Church Leaders to be Jabbed or a $15k Fine! ... Scientists build First Living Robots that can Reproduce ... Covid is the GENOCIDAL BANKER RESET ... Slave because of your Birth Certificate ... Australian army begins relocating covid-“positive” cases to quarantine (concentration) camps ... Word ‘Looting’ Is Racist ... Cruz brands Fauci 'the most dangerous bureaucrat in the history of America' ... Stillbirths occurring at unprecedented rates – Fully Vaxed Mothers Grieving ... Pfizer CEO Declares “Annual Revaccination” ... Greece Imposes $114 Monthly Fine on Unvaccinated ...



You are a Slave because of your Birth Certificate



Ban Christmas: Ministers are warned using the word in festive jab drive will offend minorities

  • Civil servants have blocked word 'Christmas' as it may offend minority religions
  • Ministers planned use slogan for students: 'Don't take Covid home for Christmas'
  • Saqib Bhatti, the Conservative MP for Meriden, branded the ban as 'ridiculous' 
  • It comes as Boris Johnson revealed new rules to limit spread of Omicron variant


Reporter, Academics Claim The Word ‘Looting’ Is Racist

In the midst of a spate of organised looting in California and beyond, the media and academia is telling people that they shouldn’t be using the word ‘looting’ because it is associated with “people of colour”.

According to  Julian Glover, ABC7 News Bay Area TV’s ‘Race and Social Justice reporter’ (yes really), the incidents should be described as “robbery” or “theft” because the word ‘looting’ is racist.


OMICRON (1963) Reviews and overview of alien sci-fi comedy

Omicron is a 1963 comedic sci-fi film in which an alien variant takes over the dead body of an Earthling to learn about our weaknesses… so his race can take over our planet.


Australian army begins relocating covid-“positive” cases to quarantine (concentration) camps

Residents of Australia’s Northern Territories are being forcibly removed from their homes and taken to Camp Covid, aka the “quarantine” camps set up by the government to supposedly house covid-“positive” cases.


Federal Court Halts Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers in 10 States

Judge Matthew Schelp of the Eastern District of Missouri granted the preliminary injunction for healthcare workers at Medicare-certified facilities in Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Wyoming, and North and South Dakota.


New Zealand PM Declares Citizens Can Now “Use The Bathroom” When Visiting Family & Friends

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared Monday that netizens are now allowed to visit family and friends indoors, and can even “use the bathroom” at their houses.


New Zealand Church Leaders to be Jabbed or a $15k Fine!


Sen. Tom Cotton on Biden Admin Holding Off On Lockdowns: ‘Don’t Trust Them’

Republican Senator Tom Cotton (Ark.) warned Americans not to take Joe Biden at his word when he said he won’t impose lockdowns over the emerging “Omicron” COVID variant.

“Don’t trust them. A promise from Joe Biden is worthless,” added the Arkansas senator.


Jury Selected In Ghislaine Maxwell Child Sex-Trafficking Trial

The jury in the sex trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell has been seated for the British socialite’s trial, where six men and six women will decide if she trafficked underage girls for sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein and pals.

According to Bloomberg, the jury ranges in age from 27 to 70 – and most of them say they don’t follow the news closely. Several jurors who said they had closely followed the Epstein saga were excused from serving.

There have been Tweets abound suggesting that press may be banned from the courtroom and that Judge Alison Nathan had issued some type of “gag order” preventing the press from being at the trial..


Scientists build First Living Robots that can Reproduce


The first 'living robots' that can REPRODUCE: Microscopic organisms made from frog cells assemble 'babies' in their Pac Man-shaped mouths – in breakthrough that could one day be used to destroy cancer cells

  • Frog stem cells, shaped using artificial intelligence, will spontaneously replicate
  • They gather single cells inside a Pac-Man-shaped 'mouth' and release 'babies'
  • Self-replicating living bio-robots could allow more personalised drug treatment


Disney+ Drops ‘Simpsons’ Episode in Hong Kong Because of Tiananmen Square Joke

The 2005 episode features the Simpson family visiting Beijing, where they drop by the landmark, finding a placard that reads: “On this site, in 1989, nothing happened.”


Republicans slam woke, new Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal who says site is not 'bound by the First Amendment' and once asked 'why should I distinguish between white people and racists?'


Sen. Ted Cruz brands Fauci 'the most dangerous bureaucrat in the history of America' and says COVID tsar's gain-of-function contradictions could land him in PRISON for five years

  • Cruz issued his latest salvo against Fauci on Sean Hannity's show Monday
  • He said the doctor has delusions of grandeur, and is dangerous 
  • The Texas senator also implied that Fauci committed a felony offense
  • Cruz said Fauci's remarks to congress about Chinese virus research were false

Vancouver, BC - Stillbirths occurring at unprecedented rates – Fully Vaxed Mothers Grieving


Merriam-Webster Declares 'Vaccine' Word of Year 2021


Pathetic Psaki Attempts To Deflect Biden Not Wearing Mask, Explain How Fresh Travel Bans Are No Longer ‘Xenophobic’


Pfizer CEO Declares “Annual Revaccination” For COVID Is Coming

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla again declared Monday that the “most likely scenario” in the near future is “annual revaccination” for COVID.


White House Quietly Delays Vaccine Mandate As Another Federal Judge Objects

Earlier this month, a judge in Texas blocked the White House from enforcing some of its mandate by way of large corporations. Now, a different federal district judge, this time in Missouri, is blocking the Biden administration from enforcing a vaccine mandate for health-care workers in some 10 states.


Marine Corps Reaches Vaccine Mandate Deadline with Thousands Unvaccinated

The Marine Corps has hit its deadline for active duty members to be fully vaccinated, with thousands still unvaccinated and no requests for religious accommodation approved.

The service announced Monday that the deadline was reached on Sunday, November 28, with about 95 percent of its active duty force having gotten at least one dose, but about five percent unvaccinated.

Among about 180,000 active duty members, that amounts to approximately 9,000 or more active duty Marines who are not fully vaccinated as required by the Biden administration’s mandate for all service members in August.


Germany: Chief Medical Doctor of a Major Hospital Thomas Jendges “Falls” from the Roof of the Hospital. Suicide or Murder?

The media, of course, talk about suicide. However, Dr. Thomas Jendges (55), left behind a wife and a son, and had no prior record of depression or suicidal tendencies.

Dr. Jengdes was appointed managing director of East Germany’s largest municipal hospital in April 2021. He was the sole managing director since 1st October 2021. He said in a brief hastily recorded video, “There is no virus, it’s a dictatorship in disguise.”
He elaborated in his short video (German with English sub-titles) that what is happening in Germany and worldwide has nothing to do with a virus.

“It is the imposition of a worldwide dictatorship. It has to be said. Unfortunately, there is no way around it.”


MEP Demand Answers: 'When Will Vaccine Deaths Be Counted' (Video)

On Wednesday, on the floor of the European Parliament, German MEP Nicolaus Fest (AfD) demanded that instead of jabbing more people, they examine the efficacy, side effects, and deaths in connection with the vaccinations. Furthermore, he wants the pharmaceutical companies to be held liable.


Greece Imposes $114 Monthly Fine on Unvaccinated People Over 60
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for all Greeks above 60 years of age before a cabinet meeting in Athens on Tuesday, in an effort to tackle the new omicron variation threat ahead of the festive season. Those who refuse to get vaccinated will have to pay a monthly fine of 100 euros ($114) for each month they don’t get jabbed, starting on Jan. 16, … “It is not a punishment,” Mitsotakis said. “I would say it is a health fee.”

Supreme Court refuses to block vaccine mandate for Massachusetts hospital workers

A case brought by Boston-based hospital workers is the latest in a string of defeats the high court has handed to employees looking to skirt Covid-19 vaccine requirements.

Breyer denied the request for an emergency injunction with no explanation for his ruling or call for a response from the hospital.


World Health Organization Debates Global ‘Pandemic Treaty’

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) on Monday convened its second “special session” in 73 years, with the goal of hammering out a global “pandemic treaty” to coordinate a worldwide response to future threats like the Wuhan coronavirus.

“Major world powers like China, the U.S., Brazil, and Russia are highly unlikely to agree to strong WHO powers that would violate their sovereignty,” predicted faculty director Lawrence Gostin of the O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law at Georgetown University.


Unvaccinated Austrians Face Prison Time, Huge Fines For Non-Compliance

“Under the bill, anyone who refused to attend a scheduled vaccination appointment would receive an official summons from local authorities. If an individual failed to show up, they would then be summoned one more time within the next four weeks,” reports RT.

“Should the second official request be ignored as well, the person would face a fine of €3,600 ($4,061) or four weeks in prison. The fine would increase to €7,200 ($8,000) for those who had already been fined twice for violating the vaccination requirement.”

No one will be “forcibly brought” to a vaccination center to get jabbed against their will, although rest assured, they will be “forcibly” placed behind bars if they continue to refuse.

If it passes, the legislation will stay in place for three years, with the government deciding if having recovered from COVID is a reasonable exemption.

The bill will also make regular booster shots compulsory.


Oxford Professor: Official Data Shows Face Masks “Made No Meaningful Difference” to Infection Rates

Naismith goes on to argue that new face mask mandates imposed in England today are “unlikely to have much of an impact” in fighting off the spread of the Omicron variant.

TIMELINE ‘Variant’ Predictions For 2022 ... World’s First Vaccine Murder Case Against Bill Gates Filed In India’s High Court ... Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Biden ... What I HATE by Merle Haggard ... Immigrant Who Escaped Communism Begs Americans to ‘Learn ... Midterm Election Variant ... Chemtrails HAARP Weather Warfare AND CREATE EARTHQUAKES ...



What I HATE by Merle Haggard



(STARTS AT 1:05 Mark)

Old PSYOP Games & New Wargames: The Art of Fear


Ten Omicron ‘Variant’ Predictions For 2022 and Beyond: Globalist Authoritarian Playbook Revealed

Here are my ten predictions for Omicron and 2022:

Prediction #1: Omicron variant hysteria will be used to reset everyone’s vaccine passports to zero, coercing people into a whole new round of vaccines for this new variant. Those stupid enough to go along with omicron variant vaccines will be signing up for a never-ending series of spike protein bioweapons injections, which will eventually kill them.

Prediction #2: Omicron hysteria will be exploited to justify aggressive vaccine mandates, demanding that this “new emergency” overrides all human rights, medical freedom and body autonomy.

Prediction #3: Although the omicron variant has so far only been found in fully vaccinated people, the lying corporate media will blame its origins on the unvaccinated.

Prediction #4: The omicron variant will be used as a cover story by the corporate media to try to explain away all the Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) deaths caused by covid vaccines. Even as vaccinated people die in large numbers, the media will blame the unvaccinated (see #3, above) and demand that unvaccinated people be completely locked down and denied access to society.

Prediction #5: Omicron hysteria will be used to attempt to criminalize dissent against vaccines, mandates, government “authority” or the covid criminals behind the gain-of-function research, such as Anthony Fauci. All such dissenting speech will be designated a “danger to society,” and those who utter such speech will be accused of killing people.

Prediction #6: Mass hysteria pushed by the journo-terrorist media will justify governors ordering more lockdowns, leading to more supply chain failures, product scarcity and price inflation.

Prediction #7: If the media can push the omicron hysteria with enough ferocity, it will be used to either cancel the 2022 mid-term elections or demand universal mail-in voting, citing the “extreme dangers” of anyone going out in public.

Prediction #8: Every economic failure caused by the incompetent, criminal Biden regime will be blamed on omicron. This imaginary “variant” instantly becomes the scapegoat for sky-high energy prices, supply shortages and empty grocery store shelves. The media will blame everything on omicron, and then they will blame omicron on the unvaccinated.

Prediction #9: At some point, either the omicron variant or the next one that’s unleashed will be used to justify door-to-door mandatory vaccines in America, along with the medical kidnapping of anyone who resists, taking them away to covid concentration camps for efficient extermination. (This practice has already begun in Australia, where the military is kidnapping indigenous people and taking them away to camps at gunpoint.)

Prediction #10: Omicron won’t be the last variant that’s used to evoke mass hysteria and multi-billion dollar government payouts to Big Pharma. This scamdemic will be repeated every year or so, in perpetuity, for as long as the people remain in fear and go along with it.


 ‘We Need to Prepare for the Worst’: Fauci Warns Gov’t May Impose More Lockdowns Over Omicron Variant


World’s First Vaccine Murder Case Against Bill Gates Filed In India’s High Court

Murder charges have been filed against Bill Gates and the founder of the Serum Institute in a high court in India for their role in promoting the COVID vaccine, after a 23-year-old man died soon after taking the injection, according to reports.

From the Indian Bar Association:

The Beast System — A Documentary


World Medical Association Chair Demands National Lockdowns, Compulsory Jabs, Fears COVID “Variant As Dangerous As Ebola”

On Saturday, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, chairman of the global physicians’ society of the World Medical Association (WMA), told German reporters that he believes Omicron could become as dangerous as the Ebola virus.

Montgomery said, “the fastest and best thing to do is contact restrictions. We must avoid any form of crowd in the coming weeks. We should therefore close the Christmas markets nationwide.” 

He emphasized the importance of not giving the virus “a chance to mutate by preventing every possible infection.”

Top Trial Lawyer Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Biden After America First Host Placed on No Fly List

Famed trial lawyer Norm Pattis has filed a civil rights lawsuit against Biden and others on behalf of America First host Nick Fuentes, who was placed on the No Fly List.


China successfully launches tactical military communications satellite

Continuing a recent streak, Friday saw the fourth successful orbital launch from China in one week. This time, the Zhongxing-1D (ChinaSat-1D) satellite was inserted into orbit by a Chang Zheng 3B rocket launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.


Former Physician to the President: Here Comes the MEV – Midterm Election Variant – Democrats Need Excuse for Mail-in Voting, Will Do Anything to Cheat

Dr. Ronnie Jackson was the physician to the president for President’s Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

On Saturday Rep. Jackson posted on the latest COVID variant and what this means for Americans — likely mail-in votes again.

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In less than one year Democrats have destroyed the American economy, the American energy sector, American foreign policy, America’s reputation around the world. Just like in 2020, there is no possible way they can keep power in 2022 unless they cheat.
And they will.


Romanian Immigrant Who Escaped Communism Begs Americans to ‘Learn from History'

'America is the beacon of freedom and a beacon of hope'

A Romanian immigrant who fled communism to live in the United States warned Americans they should learn from history or "nothing will save you."

34-year-old Bogdan Laurentiu moved from Romania to the U.S, which was previously occupied by the Soviet Union.

Speaking to Fox News, Laurentiu warned of the grim reality of communism:


27 Chinese military planes fly into Taiwan airspace as tensions in South China Sea continue to rise

  • China flew 27 military planes into Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone
  • Comes after China's military carried out patrols in direction of the Taiwan Strait
  • A U.S. Congressional delegation made a surprise visit to Taipei on Friday


US troops, bases & ships are vulnerable to China’s hypersonic superweapons due to Washington’s naivety, expert warns


Police Force Woman Into Paddy Wagon Over COVID

“This is an indigenous elder! You are committing cultural genocide!” one woman screamed as the police wrestled with the elder.

Lara Logan Is Fed Up With The Tyranny


World Economic Forum Sees Synthetic Biology as Force to Reset Living Systems

Redesigning organisms for other purposes is a new field of scientific endeavor known as synthetic biology. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, expect to see (and hear) more about it as scientists look to reset humanity’s future and the “bio-economy” on the back of coronavirus vaccine research.




La Palma Volcano Eruption

- 449 AM · Nov 28, 2021


Six new vents tear open on erupting Canary Islands volcano sending lava racing into previously untouched areas at 20ft per minute

  • Volcano on Canary Island of La Palma has been erupting for more than 10 weeks
  • New vents opened up over the weekend sending lava through untouched areas


'The absolute hubris of someone claiming THEY represent science': Sen Rand Paul launches fresh salvo at Fauci after COVID tsar claimed critics were anti-science and referred to himself in the third person

  'It's astounding and alarming that a public health bureaucrat would even think to claim such a thing,' the Tennessee Senator continued

  Senator Ted Cruz also responded to Fauci's remarks in a Twitter thread branding the White House COVID tsar a 'smug authoritarian'

  'Fauci is an unelected technocrat who has distorted science and facts in order to exercise authoritarian control over millions of Americans,' Cruz wrote


South African doctor who first raised alarm about Omicron warns its early signs are 'MILD' and patients do NOT lose their sense of smell - as Fauci warns of possible 'fifth wave'

Omicron variant, an 'unusual' strain of COVID emerging from Southern Africa, still has not been detected in the US after the White House banned travel to eight nations on Friday, but Dr Anthony Fauci warns its arrival is 'inevitable.' The South African doctor who first raised the alarm on the variant revealed that patients did not exhibit telltale symptoms such as loss of taste and smell after contracting the virus, but had high pulse rates, fatigue and muscle aches. 'We all know when you have a virus that has already gone to multiple countries, inevitably it will be here,' Fauci said


'I find it total nonsense': QAnon peddler Michael Flynn is 'heard branding the conspiracy theory movement a "disinformation campaign created by the left"' in audio released by lawyer Lin Wood

  • Pro-Trump lawyer and QAnon supporter Lin Wood released a recording of what purports to be a phone call between Wood and Michael Flynn on Telegram
  • During the call, the man said to be Flynn attempts to disown QAnon, claiming it's a 'disinformation campaign' created by the CIA
  • Later in the recording, Flynn can be heard calling QAnon 'total nonsense' 
  • The call is believed to have taken place some time early mid-November 
  • QAnon has been classified as a national security threat by the FBI 
  • Group believe government, businesses and press have been captured by a global cabal of elite, Satan-worshipping pedophiles led by top Democrats
  • In May, Flynn backed the idea of a military coup in the US similar to Myanmar's


Jussie Smollett Criminal Trial Begins Monday For Alleged Hate-Crime Hoax

The criminal trial of former actor Jussie Smollett on charges that he staged a hate crime against himself is set to begin in Monday, after three years of delays into how the Chicago District Attorney handled the case.

He has been charged with six counts of disorderly conduct for making false reports to the police.


Security Guard For TV News Crew Killed While Covering Organized Looting In Oakland

A security guard protecting a San Francisco Bay Area news crew has died after being shot in the abdomen during an attempted robbery near downtown Oakland on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

Former police officer-turned armed guard Kevin Nishita was protecting the KRON-TV news crew while they reported on a smash-and-grab theft related to a spate of organized retail crime in the area, when a group of thugs attempted to steal their equipment.


San Francisco Mayor London Breed is facing a backlash after being filmed dancing carefree and maskless in a club despite the city’s mandate.


Get Ready for President Hillary Clinton

Here's my crystal ball. Democrats will demand Harris' resignation. She'll cite "personal reasons" or "family issues." Then corrupt Democrat billionaire donors will give her a $25 million mansion to retire in. You'll never hear from Harris again.

Next, they'll name Hillary Clinton vice president.


Report: Gates Foundation Sent Over $54 Million to China Since COVID – What’s Going On?

Gates Foundation Sent Over $54 Million To China Since COVID, Including To Wuhan Collaborators.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funnelled over $54 million to fund “global health” projects in China, including to institutions controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Wuhan Institute of Virology collaborators:


Another Medical power of Attorney Legal form


McConaughey decides (told) NOT to run for Texas gov...


Can former Scientologists take the church to court? Or are religious tribunals the only recourse?

The case has brought attention to a practice known as "religious arbitration," in which Christians, Jews, Muslims and now Scientologists resolve disputes ranging from divorce to real estate to employment outside of a courtroom. The practice has long been upheld by secular courts, which by law cannot interfere with religious doctrinal matters.

Garcia said he had signed dozens of arbitration agreements during many years in Scientology. One was required for each course he took. Garcia said the agreements consisted of several pages and he signed them hurriedly when told to do so before enrolling in paid courses.


Enes Kanter Legally Changes Last Name to ‘Freedom’ Ahead of US Citizenship

Outspoken human rights advocate and China slave labor critic Enes Kanter will legally change his last name to “Freedom” after becoming a U.S. citizen on Monday.

WHO Skips ‘Xi’ in Greek Alphabet for Naming Coronavirus Variants ‘to Avoid Stigma’

When naming the latest coronavirus variant, the World Health Organization (WHO) skipped the fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet that just-so-happens to have the same spelling of a certain tyrannical world leader’s name… so as not to offend Chinese communist dictator Xi Jinping.