The Woke Credit Score ... Globalists Planning To Launch False Flag Cyber Attack On Power Grid ... The IRS is the 'new Stasi' ... Americans owe $1 trillion in credit card debt ... AI soon approve your credit card ... Russia in flames once more as Ukrainian drones and artillery destroy oil refinery ... Russia threatens to launch tactical nukes in response to Ukraine drone blitz ...

The Woke Credit Score


The Jeffrey Epstein Files: Trove of never-before-seen emails and calendars gives unprecedented insight into late pedophile's network of power and influence that includes Chris Rock, Peter Thiel, Richard Branson and Irina Shayk

  • obtained a trove of Jeffrey Epstein's private calendars and emails that shows the late pedophile's close connections to presidents, prime ministers and royalty
  • The documents show that Epstein was in contact with world's elite even after serving 13 months in jail for having sex with underage girls and being labeled a registered sex offender
  • Dozens of powerful people were scheduled to meet with Epstein including Irina Shayk, Chris Rock, Wendi Murdoch, Richard Branson, Peter Thiel and more

The Titanic gives up its forgotten treasures: Lost gold necklace made from the tooth of a megalodon shark is discovered in the shipwreck - 111 years after the doomed liner sank

  • Stunning gold necklace made of a megalodon tooth has been identified in footage taken during an expedition
  • The footage was taken during efforts last summer to take the first digital scans of the shipwreck
  • The company behind the discovery says the item was made of a megalodon tooth with gold built into it


Target Boycotts ‘Literally Terrorism,’ Economics Professor Claims

An economics professor on MSNBC claimed the boycotts against Target in response to its LGBTQ campaign for kids are “literally terrorism.”

University of Michigan economics professor Justin Wolfers joined “The 11th Hour” Monday claiming that boycotts against Target’s woke products are a form of terrorism.


Globalists Planning To Launch False Flag Cyber Attack On Power Grid

Just as Alex Jones predicted, mainstream media is now claiming right-wing extremists are going to take down the power grid. Now, when these false flags unfold, the blame will be wrongly placed on people and organizations such as Infowars.


Americans owe $1 trillion in credit card debt

The average interest rate on a new card is 24 percent, the highest figure since the Reaganomics era.  

A typical American household now carries $10,000 in credit card debt, by one estimate, another record.


Rep. Chris Stewart plans to resign congressional seat

Utah Rep. Chris Stewart is expected to resign from his 2nd District seat, because of personal reasons, sources confirmed to the Deseret News on Tuesday.


Leftist Deseret News:  Do Republicans hate Disney?

Many Republican Americans don’t think very positively about the company

Whether that is the case or not, the dispute between DeSantis, a strong 2024 candidate, and Disney, one of the most successful entertainment giants in the world, continues to take center stage.

The IRS is the 'new Stasi': Republican defectors rip debt plan that STILL gives agency $60 billion to hire up to 87,000 more agents - that could target Americans of ALL incomes


Could AI soon approve your credit card? American Express unveils plans to use services like ChatGPT to decide whether customers qualify for loans

  • The credit card giant said it planned to use the technology to decide whether to approve customers for lines of credit 
  • American Express also said it could use AI to analyze feedback from customers through its portals and on social media 
  • It comes as dozens of academics - including the creator of ChatGPT - signed a new letter calling for AI to be regulated

Huge piles of waste that have turned the Himalayas into a gigantic rubbish dump are exposed in shocking video as climbers leave tonnes of trash behind

The waste was discovered on Makalu, the world's fifth highest mountain summit

Dual Submachine Gun

This Hack Could Save Your Life - Fire


Trump blasts his former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany as 'milktoast' after appearance on Fox News and claims she 'deliberately reduced his poll numbers knowing them to be incorrect'

  • Former President Trump expressed his irritation with his former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany in a Truth Social posting after she got polling numbers wrong
  • He accused her of deliberately sharing inaccurate poll numbers during her appearance on Fox News and described her as 'Milktoast' 
  • He suggested that McEnany, who was Trump's last press secretary, was aware of the correct polling figures but still chose to share the incorrect info anyway


Nine teens are arrested over vicious assault of three Marines who were trying to stop mob letting off fireworks on Memorial Day

  • Orange County officials said four boys and one girl were charged with assault with a deadly weapon on Tuesday and held at juvenile hall 
  • Another four minors were charged with misdemeanor assault and battery, CBS News reported
  • The Marines were brutally attacked along San Clemente beach by a group of 40 teenagers at 10pm on Friday after they confronted them about their behavior


Move over, Robert De Niro! Al Pacino set to join the old dad club at 83 as it's revealed his girlfriend, 29, is EIGHT MONTHS pregnant


Go woke, go bibbidi bobbidi broke! Male Disneyland employee dressed as a 'Fairy Godmother's apprentice' while boasting a mustache sparks new backlash amid woke row

  • Footage of the worker wearing a blue and purple dress as he welcomed a young girl at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Anaheim, California has gone viral
  •  Critics have hit out at hit out at Disney for allowing a male to wear a costume dress and called it 'inappropriate'


Russia in flames once more as Ukrainian drones and artillery destroy oil refinery and shell border town a day after targeting elite Moscow suburb

  • The Afipsky oil refinery in Russia was hit by a suspected Ukrainian drone today
  • Ukrainian artillery also struck the Russian town of Shebekino on the border


Russia threatens to launch tactical nukes in response to Ukraine drone blitz on Moscow as rattled Vlad breaks silence

UKRAINE was warned it faced nuclear attack today after drones blitzed Moscow - sparking blasts “within earshot” of Vladimir Putin’s home.

A wave of kamikaze flying bombs targeted posh suburbs of the Russian capital where the tyrant and his cronies have luxury retreats.

biolabs aren’t just in Ukraine: They’re also deployed in Africa and Asia-Pacific regions

73 and 80 years old Anti-Abortion protestors were Attacked outside of a Planned Parenthood

Two Pro-Life Advocates Beaten Outside Planned Parenthood in Baltimore


Video Examines Methods of Agitators, Provocateurs Who Attacked Police on Jan. 6

An investigative video circulating on social media attempts to identify several provocateurs and agitators in the Jan. 6 crowd who provoked police to attack innocent civilians.

Twitter user Tank Man provides a detailed breakdown in the video presenting slowed-down clips and commentary revealing the agitators’ methods of assaulting officers.


DHS Intensifies Targeting Of "Right Wing Extremists"

The propaganda would be laughable if it wasn't so dangerous

The DHS is again ratcheting up the rhetoric against “right wing extremists” in a newly released report. The actual report cites extremists “adhering to a range of ideologies” but CBS (and other establishment media) automatically translated that into “Right Wing Extremists.” Really? DHS says they get this shocking intel from “online chatter” but that there is no imminent threat.


Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang gets a rockstar welcome in birthplace Taiwan as charismatic founder says his firm's revolutionary AI chip will allow ANYONE to become a programmer - just by SPEAKING to the computer


'No one is listening to us': Santa Clara residents speak out against developer's denser housing project

SANTA CLARA — A developer's revised request to rezone a tract of land on Pioneer Parkway for higher-density housing was recommended for approval by the Santa Clara Planning Commission on Thursday night.

Of the 17 residents who spoke during the public hearing, 16 voiced opposition to the proposal. The other resident had a question as to whether a future owner would also have to abide by whatever zoning decision was made, to which City Attorney Matt Ence responded and said they would.


Utah, feds inch closer to Emery County land exchange

Utah and federal land managers are inching closer to a land exchange that would impact more than 200,000 acres of state and federally managed lands across the Beehive State.



Pride flag burned at LA elementary school...




Russia issues arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham ... KAMIKAZE DRONES BLITZ MOSCOW WAR COMES TO PUTIN DOORSTEP ... Climate Czar John Kerry Says Farmers Need To Stop Growing Food ... Government Is Taking Donations from J6 Prisoners ... The 2nd Catholic President BUSH or the First ... False Flag MSM Alert! ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Or Russia Set To Attack Power Grid ... California FORTY teenagers jump three marines ...


Russia issues arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham over Ukraine comments

Russia's Interior Ministry on Monday issued an arrest warrant for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham following his comments related to the fighting in Ukraine.

In an edited video of his meeting on Friday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that was released by Zelenskyy's office, Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, noted that “the Russians are dying” and described the U.S. military assistance to the country as “the best money we’ve ever spent.”


Russian lawmaker threatens missile strikes on Alaska, as Sen. Lindsey Graham appears to praise US dollars spent killing Russians



War comes to Putin's doorstep: Wealthy Moscow region is hit by kamikaze drones 'with blasts within earshot of Vladimir's official residence' 'in revenge for attacks on Ukrainian capital'

  • Moscow was under siege early today from suspected Ukrainian drone attacks
  • It came just hours after Putin unleashed a volley of suicide drones at Kyiv 

Several buildings were damaged in wealthy suburbs of Moscow, including the elite district of Rublyovka to the southwest of the capital. 

One suspected Ukrainian drone exploded into a mushroom cloud near the village of Usovo, which is just down the road from Putin's official Novo-Ogaryovo residence.

NATO Will Hold Its
Biggest Air Exercise In History This Summer

The exercise is known as Air Defender 2023 and will be a massive training opportunity and show of force as war rages in Ukraine.

Biden Climate Czar John Kerry Says Farmers Need To Stop Growing Food To Address ‘Climate Crisis’

Sleepy Joe Biden’s “climate czar” John Kerry claimed American farmers must stop producing food in order to curb “climate change” during the AIM for Climate Summit in Washington D.C. earlier this month.


Climate Change Protesters Try to Crash Swedish Dance Show — Camera Man Nails Them With Crane!

Leftist eco-activists protesting climate change during a Swedish dance show were foiled when a crafty cameraman swung his camera’s crane into them.


WEF False Flag MSM Alert! ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Or Russia Set To Attack Power Grid

False Flag Alert! Media & Homeland Security Warn ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Or Russia Set To Attack Power Grid

Several recent mainstream media reports reveal potential predictive programming being used to get the public ready for alleged right-wing or Russian attacks on the power grid.

CBS Mornings covered a recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) report warning far-right activists could be targeting the U.S. power grid as a way to disrupt the country and the government’s ability to operate.


Chicago Descends Deeper Into Dystopia As Armed Robbers Target 48 Victims This Weekend

Government Is Taking Donations from J6 Prisoners So Their Families Starve and They Lose Everything – And So Defendants Cannot Afford Attorneys

The Regime is Now Punishing the Conservative Families.

And we know the Republican Party will say nothing, and we know the GOP lawmakers will ignore this blatant lawlessness, and we know the media will cheer.

The Associate Press reported this tragic news today.


China’s $23 Trillion Local Debt Mess Is About to Get Worse


Uganda enacts harsh anti-LGBTQ law including death penalty

Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has signed one of the world's toughest anti-LGBTQ laws, including the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality," drawing Western condemnations and risking sanctions from aid donors.

Same-sex relations were already illegal in Uganda, as in more than 30 African countries, but the new law goes much further.

It stipulates capital punishment for "serial offenders" against the law and transmission of a terminal illness like HIV/AIDS through gay sex. It also decrees a 20-year sentence for "promoting" homosexuality.


Three Amazon delivery drivers, including Iraq war vet, sue the tech giant after claiming they were forced to urinate in bottles and defecate in dog waste bags to keep up with delivery pace

  • The proposed class action lawsuit was filed last week in Denver, Colorado
  • It claims Amazon subjects employees to to 'inhumane' working conditions
  • The plaintiffs say they went through  extreme measures to make sure they didn't face disciplinary action for falling behind pace on their deliveries

The 2nd Catholic President BUSH or the First

(Biden and JFK are U.S. Only Two Catholic Presidents)

THE HEAD OF FREEMASONS PYRAMID POPE ... Illuminati Three Orders of Death ...

Joe Biden and JFK are America's Only Two Catholic Presidents

California FORTY teenagers jump three marines
Wild footage shows mob of up to FORTY teenagers jump three marines on a California beach before unleashing savage beat down on Memorial Day weekend after they were called out for unruly behavior

  • Three self-identified Marines were savagely beaten by as many as 40 teenagers in San Clemente, California during Memorial Day weekend
  • Hunter Antonio, one of the victims, said the assault came after he confronted the teenagers about setting off fireworks on the beach
  • Two of the marines can be seen on the ground as a pack of teenagers pummel them after one was jumped from behind


Massive amounts of seaweed washing ashore in Florida contains FLESH EATING bacteria that can cause 'leaky gut syndrome'

MORE BS -- Up to 70% of California's beaches could disappear by the end of the century due to rising sea levels, study says

  • A team of five scientists in March published a study into how satellite data from the last 20 years can be used to predict erosion along California's coast
  • The group studied patterns from San Francisco's Ocean Beach, and then applied them to the state's entire 1,100-mile coastline 
  • They found that, by the end of this century, 25-70% of California's beaches could completely erode: the study is yet to be peer-reviewed


Japan warns it will destroy any North Korean missile that enters its territory after Pyongyang signals satellite launch imminent


Target VP Was Board Member for K-12 Transgender Advocacy Group

Target’s shareholders lost $9 billion in stock market value because the C-suite mixed its professional duties with its personal agendas, including advocacy for transgenderism.


NYC Migrant Hotel Descends into ‘Free for All’ with Drugs, Alcohol

One of Mayor Eric Adams’ (D) migrant hotels in midtown Manhattan has descended into a “free for all” as newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens staying at the hotel for free are allegedly doing drugs and drinking “all night,”



'Russians Dying' is the 'Best Money the US has Ever Spent' – Sen. Lindsey Graham ... China rejecting contact with US military – Pentagon ... Jane Fonda Blames Men for Climate Change: ‘We Have to Arrest and Jail Those Men’ ... How We Are Going To Exterminate White People Off The Face Of This Planet ... Melbourne Australia looking to Ban Private Cars - This is the Beginning of your 15 Minute Cities ... Kohl's stores offer LGBTQ clothing for babies ... Mexican President Tells U.S. Hispanics Not to Vote for DeSantis ... DeSantis Says He Would Sign Legislation To Abolishing the "Corrupt" IRS ...


'Russians Dying' is the 'Best Money the US has Ever Spent' – Sen. Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham says 'Russians dying' is the 'best money the US has ever spent' while in meeting with Zelensky - as Moscow's London ambassador threatens 'escalation' if West continues to help Ukraine

  • Senator Lindsey Graham appeared to rejoice that Russians are dying in Ukraine
  • The Republican senator made his third visit to Ukraine since the war began


‘It’s an Illegal Impeachment’: TX Attorney General Ken Paxton Blasts RINOs Behind Effort to Remove Him From Office

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) argued establishment Republicans are moving forward with an “illegal impeachment” against him for exposing their corruption.

Paxton joined Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on Newsmax Friday to break down how the Texas RINOs (Republican in Name Only) have been investigating him in secret for months before introducing 20 articles of impeachment against him.


South Korea Develops GPT-Based AI Alternative to Google, Microsoft

South Korean tech behemoth Naver plans to offer localized artificial intelligence (AI) applications on the international market to rival the universal ChatGPT-like models produced by Microsoft and Google, US media reported.

Sovereign AI technology is being eyed amid growing concerns regarding US data controls, the report underscored. Accordingly, the online platform operated by Naver hopes to hawk its “tailored” versions of the AI model to foreign governments eager to dodge potential security risks.


China rejecting contact with US military – Pentagon

Washington says it’s received no response from Beijing to a request for a meeting between the countries’ defense chiefs

The Pentagon’s attempts to reach out to China’s military in recent months have been ignored or rebuffed, Ely Ratner, US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, has claimed.


‘This Deal Is Insanity’: Conservatives Blast McCarthy’s Debt Ceiling Deal With Biden

McCarthy has been taking victory laps since the deal was announced, calling it a “step in the right direction” in part because it doesn’t raise taxes.

Biden still gets to raise the debt ceiling by $4 trillion with no spending cap until 2025, well past the next election.

“This ‘deal’ is insanity,” claimed Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.). “A $4T debt ceiling increase with virtually no cuts is not what we agreed to. Not gonna vote to bankrupt our country. The American people deserve better.”

Target loses $10B in market cap in 10 days and stock falls to its lowest trading value in a YEAR in the wake of its Pride 'tuck-friendly' swimwear line - as Ted Cruz slams chain for 'not understanding or respecting customers'


The Bank of England has lost control of inflation – and we all face a terrible price

The Bank of England formerly argued that the forces pushing up prices sharply were “transitory”. The same word was used by the US Federal Reserve. Both central banks were correct in this assessment of the impulse, but completely wrong in the conclusions they derived.


The Active Downgrade Of America

The mega corporation BlackRock has instituted a points system known as the Corporate Equality Index. This system undermines the Republic and capitalism by introducing a woke ideology into Western Civilization.


Avian Flu Pathogens with 40% Kill Rate in Humans Found at U.S. Biolab in Ukraine, Russia Claims

Russia accused the U.S. of experimenting with Avian flu pathogens at a U.S. biolab in Ukraine with up to a 40% lethality rate in humans.

The Russian Ministry of Defense (MOD) released a statement on Friday claiming it has recovered deadly samples of avian flu virus strains “with high potential for epidemic spread” at a U.S. biolab in the Kherson region of Ukraine.


Phones that emit the most - and least - radiation (bad news if you're an Android user)

'Our main takeaway,' Moskowitz says, 'is that approximately 1,000 hours of lifetime cellphone use, or about 17 minutes per day over a 10-year period, is associated with a statistically significant 60 percent increase in brain cancer.'

I play it safe and keep my phone away from my body and head as much as possible. (Yes, I'm that person taking calls on my AirPods or speakerphone.)


America's 'working homeless' who live in RV encampments lining streets across the nation: Small business owners, prison guards and Amazon workers among people opting to live off the grid - but locals say they're a blight on their communities

  • Amid affordable housing shortages, the number of homeless people in the US continues to climb 
  • Many have taken to living in RVs, largely off the grid, in cities from California to New England 
  • Most cite the affordability and flexibility as their reasons for choosing live in their vehicles - but residents and businesses say the RVs are unsightly and leave mountains of trash


Erdogan Wins Reelection To 5-Year Term As President After 20 Years In Power

Erdogan rallies against the Turkish opposition for being pro-LGBT in his victory speech “CHP, HDP and all others are pro-LGBT. But LGBT cannot infiltrate among us. We will be reborn. The family is sacred. The violence against women is forbidden”


Target tells employees only 'extremists' are concerned with sexualization of children

Listed as 'recent extremist focuses' is the 'sexualization' of children, gender issues, and drag performances'


Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary blasts Target and Bud Light's decision to become 'partisan' as a 'huge mistake' because 'everybody will have an opinion on it' - as both firms lose a combined $28b in market value

  • Kevin O'Leary said companies like Target and Bud Light 'cannot be partisan in any way' when selling consumer goods and services
  • Target and Anheuser-Busch have lost around $28b in market value as of Friday


Bud Light Sponsors Cincinnati Pride Parade as Sales Plummet with Boycott

Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light is one the brands sponsoring the upcoming Cincinnati Pride Parade as the brand’s sales continue to plummet following a boycott after the company partnered with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

How We Are Going To
Exterminate White People Off The Face Of This Planet

NYC Mayor Eric Adams to Start Housing Border Crossers in Closed Harlem Jail

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) will soon begin housing border crossers and illegal aliens in a previously closed Harlem jail as the city has had to deal with the arrival of more than 70,000 migrants since the spring of last year.


Mexican President Tells U.S. Hispanics Not to Vote for DeSantis

Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is asking Hispanics in Florida not to vote for Ron DeSantis in his bid for the 2024 presidential nomination. The Mexican politician claims that DeSantis, much like other Republicans, is using an anti-immigrant message for political purposes.

Florida woman gives birth in parking lot

Melbourne Australia looking to Ban Private Cars - This is the Beginning of your 15 Minute Cities

Frantic search for survivors after six-story apartment building in Iowa partially collapses during repairs with fears dozens of residents who complained about issues for years are unaccounted for

  • Part of an apartment building on Main Street in Davenport, Iowa, collapsed Sunday evening
  • Crews are searching for unaccounted for people, as seven were rescued from the building
  • Police are asking people to avoid the area as rescue efforts continue


'Another Company needing Bud-Lighting': Outrage grows as Kohl's stores offer LGBTQ clothing for babies as the outlet is the latest to face backlash over woke merchandise

  • The struggling retailer is selling 'pride' onesies for infants as young as three months in its stores and online 
  • Many were outraged and want a boycott against Kohl's like those against Bud Light and Target 
  • Conservative influencer Benny Johnson wondered 'why is Kohl's selling 'Pride Merch' for three month old babies?'

Charlotte Bus driver, passenger get into Wild Shootout


DeSantis Says He Would Sign Legislation To Defund "Corrupt" IRS

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called IRS a “corrupt organization” and said he would welcome a bill abolishing the agency if elected president in 2024.


Texas High School Delays Graduation After 85% Of Class Failed Requirements

Genetically modified insects as a weapon?

The US Department of Defense is funding the "Insect Allies" project with $27 million. Insects are supposed to introduce genetically modified viruses into crops.


More businesses require teens to be chaperoned by adults, curbing their independence

Starting last month, Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey — the second largest mall in the state — is requiring anyone under 18 years old to be accompanied by a chaperone at least 21 or older on Fridays and Saturdays after 5 p.m.

The move, according to the mall, follows "an increase in disruptive behavior by a small minority of younger visitors."

Requiring an adult chaperone at malls, at least for certain times of the day, is not new. Mall of America, the nation's largest shopping mall, imposed a chaperone policy back in 1996 and has been increasingly tightening it as recently as 2020 when it mandated that teens be accompanied by adults after 3 p.m. daily.

Jane Fonda Blames Men for Climate Change: ‘We Have to Arrest and Jail Those Men’

Hollywood star Jane Fonda made the outrageous claim Friday that climate change is being caused exclusively by men, specifically white men, adding that “those men” must be arrested and jailed.

She also blamed the “patriarchy” and “racism” for global warming.