Obama had been Having Sex with Men and Smoking Crack - Tucker Carlson ... Bank adds mean speech to debanking criteria ... Bank of England is facing major losses on its bond purchases to get much worse ... “We ALL Serve Idols” ... FedEx, UPS both see PLUMMETING shipping volume ... ‘WE WILL NOT COMPLY’: Trump on COVID Lockdowns’ ... Canada Issues 2SLGBTQI+ "Travel Advisory" ...

School Board Votes to Allow Student to Display Gadsden Flag After He Was Kicked Out of Class

Following intense online backlash, the Vanguard School board in Colorado Springs called an emergency meeting and concluded 12-year-old Jaiden Rodriguez would be allowed to continue wearing the “Don’t Tread on Me” patch on his backpack.


Hand Signs And Handshakes of Freemasons


Universities Still Asking Applicants About Race After SCOTUS Affirmative Action Ruling

Many universities are explicitly asking applicants to discuss their race, even after the Supreme Court ruled against the use of affirmative action in college admissions.



Bombshell Audio Shows ‘Incontrovertible Evidence of Biden Corruption,’ Will Make Him Drop Out of Race, Possibly Resign, Reporter Claims

“There is an audio tape, I am told by people in the know – not necessarily in government, not necessarily out of government, I can’t say too much – but there is incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public,” Kelly said.

“It’s not going to happen tomorrow. It’s not going to happen before Labor day, but it will happen sometime between Labor Day and Halloween. This tape will be made public,” the host said.


Obama had been Having Sex with Men and Smoking Crack - Tucker Carlson


Tucker Carlson claims Barack Obama enjoyed smoking CRACK and having gay sex - but that nobody reported it ahead of 2008 election

  • Tucker Carlson insisted it was 'really clear' that Obama had gay relations but that the media chose not to report on it
  • He accused the former president's team of threatening to ban anyone who reported on it from access to the campaign in 2008
  • The former Fox News host, 54, pointed to the accusation of Larry Sinclair who alleged that Obama bought and smoked cocaine before they had sex in 1999


Sen. Mitch McConnell FREEZES AGAIN During Press Conference

Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) appeared to suffer a medical emergency during a press conference Wednesday, prompting concerns over the 81-year-old statesman’s health.

McConnell abruptly stopped talking during a press event in Covington, Kentucky, after he asked a reporter to repeat a question, which coincidentally had to do with the senator running for re-election.



The Bank of England is facing major losses on its bond purchases — and it’s set to get much worse

  • The Bank of England’s losses on bonds bought to shore up the U.K. economy will be “materially higher than projected,” according to Deutsche Bank.
  • In late July, the Bank of England estimated that it would require the U.K. Treasury to backstop £150 billion ($189 billion) of losses on its asset purchase facility.
  • Sanjay Raja, senior economist at Deutsche Bank, said the cost to the Treasury of indemnifying the APF losses over the next two fiscal years will be around £23 billion higher than the Office for Budget Responsibility forecast in March.



National Australia Bank adds mean speech to debanking criteria 

Who gets to decide if the speech is mean enough to constitute a transgression worthy of being de-banked?

The bank is implementing changes, effective November 1 2023, that indicate the grounds on which they might debank an individual from using their services.

Effectively, NAB may debank customers any time they hurt another person’s feelings.

This includes if customers are guilty of “making profane, derogatory, discriminatory or harassing comments to any person,” or inflicting “psychological harm.”



US doubles imports of Russian Uranium, largest amount since 2005

The United States bought 416 tonnes of uranium from Russia in the first half of 2023, which is 2.2 times bigger than in the same period last year and the largest amount since 2005, Sputnik has calculated using data of the US federal statistical system.



WE WILL NOT COMPLY’: Trump Backs Bombshell Alex Jones Report, Rejects ‘Left-Wing Lunatics Trying To Bring Back COVID Lockdowns’

“The left-wing lunatics are trying very hard to bring back COVID lockdowns and mandates with all of their sudden fear mongering about the new variants that are coming. Gee whiz, you know what else is coming? An election,” Trump said in a statement on Wednesday.

“To every COVID tyrant who wants to take away our freedom, hear these words: WE WILL NOT COMPLY! So don’t even think about it,” Trump said.

 “We will not shut down our schools, we will not accept your lockdowns, we will not abide by your mask mandates, and we will not tolerate your vaccine mandates.”



Mrs. American 2023 Goes Viral With Pro-Life Message, Empowers Women To Have Children

The winner of the Mrs. American 2023 beauty pageant, Hannah Neeleman, accepted her award last week and provided the crowd with an inspirational message encouraging women across the nation to embrace motherhood.

Asked, “When have you felt the most empowered?” the beauty pageant contestant cited the births of her seven children.

“I have felt this feeling seven times now as I bring these sacred souls to the Earth after I hold that newborn baby in my arms. The feeling of motherhood and bringing them to the Earth is the most empowering feeling I have ever felt,” Neeleman said to a roaring crowd.

Neeleman was crowned Miss New York City in 2010 and Mrs. Utah in 2021 before entering the Mrs. American Pageant as Mrs. South Dakota.

Neeleman and her husband Daniel run a Utah farm boasting over 6 million Instagram followers who flock to the social media account for pictures and videos of the family’s wholesome farm adventures from milking cows to making homecooked meals.



Over 1,600 Scientists Sign ‘No Climate Emergency’ Declaration

International scientists have jointly signed a declaration dismissing the existence of a climate crisis and insisting that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth, contrary to the popular alarmist narrative.



Putin suffers his worst night of bombardment since invading Ukraine: Zelensky's drones blast four military transport planes and six Russian regions are hit - but Kyiv also suffers 'massive' missile attack

  • Pskov Airport, 20 miles from Estonian border, reportedly bombarded by drones
  • Dramatic video footage shows explosions hitting and fire illuminating the sky



Jon Voight Slams Biden Admin’s ‘Disgusting Scheme’ Against Trump: ‘This Is a Civil War’

Jon Voight, who warned of a “civil war” taking place against “all of us.”



FedEx, UPS both see PLUMMETING shipping volume as economy nears COLLAPSE

The cargo market is imploding as shipping giants UPS and FedEx report precipitously declining package transit demand.

We know that the number of package flights operated by both FedEx Express and UPS "significantly declined month over month in July," according to Yahoo! Finance.



3M agrees to pay $6B to settle lawsuits over US military earplugs

3M on Monday agreed to pay $6.01 billion to settle nearly 260,000 lawsuits by current and former U.S. military service members who say they suffered hearing loss from using the company's earplugs, according to a person familiar with the agreement.

The Combat Arms earplugs were made by Aearo Technologies, a company 3M acquired in 2008. They were used by the U.S. military in training and combat from 2003 to 2015, including in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Monday's settlement comes just two months after 3M announced a tentative $10.3 billion deal with a host of U.S. public water systems to resolve claims of water pollution by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, known as "forever chemicals."



Ogden woman tried to kidnap infant from car at knifepoint

A woman is facing criminal charges after police say she tried to kidnap a stranger's 1-year-old child from their car at knifepoint Sunday while intoxicated.



ANOTHER brand of eyedrops is recalled by FDA due to fears they contain deadly germs - as more customers fall ill with eye infections



Jim Jordan Subpoenas Center for Countering Digital Hate, Org Behind Biden’s ‘Disinformation Dozen’

The House Judiciary Committee, led by chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is continuing its investigation of the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), and the role it played in the federal government’s collusion with social media companies to censor American citizens.



Commie Pope Francis Calls on Nations to ‘End the Era of Fossil Fuel’

ROME — Pope Francis has doubled down in his personal war on fossil fuels while condemning “extreme practices” such as fracking.

“Let us raise our voices to halt this injustice towards the poor and towards our children, who will bear the worst effects of climate change.”

“The unrestrained burning of fossil fuels and the destruction of forests are pushing temperatures higher and leading to massive droughts,” the pope declares, a product of “consumerist greed, fueled by selfish hearts.”

Let us repent of our “ecological sins,” he urges, that “harm the world of nature and our fellow men and women.”



Elvis Presley’s Smith & Wesson Revolver Sells for $200K at Auction

Elvis Presley’s prized Smith & Wesson Model 53 revolver sold at auction for $199,750 after the gun was expected to sell for under $100,000.



Wolves Return to Southern California After More than a Century

Biologists believe that a pack of gray wolves has settled into the Giant Sequoia National Monument in the southern Sierra Nevada range north of Los Angeles, marking the return of wolves to the area after more than a century.



Moscow Thanks Commie Pope Francis for Homage to ‘Great Mother Russia’

ROME — Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the Kremlin “very much appreciates the Vatican’s balanced line on the conflict in Ukraine” after Pope Francis came under fire for offering tribute to “great Mother Russia” over the weekend.



U.S. Draws on Existing Stockpiles to Send Another $250 Million in Weapons to Ukraine

The Biden administration announced Tuesday it will dig into existing stockpiles to enable an additional $250 million in weapons and ammunition to be sent to Ukraine as part of its ongoing support of Kyiv.

The Biden administration has committed upwards of $43.7 billion in security assistance to Ukraine, most of which has been funded by the $48.7 billion in Congress-approved supplemental appropriations over the last two fiscal years.

President Joe Biden has previously admitted this has had a profound impact on U.S. reserve supplies of munitions



Church of England Priests Say Premarital, Gay Sex Not Immoral

A majority of priests of the Church of England want the church to offer same-sex weddings and allow premarital and gay sex, according to a major survey.



Biden cancels MORE student debt: President wipes $72 million from 2,300 borrowers from online Ashford University - following widespread fraud claims

  • The Biden administration is canceling $72 million in student loans from 2,300 who say they were cheated by Ashford University 
  • Ashford was an online for-profit college that enrolled more than 100,000 students that has since been purchased by the University of Arizona 
  • Recruiters also told potential students they would never face out-of-pocket costs and the school only had a 25 percent graduation rate 



Fitness Influencer Larissa Borges Dies Suddenly From Double Cardiac Arrest

A 33-year-old Brazilian fitness influencer has died from double cardiac arrest.

Larissa Borges was hospitalized in Gramado on August 20th after suffering from cardiac arrest.


Conservative groups draw up plan to dismantle the U.S. government and replace it with Trump's vision

Led by the long-established Heritage Foundation think tank and fueled by former Trump administration officials, the far-reaching effort is essentially a government-in-waiting for the former president’s return

With a nearly 1,000-page “Project 2025” handbook and an “army” of Americans, the idea is to have the civic infrastructure in place on Day One to commandeer, reshape and do away with what Republicans deride as the “deep state” bureaucracy, in part by firing as many as 50,000 federal workers.



WARLORDS WILL RULE: Ed Dowd joins Mike Adams with warnings about collapsing cities.


Maui Fires Massacre EXPOSED!


We ALL Serve Idols” - Joe Rogan Interviews Oliver Anthony


Twitter users will soon be allowed to VIDEO CALL you – even if they don’t have your phone number, Elon Musk reveals

  • Audio and video calls will soon be available on desktop and phone for 'X'
  • The move comes just as Elon Musk announced plans to axe its blocking feature


Tornado in South Carolina tosses a car across the highway

counts the cost as huge $9billion clean-up operation kicks off after hurricane Idalia crashed through ripping up homes and downing trees and power in its trail

  • Idalia crashed ashore Wednesday morning as a powerful Category 3 hurricane
  • Surge of storm-driven seawater rushed inland for miles and destroyed homes
  • At least three people are thought to have died in Florida and Georgia so far 



German museum denies White people entry to colonial exhibit on Saturdays, only BIPoC allowed inside

A German museum of industrial heritage in Dortmund only allows “Black, Indigenous and People of Color” to enter the museum on Saturdays between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for the “That’s Colonial” exhibition, with the prohibition sparking claims of racism. 



Utahns question large increases in natural gas bills

OREM — Val Gunnell isn't usually surprised by his monthly natural gas bill.

His August statement from Dominion Energy was a big surprise, showing a 39% increase in his bill from the prior month — from $69 to $96.

"We're not doing anything that is extraordinarily using more natural gas than just meeting the everyday needs," Gunnell said, noting that he uses less gas during summer months.



Canada Issues 2SLGBTQI+ "Travel Advisory" For The U.S., Whatever That Means

The genius bureaucrats in Canada have issued either a "LGBTQ2S+" or "2SLGBTQI+" travel advisory for the United States, depending on which news source you pull your information from and which acronym is popular this week. 

The country has "updated its international travel advisories to warn members of the LGBTQ+ community that they may face discrimination if they travel to some places in the United States," according to CTV News



Head of European (4th Reich) Council Says EU Must Be Ready for New Members by 2030

"I believe we must be ready by 2030 to enlarge," Michel said. "This is ambitious, but necessary. It shows that we are serious."

The six Western Balkan states - Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia - are at different stages in the process of joining the bloc.



PEOPLE CANNOT FLEE - Hours before Hurricane Idalia, Fuel Contamination in Florida ... Meat Allergy Related to Tick Bites Skyrocketing ... Blackrock Hawaiian Electric calls Maui county’s wildfire lawsuit ‘irresponsible’ .. Biden “White Supremacy” Greatest Terrorist Threat Americans Face ... Police Chief’s Claim that Officers Knocked on Doors Is a ‘Total Lie’ ... WHO's Pandemic Treaty will enable the WHO to take over the Jurisdiction of Everything! ... GREEN MURDER ...



DIY Directed Energy Weapon (DEW)


GREEN MURDER - Professor Ian Plimer https://www.bitchute.com/video/w1GkxqxKA0BW/

WHO's Pandemic Treaty will enable the WHO to take over the Jurisdiction of Everything!



Amazon raises free shipping minimum to $35 for some customers who don’t have Prime



Tucker Carlson claims US HATES Russia because it's a 'Christian' country - as rumors swirl he has approached Putin AGAIN for an interview on X platform

  • The former Fox News host told a festival in Hungary that the US 'hates' Russia because it is a 'Christian country'
  • He said Russia is like Hungary in that both are 'built on Christian precepts' and claimed that was 'enough to incite' US policy makers
  • Carlson made the comments amid claims in Moscow that he's trying to set up an interview with Vladimir Putin 



Thief Rips Package From Delivery Driver’s Hand

An electronic device bound for a customer was stolen moments before it reached the doorstep in a brazen robbery caught on camera last week in Virginia, according to reports.

A FedEx deliverywoman was approaching a residence with a box in hand when a thief walking behind her suddenly ripped the item from her grasp and ran off.



Protests Erupt in London as Mayor Sadiq Khan Expands Carbon Tax Green Zone

Protests are underway in London on Tuesday as Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the expansion of a “green” zone that will tax drivers based on vehicle emissions.

The Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) charges drivers in vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons £12.50 daily for driving within the zone, which has now expanded to include all of greater London, which will bring 5 million more Londoners into the tax zone.



Biden Administration Claims “White Supremacy” Greatest Terrorist Threat Americans Face In Response To Florida Shooting

Top Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris told Americans on Tuesday the biggest terror threat they face comes from white supremacists and claimed those individuals want to divide the country.

The pair each spoke about a recent shooting in Jacksonville, Florida where a white man shot and killed three black people before turning the gun on himself.



12-Year-Old Kicked Out of Class Over ‘Racist’ Gadsden Flag Patch

A young student was removed from class for sporting the Gadsden Flag, which school officials falsely claimed was linked to slavery.

Footage out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, shows 12-year-old Jaiden in a meeting with his mom and a Vanguard School director, who told them the familiar “Don’t Tread on Me” yellow patch featuring a coiled snake affixed to his backpack had “origins with slavery” and violates school guidelines.

In the video, Jaiden’s mom tries to explain the flag symbol has no ties to slavery and was actually meant as a defiant message from colonists to the British during the Revolutionary War.



Marxist teacher who called for 'forceful cultural revolution' lands seat on Colorado state legislature

A Marxist teacher from Colorado, who called for a "FORCEFUL Cultural Revolution" against "Whiteness," was voted in by Democrats to fill an open state House of Representatives seat Saturday.



DEEP STATE - The most powerful Utahn you’ve never heard of could be America’s next vice president

Robert O’Brien’s name is being floated for high-profile positions in a future Trump administration

former national security adviser, one must pass through an imposing security detail. Like the country he served, Robert O’Brien has friends abroad, but also more than a few enemies.

In 2005, O’Brien was nominated by President George W. Bush to be an alternative representative for the U.S. at the 60th session of the United Nations general assembly.



At least two dead as ‘unprecedented’ 450 wildfires scorch Louisiana

An elderly woman was pronounced dead Sunday after a brushfire spread to a shed in St. Tammany Parish, just north of New Orleans, and earlier this month, a man died in Franklinton when his home and surrounding property caught fire.

The blazes were just two of more than 450 wildfires that have scorched thousands of acres in southwest Louisiana in recent weeks during record-breaking temperatures and severe drought conditions.



Massive Fire Shuts One of the Largest Oil Refineries in the US Causing Gas Prices to Soar

A massive fire broke out at the Petroleum refinery in Louisiana on Friday, forcing the plant, which is one of the largest oil refineries in the US, to shut down

The fire broke out at the Marathon Petroleum’s Garyville refinery Friday morning, WDSU-TV in New Orleans reported.



Maui Resident Says Police Chief’s Claim that Officers Knocked on Doors Is a ‘Total Lie’

“Lie. Total lie. Total lie. That is false. No loudspeaker, nothing,” said Dale Hermo-Fernandez in a phone interview from Maui on Friday evening. He said there was “no warning, no sirens. Nobody knew.”



Vaxxed - Alpha-Gal syndrome on the Rise
Health Officials:
Meat Allergy Related to Tick Bites Skyrocketing in Virginia

A dangerous meat allergy related to certain tick bites is on the rise as numbers explode across Virginia, causing health officials concern, WSET reported Friday.



Vaxxed - Alpha-Gal (WEF) syndrome on the Rise



Venezuelan drug narco - Anchor tied to his waist is Dump Alive into the Caribbean Sea (WEF UN NEXT)


Fugitive drug lord 'Taliban' who stole cartel's 450lb cocaine shipment is tossed ALIVE into ocean with an anchor tied to his waist

  • Reinaldo Fuentes was thrown off a raft into the Caribbean Sea
  • Fuentes was a Venezuelan drug trafficker who was accused of stealing millions of dollars worth of cocaine 
  • He was kidnapped on July 17 and dumped to die the same day in apparent retribution for the theft



Burger King hit with class action for overstating size of Whopper by 35%

  • Customers are suing the fast food giant for showcasing burgers with ingredients that 'overflow over the bun', but fail to live up to the expectations 
  • Five plaintiffs are seeking damages of at least $5 million in the case, which is being pursued in the state of Florida 
  • It comes as Taco Bell are also being sued by a New York man who claims the food looks nothing like what is shown in the ads



Karine Jean-Pierre dodges question on whether Biden thinks biological males should be allowed to play female sports and fires back at reporter for invoking his granddaughters

  • A reporter asked about biological males competing in women's sports 
  • Jean-Pierre said it was 'complicated' and there are a 'range of views' 



Sharp rise in attacks on LGBTQ in Berlin – media

Owner of a gay club in the German capital has reported an uptick in hate crimes amid plans to open a migrant shelter across street

Berlin has seen a spike in the number of attacks on LGBTQ persons at the hands of migrants recently



Dozens of ‘gay wedding’ attendees arrested

Homosexuality will not be tolerated in Nigeria, as it is in the West, a Delta State Police spokesperson has said

Nigerian police have arrested more than 100 alleged homosexuals who attended a same-sex wedding event in the country’s Delta state



A Very Dangerous Moment” – Hungary’s Orb├ín Warns Tucker “A 3rd World War Is Knocking On The Door”

"This is a very dangerous moment now," he concludes, adding that it should be obvious to everyone that "the third world war is knocking on our door."



"Baltimore Is A Totally Corrupt Hell Hole": Mystery Surrounds $800 Million Covid Funds For "Learning Loss"

Maryland's spending on education stands at some of the highest in the country. In Baltimore City, the school district's budget is the fourth largest in the nation. Even extra Covid funds weren't enough to push the needle to drastically improve math test scores. 



Blackrock Hawaiian Electric calls Maui county’s wildfire lawsuit ‘irresponsible’

Hawaiian Electric said on Monday the lawsuit filed against it by the County of Maui was “factually and legally irresponsible,” pointing to the county’s responsibility in the Hawaii wildfires.



Paradise lost: California city, Lahaina wildfires proof of new reality (WEF-NWO)

Comments - Start worshipping the earth to the extent you are no longer willing to be a good steward and do controlled burns.Soon enough it backfires.



A new Titanic expedition is planned. The US is fighting it, says wreck is a grave site

COMMENTS - Yet the USA allows archeologists to dig up remains all the time. … This is not in US Territorial water so how do we have a say? I wonder if they're afraid that something will be found that disputes the narrative of how it sunk



Trump Vows To ‘Lock Up Sick Evil People’ Trying To Destroy Him

During an interview with Glenn Beck, President Trump vowed that if he is reelected he will ‘lock up’ those who are trying to politically destroy him despite being completely corrupt themselves.


- Hours before Hurricane Idalia, Fuel Contamination in Florida


Florida Gas Stations Receive Contaminated Fuel Right Before Hurricane Idalia Makes Landfall

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) has reported fuel contamination could impact residents who are evacuating from Florida’s coast.

FDACS reported fuel contamination has occurred at dozens of gas stations that were serviced by the Port of Tampa.

Governor Ron DeSantis also weighed in on the situation and stated the fuel contamination stemmed from a human error.