could undermine further military assistance to the embattled nation.


Mysterious CEO Firing at ChatGPT Triggers Employee Protest Resignations

It’s speculated that OpenAI board members disagreed with CEO Sam Altman on issues of safety and commercialization of technology.

The motivation for the ouster of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman remained uncertain Saturday as several members of the company’s board resigned in protest.


Dallas, Los Angeles see largest increases in shoplifting as U.S. economy falters

Retail theft is up bigtime across the United States – but not necessarily in the places you might think.

Retail theft in Los Angeles was up 109 percent during these timeframes while Dallas saw a whopping 73 percent increase in shoplifting.


Michigan Town Becomes Second Amendment Sanctuary, Creates Official Militia to Stop Enforcement of Illegal Gun Control

A Michigan town has passed a resolution declaring themselves to be a 2nd Amendment sanctuary, and they intend to back that resolution up by force if needed.

Holton Township, Mich. passed the resolution on Tuesday night and are creating a volunteer militia in the town that can interpose itself against the enforcement of illegal, unconstitutional gun control recently approved by the far-left Democrat legislator and governor.


The Bottom 80% Has Gotten Significantly Poorer Since The Pandemic Began, And This Is Creating A “Robin Hood Mentality” All Over America


Gene-Edited Humans? Scientists Sound Alarm as UK Approves CRISPR Therapy to Treat Blood Disease

U.K. regulators this week approved the first CRISPR therapy to treat humans and U.S. regulators could approve the therapy — designed to treat blood disorders — as early as December. Meanwhile, the U.S. company behind another CRISPR technology, “base editing,” reported a successful initial study — despite 2 of 10 subjects experiencing heart attacks, resulting in one trial participant’s death.


Utah is purchasing land for an eventual water pipeline in Box Elder

A future pipeline for water deliveries to the growing Wasatch Front may be decades off, but the state of Utah is buying land now in Box Elder County to make sure it has a right of way for the infrastructure.

While the controversial Bear River Development Project has been pushed back to 2050 because of water conservation efforts, state officials say it does not mean the land necessary for a pipeline serving any new development project shouldn't be acquired now.


Rosalynn Carter, outspoken former first lady, dead at 96

Former first lady Rosalynn Carter, the closest adviser to Jimmy Carter during his one term as U.S. president and their four decades thereafter as global humanitarians, has died at the age of 96.

The Carter Center said she died Sunday after living with dementia and suffering many months of declining health.

The Carters were married for more than 77 years, forging what they both described as a "full partnership." Unlike many previous first ladies, Rosalynn sat in on Cabinet meetings, spoke out on controversial issues and represented her husband on foreign trips. Aides to Jimmy Carter sometimes referred to her — privately — as "co-president."

Rosalynn had always been the more political of the two.


Denver Spending Millions to Ship Migrants All Over the Country

The Colorado city has reportedly spent $4.5 million transporting over 12,000 migrants to other places.


Nowhere to Hide - Drone Footage Exploring Tunnel Underground Without Losing Signal
(Notice, The way the camera is shaking back and forth in the main tunnel, it’s a man wearing a camera)


Mormon leaders accused of 'covering up' a decades-long 'epidemic' of sexual abuse and INCEST that rivals scandals in Catholic church: Victims say perpetrators are protected - but the abused are forced to forgive their attackers

  • has combed through reams of court documents and spoken to around a dozen church members to expose the true scale of alleged abuse
  • Victims claim abuse is 'rampant', with the church facing legal action over allegations it consistently hides cases from police to avoid costly lawsuits
  • Their stories, which span decades, claim the church has allowed abusers to operate unchallenged, with women and children made to suffer as a result 
  • Have you experienced abuse within the Mormon church? Contact


'I send the Pope a big kiss!': Transgender sex worker thanks Pope Francis for making her 'feel a bit more human' during lunch in Italy - after Vatican changed baptism rules for trans people

  • Transgender women from small town have unlikely relationship with Francis
  • Relationship is part of wider effort by Francis to make Church more inclusive
  • Catholic Church recently allowed transgender people to be godparents


Populist Libertarian Javier Milei Wins Presidency of Argentina in Landslide

Economist Javier Milei, a cable news fixture who was elected to the Argentine Congress riding a wave of anti-socialist sentiment in 2021, was elected the nation’s president on Sunday.

Milei will take office on December 10.


Unhappy birthday, Joe? Biden turns 81 with plans for VERY low-key Nantucket celebration, as White House launches 'BUBBLE WRAP strategy' to try and stop president tripping in public

  • Joe Biden has turned 81 and plans for low-key celebrations in Nantucket Monday
  • The president has been repeatedly asked about fitness for office due to his age
  • The White House at the weekend swerved and rattled off his list of achievements
  • In the background staff are deploying a Bubble Wrap strategy to stop him falling


Egypt, India abandon dollar completely

E gypt and India, in a strategic alignment with the BRICS bloc’s de-dollarization efforts, have initiated discussions to eliminate the US dollar from their trade relations.

This bold move is a part of a growing trend among BRICS nations to reduce dependence on the US dollar in international trade, and it signifies a significant shift in the global economic landscape.


The Federal Reserve Is Preparing To Unleash QE To Infinity

Folks, unless the Fed pivots toward QE, rate cuts, and likely YCC, 30% of that already unpayable public debt is about to be re-priced at higher (Fed-made) rates in the next 36 months.

This means that more than 40% of US tax receipts (which will be even less if markets tank) will be allocated to just paying down the interest expense

Marines Fight Thugs Outside the Voodoo Room nightclub in Austin, Texas