7th Circuit: AR-15s Not Protected by Second Amendment ... Oklahoma City’s Ordinance Will Fine People for Feeding Meals to the Homeless Without a Permit ... California Wants 10,000 Mental Health Beds ... US, European Officials Quietly Nudge Ukraine To Seek Peace ... Next pandemic deemed the 'Big One' ... Cop RESIGNS after racist texts to another officer ... Massive Invasion in Arizona outside of Sasabe ... France Proposes Bill to Punish Critics of Israel With Prison Time & Massive Fines ... We do not need armed EPA federal code enforcement agents ...


Jihad Set To Ignite In America


Massive Invasion in Arizona outside of Sasabe (11-3-2023)


We do not need armed EPA federal code enforcement agents with attitude rolling up on American citizens


Jonathan Turley: Trump Gag Order ‘Unconstitutional’

The Washington, D.C., court’s gag order against former President Donald Trump is unconstitutional, according to George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley.



Dems ‘Quietly’ Move to Replace Biden in Case He ‘Unexpectedly’ Drops Out in 2024

California Governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and even Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker are all moving to boost their national profiles ahead of 2024.



France Proposes Bill to Punish Critics of Israel With Prison Time & Massive Fines

Members of the French Senate have introduced a bill to criminalize criticism of the state of Israel punishable by up to 5 years in prison and hefty fines.

16 French Senators proposed a law that seeks to punish critics of Israel with three tiers of prison time and fines up to 100,000 euros.



Kamala Harris’ Stepdaughter Raises $8 Million For Hamas-Controlled Gaza

Ella Emhoff, 24 — whose father, First Gentleman Doug Emhoff, is Jewish — launched a fundraising drive on her Instagram page “supporting urgent relief for Gaza’s children.”



Game Over: US, European Officials Quietly Nudge Ukraine To Seek Peace

With the world's attention squarely fixed on the Israel-Gaza war -- while baseless hope for a Ukrainian expulsion of the Russian army has evaporated -- US and European officials have started quietly conferring with Ukraine on potential concessions that could bring the war to an end, NBC News was first to report Friday evening.  



Turkey Withdraws Ambassador From Israel, Cuts Off Ties With Netanyahu

Turkey has recalled its ambassador to Israel and broke off contact with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, citing the “humanitarian tragedy” in Gaza and “Israel’s refusal of calls for ceasefire.”



After Israel & Ukraine, Kazakhstan Emerges As The New Battleground Between West And Russia & China



Next pandemic deemed the 'Big One' could be the most contagious and deadliest disease known to humanity, scientists warn

  •  The paramyxovirus family has over 75 viruses, including mumps and measles
  • Scientists do not understand how they transmit through different species 



Jesus gives you a name, not a number

12-digit unique ID globalist elites want all of us to have



94% of Utahns say school attendance is important but nearly 25% of kids are chronically absent

The just-released Utah State Board of Education public school report card indicates that just 76.7% of secondary and 75.2% of K-8 students attended school consistently in the 2022-23 school year, slight increases from the previous year.



Alabama mayor and Baptist pastor F.L. 'Bubba' Copeland shoots himself in the head after he's outed for dressing as 'transgender curvy girl Brittini Blaire' and 'uploading explicit photos to porn site'

  • Smiths Station Mayor F.L. 'Bubba' Copeland, 62, took his own life on Friday 
  • Suicide was days after his 'double life' was exposed by a conservative website
  • Copeland had shared photos dressed in his wife's clothes and erotic trans  fiction 



The great betrayal tearing the Democrats to shreds: ALAN DERSHOWITZ says vile Leftist anti-Israeli hate will turn millions of American Jews from Blue to Red - and he's one


A SICK DEMON who calls herself a 'human cat'





California Cop RESIGNS after racist texts to another officer saying he 'hates black people' and repeatedly using the N-word after shooting college football star in the back when he mistook him for a killer on the loose

  • Mark McNamara resigned earlier this week after racist texts he sent to colleagues that were littered with the N-word were discovered by officials
  • McNamara was being investigated for his involvement in a 2022 shootout where he left K'aun Green severely wounded
  • Officials said they do not expect criminal charges to be filed over the texts



Shocking moment Connecticut local election worker is 'caught ''ballot stuffing'' during Democratic mayoral primary race'

  • A Connecticut judge has ordered a redo of the Democratic primary in Bridgeport after evidence of possible illegal ballot box stuffing prior to the original primary
  • Surveillance footage sees individuals inserting stacks of papers into ballot drop boxes, leading to the ruling for a new primary by Superior Court Judge Clark
  • The judge cited abnormalities in the number of absentee ballots and video evidence of ballot box tampering, causing doubt about the primary's legitimacy



California Governor Wants To Spend $640,000 Each For 10,000 Mental Health Beds

The governor says 10,000 beds will serve 100,000 homeless. No, it won’t unless you put 10 people in one bed and keep them there.

Otherwise, it will be an endless cycle of people in and out of bed making the total off the street no more than 10,000 at a cost of $640,000 each.

There are about 6,000 existing beds now, and that has not made any dent in 161,000 homeless.



Amazon Used Secret Technology to Manipulate Prices, Undermine Competition

E-commerce giant Amazon touts the convenience and wide selection it offers to customers, but beneath the surface of its carefully cultivated image was secret technology that inflated prices across the web, according to the FTC.

The online retail giant Amazon used an algorithm called “Project Nessie” to maximize profits to the detriment of consumers, according to newly revealed claims from the US Federal Trade Commission.



Tucker Carlson Visits Assange in Prison

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson visited Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at London’s high security Belmarsh Prison on Thursday, the former Fox News host has revealed in a  post on X (formerly Twitter) later that day.

The American journalist included a photo of himself walking with Assange’s wife, Stella Moris.



Terrorists Blowing Up Stuff gives Excuse for Martial Law – Martin Armstrong

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong began 2023 predicting “chaos” would be coming around the world.  We have a bloody war in Ukraine, a new conflict with Gaza and Israel, and a wide open U.S. border with the FBI predicting huge terror attacks coming to America.  Is this kind of destabilization a coincidence or is it a Deep State globalist plan?



Republican Jewish Coalition to Obama: You Are ‘Complicit in the Death and Suffering … in Israel and in Gaza’

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) issued a blistering response Saturday night to former President Barack Obama’s attempt to claim a moral equivalence between Hamas terror and Israeli “occupation,” saying Obama was “complicit” in terror and war.

Obama told his former staffers on the Pod Save America Saturday that “all of us are complicit to some degree” in the violence in Gaza, as he appeared to describe a moral equivalence between Hamas murdering Israelis and the Israeli “occupation” of Gaza.



7th Circuit: AR-15s Not Protected by Second Amendment

On Friday, a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit overturned an injunction against Illinois’ “assault weapons” ban, deciding that AR-15s are not protected by the Second Amendment.

The three judges were Ronald Reagan appointee Frank Easterbook, Bill Clinton appointee Diane P. Wood, and Donald Trump appointee Michael P. Brennan.

hey went on to note that in Heller, the Supreme Court of the United States found that machine guns were not protected under the Second Amendment because they were not “bearable” arms, and that is “because they can be dedicated exclusively to military use.”

Easterbrook and Wood then focused on similarities they found between AR-15s and M16s, the latter of which can be fired in full-auto or three-round burst modes. They wrote:



Gun Fight at Supreme Court: Free Speech for NRA and ATF Says Bump Stocks Are Machineguns

Guns are back at the Supreme Court, as the justices announced on Friday they will decide on free speech rights for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and whether the federal government can ban bump stocks, which are a firearm accessory, by calling them machineguns.



Soros-Backed DA Carjacked at Gunpoint After Dismissing 66% of All Violent Felony Cases During His First Months in Office


Oklahoma City’s Ordinance Will Fine People for Feeding Meals to the Homeless Without a Permit

Any person handing out food without a permit will be fined $250 for a first offense and $500 for subsequent offenses.

The city claimed that people handing out free food has led to trash being left for people to clean up.



UN AGENDA 21 - U.S. drafts plan to bring grizzly bears back to Washington’s North Cascades

The federal government has drafted plans to bring grizzly bears back to Washington state’s North Cascades, the next step toward reintroducing the threatened species to a region where it was eliminated by hunters decades ago.

Grizzlies once played a key role in north-central Washington’s vast expanse of forest, mountains and valleys. Now the North Cascades is one of the last places left in the Lower 48 states where grizzly bears would be able to thrive — and U.S. agencies are evaluating whether to start a population there that could grow to 200 bears within a century.



"Allahu Akbar, Fu*k Joe Biden!": Enraged Pro-Palestinian Protesters Gather Outside White House

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched across Washington DC on Saturday to protest US involvement in the Israel-Hamas war, stopping outside the White House to shout "Allahu Akbar" , "Fuck Joe Biden," and "Biden, Biden, you can't hide! We charge you with genocide!" -  while smearing red paint and pushing on the gate.



Israel Blows Up Al-Azhar University in Gaza

Israel bombed the hell out of Al-Azhar University in Gaza on Saturday afternoon.