Halloween is a Catholic Holiday Says The Vatican ... Lord’s Reformation Day vs. Halloween Satan’s Day? ... Pelosi's Husband is Gay Alcoholic ... The end of Affirmative Action? ... Satanic Temple is performing unbaptisms for $10 a pop at an Idaho Pride event ... Michigan Attorney General Calls For “A Drag Queen in Every School” ... Diesel Shortage Warning, Says US ‘Rapidly Devolving’ ...


Irish Catholics brought Satanic Halloween to Protestant America in the 1840’s


Halloween is a Catholic Holiday Says The Vatican - EWTN Vaticano


Satanic Temple is performing unbaptisms for $10 a pop at an Idaho Pride event


Pelosi's Husband is Gay Alcoholic; Was "Assault" at Pelosi Home Gay Sex Gone Wrong

Reporter Stan Greene, a Staff Writer for the Santa Monica Observer, reports that the recent assault of Nancy Pelosi's Husband, at their San Francisco home, was likely an argument between Mr. Pelosi and a Gay Prostitute.


Elon Musk has now deleted a tweet suggesting Paul Pelosi's attacker was a gay prostitute he met during a boozy night out.

The tweet sharing a link to an article suggesting the House Speaker's husband left a San Francisco gay bar with David DePape prior to his assault no longer appears on the new Twitter CEO's page — just hours after it was posted.

He has now been accused of 'caving into the leftist mob.' 



FINAL: 50.9% 49.1%


Canada won't spend billions to host Olympics. Utah's bid is different (We Tax you to Death)

The decision by British Columbia not to support Vancouver's bid leaves Salt Lake City and Sapporo, Japan, still in the running for 2030. International Olympic Committee leaders could signal their choice to host as soon as December, although a final vote won't come until next fall.



Video: Chinese Drone Barks Orders & Demands QR Code Scan At Checkpoint

Shocking video out of Communist China shows a drone hovering above a border checkpoint barking orders at motorists to scan the accompanying QR code attached to it.

The video shows a small quadcopter “police” drone carrying a QR code hovering 20 feet above the road demanding drivers scan the code to see if they qualify to cross the checkpoint.

China… a police drone comes towards you on the highway… you need to quickly scan the QR code… If it does not come back green, you can not pass the check point… free movement is being restricted… population is controlled using QR codes…



The end of Affirmative Action? Supreme Court case claiming Harvard discriminated against white and Asian applicants will be heard this week, with conservative majority expected to strike the policy down

  • Cases are being brought against Harvard and the University of North Carolina
  • They allege that white and Asian students were discriminated against
  • The conservative Supreme Court is expected to rule against the universities
  • It could mark the end of affirmative action - especially for college admission 
  • The suits were brought by Students for Fair Admissions founded by Edward Blum



Global food concerns rise as Russia halts Ukraine grain deal that lowered prices

U.S. President Joe Biden has warned that global hunger could increase because of Russia's suspension of a U.N.-brokered deal to allow safe passage for ships carrying Ukrainian grain.



In Greece's largest port of Piraeus, China is the boss

Since 2016, the Chinese shipping company Cosco has been the majority stakeholder in the port of Piraeus. This means a foreign power controls Greece's main port.



Anti-Groomer Activist Assaulted When He Crashes Drag Queen Show For Kids

Freedom activist Matt Baker is assaulted for speaking up at a “family friendly” Halloween drag queen show in San Diego, California.

“Why must the children give money to a stripper?”


Michigan Attorney General Calls For “A Drag Queen in Every School

Democrat Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Calls For “A Drag Queen in Every School”



Citizens call on D.C. police to investigate Biden’s pedophilia

Police in Washington, D.C., say they are receiving increasingly more calls requesting a probe into Biden, who has an extensive history of pedophilic behavior and statements throughout his career.



The dark history of the origins of the WEF



Man Who Loved to Run Now Can Barely Walk Due to AstraZeneca Vaccine



Rob Reiner Claims Trump ‘Directly’ Responsible for Attack on Paul Pelosi, Calls for Indictment

Director, actor, and longtime Democrat activist Rob Reiner blamed former President Donald Trump for the recent attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband, Paul Pelosi, claiming it was “directly” tied to Trump challenging the legitimacy of the 2020 election.



"The World's Most Heavily Armed Governments Are Becoming Explicitly Hostile Toward One Another"


Fuel Company Issues Diesel Shortage Warning, Says US ‘Rapidly Devolving’

A major fuel supply company has issued an alert about diesel fuel shortages in several Southeastern U.S. states.

States that are expected to experience shortages include Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina, Mansfield Energy said in an alert last week. The company also noted “extremely high prices in the Northeast.”




Lord’s Reformation Day vs. Halloween Satan’s Day?




Moscow claims that Britain's ROYAL NAVY blew up Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines ... Biden: US has FIFTY-FOUR states ... Kanye West doubles down on Jews control the media, top entertainment and corporations ... Dr. Peter McCullough is Being Progressively Stripped of His Medical Credentials ... GRAPHENE in the COVID SHOTS ... CV19 Vax Destroys Hearts & Brains ... WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? 911 Call Reveals Paul Pelosi ...




Collaborate with La Quinta Columna:


Zombies 2022



A stream of bats pour from a cave on Cueva de Los murciƩlagos Mexico

Briefcase - When you don't want shell casings, out of case, just in case


Now Moscow claims that Britain's ROYAL NAVY blew up Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines as Ministry of Defence says 'invented' slur 'says more about arguments going on inside Russia's government'

  • Russian defence ministry said UK's Navy helped plan and implement the 'attack'
  • Also claimed the same troops were responsible for a drone attack this morning
  • British Ministry of Defence said Moscow has 'resorted to peddling false claims'
  • Nord Stream pipes exploded last month, leading to four gas leaks in Baltic Sea



Record High: 75% Of US Winter Wheat Suffers From Drought



Dr. Peter McCullough is Being Progressively Stripped of His Medical Credentials

I was terminated as the Editor-In-Chief of Cardiorenal Medicine and Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine after years of service and rising impact factors.  There was no phone call, no board meeting, no due process.  Just e-mails or certified letters.  Powerful dark forces are working in academic medicine to expunge any resistance to the vax. 

Yesterday I was stripped of my board certifications in Internal Medicine and Cardiology after decades of perfect clinical performance, board scores, and hundreds of peer reviewed publications.   

None of this will stop until there is a “needle in every arm.”

Want to see what the medical journal said about his termination? Here it is:



Florida Officials Open Probe Into Widespread Ballot Harvesting Operation After Democrat Blows Whistle

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is considering investigating a widespread ballot harvesting operation in Orlando in light of a Democrat whistleblower’s testimony.

Florida officials are looking into charges of ballot harvesting in black communities on the recommendation of the newly formed Office of Election Crimes and Security (OECS).



USDA recalls 148K pounds of chicken patties in Utah, 4 other states

A recall of 148,000 pounds of chicken products has been announced Saturday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service. The recall covers certain frozen chicken breast patties under the Foster Farm label. The patties may be contaminated with "hard clear pieces of plastic," the agency said.

"These items were shipped to Costco distribution centers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah and Washington, and may have been further distributed to Costco retail locations," the USDA inspection service says.



Sure about that, Joe? Biden, 79, claims US has FIFTY-FOUR states during speech in support of post-stroke Senate hopeful John Fetterman - as gaffes pile up and concerns continue to mount about the president's cognitive abilities

  • President Joe Biden again found himself blundering on the big stage when he claimed he'd been to 54 states on Friday
  • Biden was attending a rally for embattled Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman, who also recently made several verbal gaffes during a debate
  • The president said he 'went to 54 states' to stop pharmaceutical companies from driving drug prices while lamenting Big Pharma
  • Fetterman has seen his razor-thin lead shrink since his debate, and his health after a stroke has been put into question 



Kanye West doubles down on Jews control the media, top entertainment and corporations


Kanye West doubles down on anti-Semitic claim Jews control the media by sharing SPREADSHEET 'filled with names of Jewish execs at top entertainment corporations'

  • West continued to stand by his claims that Jews are running the media and a number of other facets of his life Friday night during a chat with photogs
  • The former billionaire displayed a spreadsheet identifying Jewish executives at top global media brands in an effort to prove his point 
  • In recent days, West has been dropped by a number of brands and by his talent agency due to his longform stream of anti-Semitic commentary
  • He claims his being dropped proves his point that Jews are controlling the media and seeking to silence him
  • He added that it was a Jewish doctor who he believes misdiagnosed him will bipolar disorder in 2016 and attempted to medicate and control him 


The Founder of the Illuminati‎ (Jesuit) Adam Weishaupt: "The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always concealed by another name, and another occupation."


Transfer Agreement & Red House Report: Nazis planned a Fourth Reich & the EU...150,000 Jews in Hitler's Army...



At least 149 dead and scores critical after Halloween party stampede in Seoul: Sickening scenes show desperate battle to flee suffocating crush and revive victims after thousands tried to get to bar 'to see local celebrity' during South Korean festival

  • At least 149 have died on a Seoul Street amid Halloween celebrations
  • Tens of thousands of revelers packed into a narrow alleyway in the South Korean capital before the stampede
  • They became trapped and were crushed, with dozens suffering cardiac arrest, but no figure has been  given 
  • Videos from the scene show people desperately trying to flee the suffocating mass and unable to stay upright 
  • One witness described the scenes at the height of the crush: 'People were layered on top of others like a tomb'


Abusive & Sexual Activities’ At the TSA Must End - Ron Paul (11-22-2011)



CV19 Vax Destroys Hearts & Brains of Billions of People – Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

He had typical things being seen now in people post vax.  They lose their personality.  They lose their minds.  They lose their capacity to think.  They become demented.  They can’t hear.  They can’t speak.  They can’t see.  They are no longer the humans that they were.  They are destroyed human beings.  Their brains are destroyed.  The doctor found something so terrible he had to publish right away.  This was published October 1, 2022, in “Vaccine,” which is a leading scientific journal.  It’s peer reviewed, and it was accepted right away. . . .



WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? 911 Call Reveals Paul Pelosi Named “David” as Underwear Attacker and Said He’s “a friend”...THIRD Person Was Also Inside Pelosi Mansion At Time of Incident...Is There More to This Story?

So is DePape gay? And why was he standing in his underwear in Pelosi’s home next to Paul Pelosi? And while we’re asking questions, who was the person inside Paul Pelosi’s vehicle when he was arrested for a DUI several months ago?

This Pelosi story is getting weird. Paul Pelosi & his attacker were half-naked when the police showed up.

They were both in their underwear.

And how did somebody randomly get into the mansion of the person 3rd in line to the presidency?

Where was Nancy Pelosi


During the  San Fransisco Police Press Conference, it was noted that both men were holding the hammer, and it wasn’t until police arrived Speaker Pelosi’s husband was attacked.



Utah mental health experts address when to seek help, treatments for (big pharma drugs) depression

More than a third of Americans suffer from depression and while Utah's rate is similar to the rest of the country, the state's suicide rate is higher, said Dr. Jeremy Kendrick, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Utah.