750,000+ Dead, 30 Million Injured Because of Covid Vax ... US Emergency Oil Reserves Tumble To Record Low 27 Days Worth Of Supply ... White House Is Quietly Modeling For $200 Oil ... China mocks G7 ... Russia - Ukraine Of Preparing To Stage Chemical Weapon False Flag ... NWO BRICS Announces New World Reserve Currency As America Commits Economic Suicide ... Half of U.S. Murders Now Going Unsolved ... New York Gov. 2nd Amendment Founding Fathers are a DANGER to the People ...


Police Raid An Illegal Pot Grower - He Disguises Himself As A Piece Of Art And Eludes The Cops!

NWO BRICS Announces New World Reserve Currency As America Commits Economic Suicide



China mocks G7

With the eyes of the West on the G7, Beijing has reminded the West that it’s outnumbered by its competitors



Japan swelters in its worst heatwave ever recorded

Tokyo charted temperatures above 35C on Wednesday for a fifth straight day, marking the worst documented streak of hot weather in June since records started in 1875.

Meanwhile, the city of Isesaki, north-west of the capital, saw a record 40.2C - the highest temperature ever recorded in June for Japan.



GROOMED: Bombshell Documentary Lays Out How Schools Sexualize Your Children

A bombshell documentary released on Wednesday describes the left’s systemic grooming campaign against children in woke schools using LGBT indoctrination material.

“Groomed: How Schools Sexualise Your Children,” produced by Reclaim The Media, exposes how the politically ideological left-wing are embedding critical gender and race theory into school curricula across the U.S.



Russia Accuses Ukraine Of Preparing To Stage Chemical Weapon False Flag, Killing Civilians

The Russian government on Tuesday warned the world that Ukrainian intelligence is allegedly preparing a chemical attack on civilians to be blamed on Russia.



Syria recognizes Donbass Republics – state media

The country becomes second to acknowledge the Donbass republics’ independence, after Russia


Here's how your personal online data could be used against you following Roe v. Wade reversal

Troves of personal information gathered by cellphone providers, apps, online retailers and search engines could all come into play as part of criminal investigations under new state-level abortion bans following the Supreme Court's decision to effectively reverse Roe v. Wade last week.

Your digital footprint as evidence: Suddenly, things you've searched on Google, location information stored by your cellphone providers and/or smartphone apps, period tracking apps and other data could be used as evidence of a crime, the Washington Post reports.



Pelosi meets Pope, receives communion in Vatican despite abortion stance...

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Pope Francis on Wednesday and received Communion during a papal Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, witnesses said, despite her position in support of abortion rights.

Pelosi attended the morning Mass marking the feasts of St. Peter and St. Paul, during which Francis bestowed the woolen pallium stole on newly consecrated archbishops. She was seated in a VIP diplomatic section and received Communion along with the rest of the congregants, according to two people who witnessed the moment.



Seeking redemption? Pelosi and DUI husband Paul meet the Pope and receive communion in the Vatican despite her support for abortion - and as he awaits trial for California drunk driving arrest

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Pope Francis on Wednesday and received Communion during a papal Mass in St. Peter's Basilica, witnesses said, despite her position in support of abortion rights. Pelosi attended the morning Mass with her husband Paul - who is awaiting trial for a DUI he was arrested for in May


Prince Charles will never again handle large cash donations to his charities after he was presented with €3m stuffed into bags from former Qatari prime minister

  • Former Qatari prime minister donated £2.5m cash to Prince Charles's charities  
  • Palace source stated Prince Charles won't handle large charity donations again
  • The donations, made in cash, were stuffed inside bags and even a holdall
  • Cash donations are legal but palace sources admitted the optics 'are unhelpful'



White House Is Quietly Modeling For $200 Oil "Shock"

CNN's Phil Mattingly writes, "instead of managing an economy in the midst of a natural rotation away from recovery and into a stable period of growth, economic officials are analyzing and modeling worst-case scenarios like what the shock of gas prices hitting $200 per barrel may mean for the economy."



July 4th BBQ Costs $10 More Than Last Year When Biden Admin Bragged Of 16¢ Savings



College Rejects Petition to Cancel Clarence Thomas from Teaching Gig Following Roe Reversal

George Washington University rejected a petition by students calling for the removal of Justice Clarence Thomas from his teaching gig next semester.

On Tuesday, the college sent an email to students indicating they would not terminate Thomas’ employment as an adjunct professor, saying the university values debate.


More Than 750,000 Dead, 30 Million Injured Because of Covid Vax

Steve Kirsch, California tech entrepreneur and founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), has estimated that the shots have left as many as five million Americans unable to work, 30 million injured, and more than 750,000 dead, as of June 24, 2022.

According to the latest survey conducted by Pollfish on behalf of the VSRF, vaccines are associated with a very high number of adverse reactions, including lethal and life-altering ones. That means that the vaccinations should be halted immediately.



Why the federal government is sending monkeypox vaccine to Utah

At least 20 doses of monkeypox vaccine are headed to Utah, and more could be on the way.

Utah is one of 32 states and jurisdictions as of Tuesday that had requested the smallpox vaccine deemed effective in treating and preventing monkeypox. The vaccine is being distributed as part of the Biden administration's response to the global outbreak of the virus that now includes five cases in Utah



Atheist worker fired after refusing to attend company’s Christian prayer in NC, feds say

A home repair company’s mandatory daily Christian prayer sessions for its employees were becoming “less tolerable” for an atheist construction manager who refused to continue attending — resulting in his firing in North Carolina, federal officials said in a lawsuit.



genius hack for peeling hard boiled eggs with ease using a storage container: 'You've changed my life'



California's AG Releases Names, Home Addresses of Gun Carriers



Canadian Man Paralyzed by Covid Vaccine Set to Receive Federal Benefits

A Canadian man was approved to receive federal benefits this month after he suffered a catastrophic adverse reaction following his first Covid jab.

Okanagan resident Ross Wightman, 40, became paralyzed from the waist down after he received the AstraZeneca jab in spring 2021.



Australia Sees 963% Increase In Respiratory Virus Among ‘Pandemic Babies’ Who Have ‘No Immunity’



Elon Musk surpasses 100 million Twitter followers but has gone silent on the platform



Facebook and Instagram are removing posts offering abortion pills


New York Gov. 2nd Amendment Founding Fathers are a DANGER to the People



COMMUNIST New York state set to pass a law that would make it illegal to carry a firearm into a place of business unless the owner puts up a sign explicitly saying guns are welcome

  • New York State will attempt to ban people from carrying firearms into places of business unless the owners put up a sign explicitly saying guns are welcome
  • Ban will include government buildings, health facilities, places where children gather and public transportation – including the New York City subway system 
  • Guns will also be banned in 'sensitive places,' which also include polling places and educational institutions 
  • Guns will be prevented from being carried in private businesses unless the business owner explicitly allows them
  • State lawmakers will meet in an emergency session on Thursday where the state's gun-licensing laws will be loosened to conform Supreme Court decision 
  • Six justices in the court's conservative majority ruled that it was unconstitutional to require law-abiding people to provide 'proper cause' or a kind of special need 
  • Democrat NY Gov Kathy Hochul has warned it would lead to more gun violence 
  • New York aims to keep as many gun regulations as possible while obeying court
  • Ruling explicitly warned lawmakers they could not do anything that would bar guns from the entire island of Manhattan or describe it as a 'sensitive place



83% Of Americans Cut Back On Spending As Economy Careens Towards Crisis , Poll Finds



New superbug found in pigs can jump to humans

A new strain of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria circulating among pigs is ringing alarm bells after scientists discovered a concerning feature of the bug.

A new strain of antibiotic-resistant bacteria circulating among pigs is ringing alarm bells over its ability to jump to humans.

A University of Cambridge study found the “superbug” staphylococcus aureus – resistant to the best frontline antibiotics currently available to medicine – has been evolving over the past 50 years.



UK to allow food imports from Fukushima – Guardian

London is lifting the ban imposed after the 2011 nuclear disaster



Nearly Half of U.S. Murders Now Going Unsolved

Nearly half of murders in the U.S. now go unsolved, with the majority going unsolved in the last seven months of 2020, a phenomenon partly caused by anti-police BLM protests.

The shining achievement of Black Lives Matter may ironically be its role in preventing murdered black people from getting justice.



Conservatism Inc. Goes All-In On Cassidy Hutchinson’s “Devastating” Testimony

McCarthy noted how questions have been raised about Hutchinson’s secondhand account of Trump supposedly lunging for and grabbing the steering wheel of the presidential limo but said we should believe her anyways.



January 6 Committee Tries to Fix Hutchinson Testimony

The January 6 Committee issued a subpoena to former White House counsel Pat Cipollone on Wednesday, despite the fact that he has already spoken to the committee, a day after testimony by surprise witness Cassidy Hutchinson fell apart.



Putin: If NATO Infrastructure is Deployed to Finland & Sweden, Russia Will Respond in ‘Mirror Way’



Big Tech banned claims vaccinated could spread Covid. Now the government admits it was “hope” not “science”

The problem with Big Tech choosing arbiters of truth.



Rationing Has Already Started In Europe As The Entire Globe Plunges Into A Horrific Economic Nightmare

After limiting the sale of some flours and sunflower oil online, Greek supermarkets are turning to rationing the sale of sugar as well, now including in their stores, over supply problems.



Survey says the quality of life in Utah is in decline. Here are the reasons why

"Utah's rapidly rising housing costs have made many Utahns feel like rents and ownership are no longer affordable," the report states. "And inflation is causing angst among many Utahns."



Weber County family farm fights through herbicide shortages, drought, rising costs

OGDEN — A shortage of chemicals found in herbicides is putting even more rising costs on the backs of Utah farmers in an already difficult year.

At the McFarland family farms in Weber County, they're dealing with so many rising costs along with the drought, that it's all they can do just to get by this year.

Less water means fewer crops, but that's just one of the problems farmers are facing right now.

"Not only is it tough this year, it's tough every year," said Kenny McFarland.



Democrats Pressure FCC to Approve Sale of Spanish Radio Stations to Soros-Backed Leftists

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, an exclusively Democratic entity consisting of some of the most left-wing lawmakers in the Capitol, published a letter it sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday pressuring it to approve the sale of 18 Spanish-language radio stations to a newly established left-wing media corporation.



US Emergency Oil Reserves Tumble To Record Low 27 Days Worth Of Supply

As we detailed earlier in the week, the latest weekly release has pushed the SPR below the 500 million barrels mark for the first time since 1986...



Ted Cruz tears into Sesame Street Targets Kids for Covid Experimental mRNA Shot ... 'Pandemic babies' with no immunity ... Boebert says she's 'tired of this separation of church and state junk' ... Statue Of Liberty Is A Symbol Of Lucifer (Queen of Babylon) ... Turning Presidents Into Pharaohs ... climate-friendly militaries ... White House scrambles to ship new monkeypox vaccine to clinics across the country ...


The Statue Of Liberty Is A Symbol Of Lucifer (Queen of Babylon)


America Became Babylon After the Civil War - Timeline...



Sesame Street Targets Kids for Covid Experimental mRNA Shot

PBS children’s show Sesame Street has released a public service announcement using its popular Elmo character to promote the experimental mRNA jab to children.

In the PSA, Elmo excitedly compares his single bandaid after receiving his first jab to his father Louie, who has three bandages presumably depicting two jabs and a booster



Ted Cruz tears into Sesame Street for 'aggressively advocating' vaccinating children under five with Elmo getting a shot and says they have 'ZERO scientific evidence'

  • Sen. Ted Cruz's war on Sesame Street resumed Tuesday after the Texas Republican saw that the fictional muppet Elmo had been vaccinated
  • 'Thanks, @sesamestreet for saying parents are allowed to have questions!' Cruz wrote
  • He continued: 'You then have @elmo aggressively advocate for vaccinating children UNDER 5,' saying they cite 'ZERO scientific evidence' 
  • The Sesame Street tweet suggests parents should talk to their pediatricians if they have questions about vaccinating babies and toddlers 
  • In November Cruz lashed out at Sesame Street for announcing that Big Bird had gotten a COVID-19 vaccine 
  • 'Government propaganda…for your 5 year old!' Cruz said at the time
  • The Texas Republican was then promptly ridiculed on Saturday Night Live for going after the beloved Sesame Street character 



'Pandemic babies' with no immunity are ending up in intensive care across Australia with respiratory illnesses

  • Rising number of 'pandemic babies' with no immunity admitted to intensive care
  • Children presenting with 'co-infections' with Covid and other respiratory illness
  • RSV - respiratory syncytial virus - kills 120,000 young children each year globally
  • NSW cases have exploded from 355 a week just three weeks ago to 3775 a week
  • There is no vaccine for RSV but it has almost identical symptoms to flu and Covid



Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Judge Nathan has sentenced Ghislaine Maxwell to 20 years in prison. "A sentence of 240 months is sufficient and no graver than necessary."



Hillary Calls Clarence Thomas ‘Resentful,’ ‘Angry,’ Claims ‘Women Are Going to Die’ Following Abortion Ruling

HillaryClinton: "I went to law school with [Justice Thomas]. He’s been a person of grievance for as long as I have known him — resentment, grievance, anger … Women are going to die, Gayle. Women will die.”


MSNBC, CNN Turn on Biden Over Border After 50 Smuggled Illegal Migrants Found Dead In Trailer

Pundits on MSNBC and CNN are now calling out the Biden administration for the influx of illegally smuggled migrants crossing into the U.S. from the southern border.



GOP Firebrand Kari Lake Tells Fox News Biden ‘Illegitimate President’ – Trump Calls The Clip A ‘Must-Watch’

A tense appearance on Fox News by GOP Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on Monday, resulted in her verbally dominating the network’s host Bret Baier and Donald Trump praising her for destroying him regarding election fraud.



Turning Presidents Into Pharaohs

Obama’s library will no doubt be the grandest temple of spin ever created. When will the falsifying of history stop?




Delta Airlines pilots earning $160,000 on average will picket for even MORE pay and better schedules as union blasts the FAA for short staffing and 'pilot fatigue': 500 flights are axed across US on Tuesday

  • Off-duty Delta Airlines pilots plan to picket at major US airports for better hours and pay on Thursday
  • The protest comes as US airlines see a dramatic increase in delays and cancellations
  •  The Air Line Pilots Association released a statement explaining the decision to picket, saying pilots are having to work longer hours
  • As of Tuesday morning, airlines had cancelled over 500 flights and delayed over 1,000 more



G-7 leaders united behind Ukraine, aim at Kremlin oil money

Leaders also agreed on a ban on imports of Russian gold and to step up aid to countries hit with food shortages by the blockade on Ukraine grain shipments through the Black Sea.



'I'm the f***ing President': Trump tried to GRAB The Beast's steering wheel and LUNGED at Secret Service agent's throat in bid to drive to Capitol on January 6, aide Cassidy Hutchinson testifies

  • Hutchinson was revealed to be the surprise witness for Tuesday's last-minute January 6 hearing
  • Despite her former role as Mark Meadows' top White House aide, Hutchinson is only 25 years old
  • She said former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told her that January 6 would be a 'great day' while her boss warned that 'things could get real, real bad'
  • Both Giuliani and Meadows allegedly sought pardons from Trump over their efforts linked to January 6 
  • Hutchinson also testified that Trump was 'furious' that his armed supporters were not allowed into the official grounds for his Stop The Steal rally on Jan. 6
  • 'Who cares if they have weapons, they’re not here to hurt me,' the former president allegedly said



California Attorney General Leaks Massive Trove of Gun Owners’ Private Information

The California Attorney General’s office leaked a new dashboard of gun owners’ personal information, including full names of addresses, according to reports.

The state’s Department of Justice went live with its 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal on Monday, which included publicly-accessible files with identifying information for individuals with concealed carry permits.

California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) President Chuck Michel blasted the California AG’s officer for endangering the lives of gun owners by doxxing their personal information in a state that’s openly hostile to the Second Amendment.



Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert says she's 'tired of this separation of church and state junk'

During a worship service in Colorado on Sunday, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., told the congregation she is "tired of this separation of church and state junk" in the U.S.

In her remarks given at the Cornerstone Christian Center, Boebert said the only reason the U.S. has so many "overreaching regulations" on religion is because "the church complied."

Boebert, who is on the ballot in Tuesday's primary election, said to worshipers, "The church is supposed to direct the government. The government is not supposed to direct the church. That is not how our Founding Fathers intended it."

She added the concept of separation of church and state isn't in the Constitution and only comes from a "stinking letter" written by one of the Founding Fathers.


Red Cop vs. Blue Cop



White House scrambles to ship new monkeypox vaccine to clinics across the country after critics claimed America ALREADY HAS a million doses but Biden 'can't figure out how to get them out of freezers in Denmark'



NATO chief wants climate-friendly militaries

At the latest summit, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the armies of the future will be electrified

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg vowed on Tuesday to cut the military behemoth’s carbon emissions to zero by 2050 and send the soldiers of the future to battlefields in electric vehicles.



Another Food Processing Plant Shutters Operations, Adding To Long List Of Closures 



White House Forced To Dismiss Idea Of Abortion Tents In National Parks

Following repeated calls by Democrats for pop up abortion centres to be instituted on federal owned land, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitted that any such move would likely put women and providers at risk of prosecution.



Prosecutors Say Prince Andrew ‘Next Target’ After Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced To 20 Years

Following the relatively light twenty year sentence Ghislaine Maxwell has received for sex trafficking underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein, prosecutors representing the victims have said that the ‘next target’ should be British Royal Prince Andrew.

The lawyers acting on behalf of those alleging abuse requested that the FBI continue investigating the Epstein case and look harder at Andrew and other individuals accused by the victims.



San Francisco: School Board Votes to End Lowell High School’s ‘Anti-Racist’ Lottery-Based Admission System After Grades Collapse



British Royal Family demands YouTube remove video

The video shows Prince William confronting a photographer.



Nowhere To Hide From The Collapse Of The Everything Bubble



Beijing: Americans Are Buying Fewer Chinese Goods

China’s state-run Global Times on Monday reversed a good deal of spin from Beijing by admitting U.S. demand for Chinese goods is falling sharply enough to damage the Chinese economy.



Joe Biden Leaves Hunter Biden Voicemail About Deal with Chinese Businessman: ‘I Think You’re Clear’

Definitive Proof Joe Lied About Never Discussing Corrupt Family Grift

President Joe Biden left Hunter Biden a voicemail in 2018 about a business deal with Chinese energy giant CEFC, directly contradicting Joe Biden’s statement in 2019 that he and his son had not spoken about the family’s corrupt business schemes.



Nestle CEO - Humans Don’t have a Right to Water ... US Abortion Law Closely Aligns with China and North Korea Even After Roe v. Wade Decision ... emergency' abortion clinics on federal lands ... 'Biblical' insect swarms Oregon ... Russia Defaults on Foreign Debt ... Democrat To Run As Republicans ... Nuclear-powered Flying Hotel ... Dr. Carrie Madej Involved In Plane Crash ...


US Abortion Law Closely Aligns with China and North Korea Even After Roe v. Wade Decision





Supreme Court sides with coach who sought to pray after game

The Supreme Court sided Monday with a high school football coach from Washington state who sought to kneel and pray on the field after games, a decision that could strengthen the acceptability of some religious practices in other public school settings.

The court ruled 6-3 for the coach with the court’s conservative justices in the majority and its liberals in dissent. The justices said the coach’s prayer was protected by the First Amendment.



As U.S. troops reach 100K in Europe, questions mount over endgame, long-term effects

Pressure grows on Europe to bolster its military spending ahead of NATO summit



Millions in California to Get up to $1,050 in ‘Inflation Relief’

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced late Sunday night that he had reached an agreement with state legislators on a $17 billion “inflation relief package.”



Russia Defaults on Foreign Debt First Time Since 1918

Russia defaulted on its external sovereign bonds for the first time in a century, the culmination of ever-tougher Western sanctions that shut down payment routes to overseas creditors.



'Biblical' insect swarms spur Oregon push to fight pests

ARLINGTON, Ore. — Driving down a windy canyon road in northern Oregon rangeland, Jordan Maley and April Aamodt are on the lookout for Mormon crickets, giant insects that can ravage crops.

Mormon crickets are not new to Oregon. Native to western North America, their name dates back to the 1800s, when they ruined the fields of Mormon settlers in Utah. But amidst drought and warming temperatures — conditions favored by the insects — outbreaks across the West have worsened.



G-7 leaders confer with Zelenskyy, prep new aid for Ukraine


Beavis and Butthead Discover White Privilege



Democrat Senate Candidate Caught Encouraging Liberal ‘Secret Sleepers’ To Run As Republicans

An audio recording leaked by Project Veritas on Sunday exposed a South Carolina Democrat State Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate for trying to get other liberals to run for office posing as Republicans.

“We need some secret sleepers,” Democrat Senate candidate Krystle Matthews said in the leaked phone call. “Like you need, we need them to run as the other side, even though they for our side. And we need them to win. We need people to run as Republicans in these local elections. For me, I feel like we need sleepers.”




Joe Biden paid his son’s bills for prostitutes – media

Hunter Biden reportedly spent over $30,000 on Eastern European prostitutes, with his bank blocking transfers to Russian addresses

Data found on Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal that the US president’s son spent over $30,000 on escorts from a “model agency” with offices in Kiev and Moscow, the Washington Examiner reported on Monday. 



Mom Who Rescued Kids Amid Uvalde Massacre Claims Cops Harassing Her Outside Home

The hero mom who rescued her children during the Uvalde school shooting that left 21 dead claims police in the small Texas town are harassing her for speaking out against them.

Courageous mom Angeli Rose Gomez managed to enter Robb Elementary School during a gunman’s rampage last month after she was arrested by officers on the scene while she begged police to rush the school.


As Gas Prices Surge, Stations Now Hold Up to $175 of Your Money When You Swipe

Higher gasoline prices have led stations to raise the holds they put on cards by as much as 40%, a change that means overdraft risks for some

When drivers insert a credit or debit card at the pump, the gas station doesn’t know how much fuel they will buy and it places a hold on the account for an amount set by the gas station. Merchants authorize the payment networks to lift the hold once the final total of the payment is determined, though the holds can take hours and sometimes longer to settle—raising risks of overdraft penalties for debit-card users and eating into credit limits during the holds.



Judge issues restraining order, banning Utah abortion law from taking effect

A Utah judge issued a temporary restraining order Monday, blocking Utah's new abortion law, SB174, from taking effect.

The restraining order is good for 14 days. Planned Parenthood of Utah asked for the restraining order while its lawsuit claiming the trigger law violates the Utah Constitution is considered in the courts. Planned Parenthood officials told the court they will seek a preliminary injunction in the next two weeks, which would prevent the law from going into effect for longer if granted.

He did say that it is likely this lawsuit will "go upstairs" and be appealed to the state's Court of Appeals or Supreme Court, noting that his job is to give his best judgment.

Julie Murray, an attorney representing Planned Parenthood, argued that delaying abortions can cause harm to health and reduce a woman's access to abortion. She said the stakes are high, asking the court to look at the balance of harm and how people could be harmed by the law.

Planned Parenthood said it was scheduled to perform at least 12 abortions on Monday and asked the court to address the issue by Monday in their request for a hearing.



Louisiana judge BLOCKS state from enforcing abortion ban as Mississippi says its 'trigger law' will go into effect in 10 days' time: 13 states with similar statutes now head to court against legal challenges

  •  Judge Robin Giarrusso on Monday issued a temporary restraining order blocking the state from banning abortions 
  • Louisiana was set to enforce a 'trigger law' to halt abortions following the overturn of Roe v. Wade 
  • A July 8 a hearing will look at the legality of the state's trigger law 
  • Roe v. Wade, which made abortion legal in the U.S., was overturned by the Supreme Court on Friday after nearly 50 years
  • Thirteen states had trigger laws ready to be enforced once Roe was overturned



GOP lawmaker alleges fraud in Utah primary election. State says otherwise

Rep. Phil Lyman, R-Blanding, posted on Facebook early Sunday morning that he had several "reports" from people who claimed a voting machine changed their in-person vote for Sen. Mike Lee to Becky Edwards. Lyman, who tried to get rid of the state's mail-in voting system after making claims of election anomalies during the 2020 presidential election, offered no proof, but wrote, "Utah Voter Fraud?" over an image of the American flag.



Israel's AI-powered system that can 'SEE' through walls: Algorithm tracks live objects inside a building to determine if they are adults, children or animals to better prepare soldiers before they attack

  • Camero-Tech's Xaver 1000 uses algorithms to track targets behind an obstacle
  • It can determine if a person is sitting, standing or lying down 
  • The system also tells users if they are adults, children or animals
  • The system is being used by the Israeli military 


Nuclear-powered Flying Hotel

Nuclear-powered Flying Hotel is unveiled in outlandish concept design

  Nuclear-powered flying hotel would 'never need to land' - because it generates its own power supply

  Audacious artist's impression for floating cruise ship has been compared to the Hindenburg and the Titanic

  Self-driving vessel drawn up to house shopping malls, gyms, pools, restaurants, cinemas and even a theatre

Theoretically capable of carrying 5,000 lucky (or unlucky) passengers, the wacky idea has split the internet 


Nestle CEO - Humans Don’t have a Right to Water


Brain Implant That Turns Your Thoughts Into Text



A Warning From A Farmer



'Stacks of bodies' are found inside abandoned tractor trailer as 46 migrants die from 'heat stroke' in 103 degree temperatures and survivors are 'hot to the touch' in one of America's deadliest human trafficking horrors

  • At least 46 people were found dead inside an abandoned tractor-trailer near San Antonio, Texas on Monday 
  • Another 16 people, including four children, were rushed to hospitals to treat heatstroke and dehydration
  • It may be the deadliest incident connected to illegal smuggling of people across the southern U.S. border 
  • Temperatures in San Antonio - 160 miles from the Mexican border - were as high as 103F on Monday 
  • Fire department chief said the trailer was refrigerated, but that the air conditioning was not functioning 
  • Three people were taken into custody, though police are yet to establish whether they are 'absolutely connected to this or not'



Elizabeth Warren and AOC call for Biden to set up 'emergency' abortion clinics on federal lands - including national parks - but Kamala says administration is 'not discussing' the idea right now and would rather wait until midterms are over

  • Both Warren and AOC lobbied for the administration to set up what they called 'emergency' abortion clinics 
  • Warren, speaking on ABC's This Week, said Biden should 'make abortion as available as possible with the tools he has, including medication abortion' 
  • Ocasio-Cortez echoed these requests at a rally in New York City's Union Square, calling federal abortion clinics 'the babiest of baby steps' 
  • However, when asked about the possibility of doing so, Vice President Harris told CNN's Dana Bash that it was unlikely
  • When pushed further by Bash, Harris left the possibility open but seemed quick to pivot to suggest that it might not be in Democrats best electoral interests 



Canadian Company Pledges To Produce TWO BILLION BUGS Per Year For Human Consumption

A Canadian company says it will produce 9000 tons of insects per year for human and pet consumption after completing construction of the world’s biggest cricket food processing centre.



Ukrainian cops scour nightclubs for draft dodgers

219 men were pulled from Kiev venues and sent for military registration



NATO To Drastically Increase High-Readiness Forces By 650%

Going into this week's NATO summit in Madrid, set to run Tuesday through Thursday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has announced what surely be taken by Moscow has another huge escalation on the military front. 

Stoltenberg announced at a Monday press briefing that NATO is drastically beefing up its high-readiness forces to "well over 300,000." This would be up from current levels of 40,000 total, or a whopping 650% boost.


Facebook blocks links to website detailing how users can get class action settlement payout from Facebook

Facebook is blocking links to the official class action claims page for a lawsuit settlement for users affected by privacy concerns. The page helps users receive their payout from Facebook and Facebook is marketing the page as “spam” or “abusive,” which prevents people from learning about how to claim.

“If you are a person who, between April 22, 2010, and September 26, 2011, inclusive, were a Facebook User in the United States who visited non-Facebook websites that displayed the Facebook Like button, you may be eligible for a payment from a Class Action Settlement,” the website reads.



Dr. Carrie Madej Involved In Plane Crash

Dr. Carrie Madej was involved in a small plane crash alongside her boyfriend.  Both are in the hospital with multiple fractures, and her boyfriend has a broken back and fractured skull.

Dr. Madej had just texted me on Thursday to state that she would not be doing public speaking events for several months as the medical board is coming after her full force.



Senate Democrats question Facebook's rules against gun sales on platform

Three Senate Democrats want Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to be more transparent about how the social media giant regulates gun sales on the platform, after reporting shows the site allows gun sellers to violate internal rules 10 times before being kicked off the platform.

Facebook prohibits gun sales on its service, but buyers and sellers can violate the policy up to 10 times before being kicked off the platform, according to internal guidance obtained by the Washington Post earlier this month.

Gun buyers or sellers who actively call for violence or praise a "known dangerous organization" are still given five strikes before removal.



CVS, Walmart and Rite Aid Limit Purchases of Plan B Abortion Pills After Surge in Demand

Retailers’ websites show the emergency contraceptive in short supply after Supreme Court’s abortion decision

Some of the nation’s biggest retailers are rationing over-the-counter emergency contraceptive pills as demand spikes following the Supreme Court ruling overturning a constitutional right to abortion.


Inflation Hits July 4 Cookouts With Food Prices Up as Much as 36%



Energy Crisis: Poor May be Paid to not Use Electricity as Blackout Fears Grow

Those struggling with the ongoing cost of living crisis may be paid to not use energy at all in the hopes of averting rolling blackouts.

Millions of households in Britain may end up being given the opportunity to be paid not to use electricity at certain times.



G7 Leaders: Need to Accelerate ‘Clean and Just Energy Transition’

ELMAU, Germany (AP) – Leaders from the Group of Seven major economies and five key developing nations pledged Monday to work together to curb climate change while ensuring energy security for their citizens.

In a joint statement released by Germany, which chairs the G-7 this year, the leaders emphasized the need to accelerate a “clean and just energy transition” that would see an end to the burning of fossil fuels without causing a sharp rise in unemployment.