Papers please! ... Bible and a gun': Idaho's Lt. Gov. ... Extremism in Utah heating up ... 1st US state to decriminalize hard drugs ... MANDATORY COVID CAMPS BEGIN ... cop is shot in the face ...


Walmart reverses decision to remove all guns and ammunition from its store shelves just one day after ordering them locked away securely amid fears of looting and riots

  • The nation's largest retailer sells firearms in about half of its 4,700 stores 
  • Walmart announced on Thursday it has pulled guns and ammunition from display at its stores to protect customers and staff amid unrest
  • 'As the current incidents have remained geographically isolated, we have made the decision to begin returning these,' retailer said Friday  
  • The move comes days before presidential election on November 3
  • Many are worried that the result could be contested or spark violence
  • Federal and state law enforcement officials have already begun expanded preparations for the possibility of widespread unrest at the polls on Election Day


Donald Trump rails against Fox News for covering Joe Biden during his Michigan rally and mocks network star Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask in the crowd

President Donald Trump railed against Fox News Channel and made fun of Fox host Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask… The president was angered recently when he saw that Fox News Channel, which leans more conservative, had been airing campaign events headlined by his rival, Democrat Joe Biden and one of Biden's top surrogates, former President Barack Obama. The president had prefaced his statement with, 'We still have a few great ones at Fox.'



Extremism in Utah heating up; some groups push back at the label

With the upcoming election, experts worry about increasing extremist activity and hate crimes nationally and in Utah.

There are three criteria, outlined by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, that can help identify extremist beliefs:

  1. Advocating bigotry, such as racial or religious discrimination, sexism, and/or xenophobia
  2. Promoting/recommending vigilante violence
  3. Attacking the press, academia, and the government

Which Extremist Groups Are in the Beehive State?


Stars ridicule Californian 'Emperor' Gov. Newsom's 'ridiculous' Thanksgiving crackdown that bans singing and limits the holiday to a two-hour outdoor event



Papers please! Paris police check shoppers are not flouting new COVID lockdown laws after tough restrictions came in at midnight, sparking exodus to the country 


Disney reveals creepy skinless robot with realistic eyes and teeth that can hold people's gaze and mimic mannerisms


Oregon could become 1st US state to decriminalize hard drugs

In what would be a first in the U.S., possession of small amounts of heroin, cocaine, LSD and other hard drugs could be decriminalized in Oregon under a ballot measure that voters are deciding on in Tuesday’s election.


Vandana Shiva Exposes Bill Gates

World-famous environmental activist from India,Shiva is one of the leaders and board members of the International Forum on Globalization (with Jerry Mander, Ralph Nader, and Jeremy Rifkin), and a figure of the anti-globalization movement.[4] She has argued in favor of many traditional practices, as in her interview in the book Vedic Ecology (by Ranchor Prime). She is a member of the scientific committee of the Fundacion IDEAS, Spain's Socialist Party's think tank.[5] She is also a member of the International Organization for a Participatory Society.[6] She received the Right Livelihood Award in 1993, an award established by Swedish-German philanthropist Jakob von Uexkull, and regarded as an "Alternative Nobel Prize"



SongBird the movie" ON Covid-19 - YOUR FUTURE IF YOU DONT FIGHT BACK NOW



Instead of calling them concentration camps, they are now called "isolation" camps


Proctor For Utah Treasurer: A Plan to Replace Fed Reserve With State Banking

Richard Proctor,, running for Treasurer in Utah on his plan for a state bank to bypass the Federal Reserve using the 10th Amendment


Donald Trump rallies in pandemic hotspot Wisconsin telling supporters 'we've done a great job' - after claiming doctors get 'more money if someone dies of COVID'


Roman gold coin commemorating the assassination of Julius Caesar 2,000 years ago sells for a record $4.2MILLION at auction


Biden is slammed for calling Trump fans 'ugly folks' after they interrupt his Minnesota rally with honking horns - leading critics to compare moment to Hillary Clinton's 2016 'deplorables' remark 

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has drawn criticism after calling Trump supporters who interrupted his drive-in rally by honking horns 'ugly folks.' 'Dr. Fauci called for a mask mandate last week. This isn't a political statement like those ugly folks over there, beeping the horn. This is a patriot duty for God's sake!' said Biden at a rally on Friday in St. Paul, Minnesota. It came less than a minute after Biden had stated: 'We need a president who will bring us together, not pull us apart.'

DHS boss Chad Wolf accuses Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of 'censorship that endangers national security' after the tech giant locked border chief's account for saying the wall 'keeps out gang members and murderers' 

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf has slammed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a letter accusing him of censorship of government officials that 'endangers the national security.' Wolf's letter on Friday came after Twitter suspended the official account of Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan for a post the company deemed 'hateful content.' Morgan had tweeted on Wednesday praising progress on the southern border wall: 'Every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers, sexual predators, and drugs from entering our country. It's a fact, walls work.'


New Orleans cop is shot in the face after two officers are ambushed in their squad car by a man in a pedicab in the French Quarter 

The New Orleans Police Department officers were in their cruiser Friday at about 4.30pm when a man riding in the back of a pedicab allegedly fired at them, hitting one officer in the face.


Ivanka Trump reveals for the first time she's 'unapologetically pro-life' - just three years after her secret meeting with Planned Parenthood chief Cecile Richards


Bill Maher calls for America to 'skip the Civil War' and urges Trump voters and liberals to make peace after the election


'All I need is a Bible and a gun': Idaho's Lt. Gov. appears in anti-COVID lockdown video to protest stringent measures introduced by her fellow Republican Governor 


7.0-magnitude earthquake struck in the Aegean Sea between the Turkish coast and the Greek island of Samos, toppling buildings in Izmir and triggering a small tsunami which flooded streets in Seferihisar, Turkey.


Northern California Declares Independence From China

Carlos Zapata and Terry Rapoza join The Alex Jones Show to declare their intent to secede Northern California from the ChiCom controlled left.  

EPA guts plan that would have slashed pollution from Utah coal plants

A 20-year plan by Utah's largest electricity provider stipulating that it will not add pollution-control systems to its coal power plants has received criticism from some in the state who say it means continued regional haze, including around national parks.


Biden Slams AMAZON and NETFLIX As Tax Cheats...





Thousands Flee Paris on eve of lockdown ... Rockefeller Foundation's Plan to Restructure the US Food System ... Canadian Bill Would Criminalize Christian Teaching ... Muslims 'have the right to kill millions ... Sen. Lee compares Trump to Captain Moroni ....


Walmart removes guns and ammunition from display in ALL its stores across the U.S. 'due to current civil unrest' ahead of Election Day

  • The nation's largest retailer sells firearms in about half of its 4,700 stores 
  • 'We have moved our firearms and ammunition off the sales floor as a precaution for the safety of our associates and customers,' Walmart said 
  • The items remain available for purchase by customers, the store confirmed 
  • The move comes days before the U.S. presidential election on November 3
  • Many are worried that the result could be contested or spark violence
  • Federal and state law enforcement officials have already begun expanded preparations for the possibility of widespread unrest at the polls on Election Day


Walmart Pulls Guns, Ammo Displays in U.S. Stores, Citing Civil Unrest

Retailer says move is a safety precaution but customers can still purchase firearms and ammunition



Suspicious timing: Is media’s reporting on COVID ‘surges’ timed to hurt Trump?

What if the latest surge is just another political move, an attempt to influence election, now a week away?


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Rockefeller Foundation's Plan to Restructure the US Food System

Entitled, "Reset the Table," the project intends to shift distribution of taken-for-granted fresh foods to a medical-pharmaceutical model and to locales such as public schools, already enforcers of mental health, vaccination, and ideological protocols.



U.S. Air Force launches $7million Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile 4,200 miles across the Pacific to remote Marshall Islands in test 'not related to current world events'

  • The ICBM travelled 4,200 miles to the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands
  • The U.S. has 400 of the missiles in its nuclear arsenal - Each costs $7 million
  • Officials stressed the test was planned and not in response to current events 
  • Launch was to  demonstrate the nuclear deterrent is 'safe, secure and effective'


New Canadian Bill Would Criminalize Christian Teaching On Sexuality

The government of Canada is becoming more Communist than Socialist at this point. If a new bill, C-6 becomes law, parents could be subject to ‘criminal prosecution’ for private conversations with their children about sexual orientation.

U.S. States Face Biggest Cash Crisis Since the Great Depression

The drop in tax revenue has led to a total shortfall expected in the hundreds of billions of dollars—greater than 2019’s K-12 education budget for every state combined, or more than twice the amount spent that year on state roads and other transportation infrastructure


TOTAL WAR is coming to America after Biden is DEFEATED on Nov. 3rd; prepare for every worst case scenario you’ve ever imagined\


Philly BLACK looters clean out black-owned boutique in less than one minute during third night of unrest following police shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr. 


Muslims 'have the right to kill millions of French people', Malaysia's former PM says after church terror attack in Nice

Mahathir Mohamad launched his extraordinary outburst after three people were killed at a church in the latest terror attack to bring misery to France.

Amazon posts record $96.2BILLION in sales for the third quarter as online orders continue to surge in the pandemic - and Jeff Bezos predicts an 'unprecedented holiday season'

The company said on Thursday that sales surged rose 37 percent for the quarter to a record $96.2 billion, generating a $6.3 billion profit, roughly three times its profits from the same period last year.


LAPD cop applies a tourniquet and saves life of heavily bleeding man who blew off both his hands with a firework while celebrating LA Lakers' win


Donald Trump's administration strips gray wolves of endangered species protection - which could allow hunting in battleground states of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin



Feds remove gray wolves from endangered species; Utah management plan to kick in

Gray wolves will no longer be listed as endangered species for the first time in over 45 years, which is a situation Utah wildlife officials have prepared themselves for over a decade.

The move transfers management plans for the species from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to individual states and tribal leaders. The decision was approved by President Donald Trump.



Sen. Lee compares President Trump to Book of Mormon hero Captain Moroni

Making some final pleas to Christian voters at a rally for President Donald Trump in Arizona on Wednesday, Utah Sen. Mike Lee compared the president to Captain Moroni from the Book of Mormon.

"To my Mormon friends, my Latter-day Saint friends," Lee said. "Think of him as Captain Moroni. He seeks not power but to pull it down. He seeks not the praise of the world or the fake news, but he seeks the wellbeing and the peace of the American people."

Lee's comments were a modified verse from The Book of Mormon, which is considered to be holy scripture to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The original verse read: "I seek not for power, but to pull it down. I seek not for honor of the world, but for the glory of my God, and the freedom and welfare of my country."

In the Book of Mormon, Captain Moroni is a military commander who inspired soldiers to fight for freedom. The scripture states that if all men were like Captain Moroni, "the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men."

When asked for a clarification on the analogy Lee's spokesman, Conn Carroll, said: "Captain Moroni was a government official, not a prophet. He sought not power, but to pull it down. We should all aspire to be like Captain Moroni."

But there were plenty of Latter-day Saints that didn't like the comparison between the president and the Book of Mormon hero.


A New Way to Plug a Human Brain Into a Computer: via Veins

Electrodes threaded through the blood vessels that feed the brain let people control gadgets with their minds.

a team of scientists and engineers showed results from a promising new approach. It involves mounting electrodes on an expandable, springy tube called a stent and threading it through a blood vessel that leads to the brain. In tests on two people, the researchers literally went for the jugular, running a stent-tipped wire up that vein in the throat and then into a vessel near the brain’s primary motor cortex, where they popped the spring. The electrodes snuggled into the vessel wall and started sensing when the people’s brains signaled their intention to move—and sent those signals wirelessly to a computer, via an infrared transmitter surgically inserted in the subjects’ chests


Smiling Tunisian terrorist poses for photo on the day he arrived in mainland Europe on a migrant boat - just a month before he beheaded a woman and killed two more Catholics in church massacre in France 

Taken on October 8 as he entered mainland Europe through the Italian port city of Bari, this is the smiling face of 21-year-old Nice terrorist Brahim Aoussaoui who went on to massacre three people at a church. Aoussaoui had arrived on Italian soil on the island of Lampedusa on September 20 before being placed in coronavirus quarantine - first on the island itself, and was then transferred to ship Rhapsody on September 25 which sailed to Bari and moored off-shore. On October 8, the occupants were disembarked, and the following day Aoussaoui was denied entry into Italy and told he had seven days to leave the country. But rather than being detained and deported, Aoussaoui was somehow released - making his way first to Paris, and then to Nice, where he arrived at 6.30am on Thursday, the day of his attack. He spent two hours in the city before entering the Notre Dame basilica as it opened at 8.30am, then began his knife rampage around 9am. He first slashed the throat of a woman in her sixties in an attempted beheading, then hacked sacristan Vincent Loques, 54, to death, and fatally stabbed Simone Barreto Silva, 44, who escaped the church before bleeding to death. Police arrived 10 minutes later and shot Aoussaoui 14 times, but he survived and was taken to hospital where he is now under arrest.


Trump says Biden 'will open the floodgate to radical Islamic terrorism' if he is elected and 'the horrifying attacks in France will come to our cities

The president made the unfounded claim during a rally in Tampa, Florida, yesterday afternoon, less than 24 hours after Islamist terrorist Brahim Aoussaoui murdered three people in a French


Twitter locks Customs and Border Patrol chief's account after he posted that Donald Trump's border wall keeps out 'gang members, murderers and sexual predators' 


A tale of two Florida rallies: Biden's is rained off halfway through as his supporters stay apart in their cars - while sun shines on Trump as his fans go maskless and ignore social distancing


Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross 'remained on board of Chinese joint venture for two years' while running Donald Trump's trade war with Beijing 


Tens of thousands flee Paris on eve of lockdown: Gridlock for miles, stations are packed and shelves are stripped ahead of month-long coronavirus restrictions that will see travel between regions BANNED

Emmanuel Macron's draconian measures are due to be enforced until at least December 1, with people required to carry documents justifying their reason for leaving home that will be subject to police checks.


Exxon Mobil will cut 1,900 jobs in the US - mostly in Houston - as pandemic continues to hurt energy demand


What Happens If There's A Tie In The Electoral College Vote?

A Trump-Biden tie could lead to ... President Nancy Pelosi.



Trump has signaled he won't accept an election loss - Many of his voters agree


HUGE BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Has a PornHub Account Where He Uploaded His Personal Porn – Including with Family Member


Biden Uses Images Of Hitler And Nazis In Campaign Ad

Joe Biden has used images of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler in a campaign ad against President Trump. The key section of the ad uses archival footage of Adolf Hitler saluting at a rally in Nazi Germany, with the crowd throwing back the ‘heil Hitler’ salute.